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  1. Hello AF Community, i am concern again. The picking got better until today 😢 The test resultscame back negative Have any of you seen this behavior in their grey? We.ve has her for 11 years without any picking Much appreciated AJ
  2. Good evening everyone, Thank you for your responses to my post above. I took Cookie to the vet yesterday and was told that it does look like she is over-preening in the area where she has the bald spot. The vet seemed much more concerned about doing a wellness check than what I had gone in for. She then tried to sell me on the idea (fear) that since she had fallen {I explained that she on occasion has night trashes; she said she has not heard that they are common in greys} perhaps we should do the avian bornn virus test. I declined since Cookie does not fall often and had all the tests done on her first visit there 11 years ago. The doctor then tells me that the test is much more accurate today (I don't like it when they try too hard to sell me on something I don't need. Anyhoo, I digress and will keep monitoring the area for any new signs of over preening and call the vet if it worsens. Thanks again!
  3. Hi All, Question - my AF fell in the cage during a night thrash. She was at my moms while I was away. When I picked her up it looked like she had a pink small bald spot next to wing bone. Thought I w observe it bf going to doctor. Two weeks later she had a dark spot abive area (not blood) looked like oil. Now the feathers look messy and unkempt. Decided to make appt for tomorrow just in case. She’s never picked her feathers. Any thoughts? Anxious momma in NY Much Appreciated
  4. Greetings my fellow feathered parents,

    I have a question about my AF.  I recently went away and left her with my mom while I was traveling.  I forgot to mention to my Mom about the possibility of night thrashes.  When I returned I noticed a bare pink spot just by her right wine bone and asked my mom about a fall and she confirmed that she fell one night while she was asleep and heard a noise from the cage.  I've kept my eye on it and it looks like it is healing, however, the feathers look like a dark grey (almost like it had too much oil on it) and she won't let me look too closely at it.  She is not a picker, but one never knows what can drive them there so I am a bit concerned.  Should I take her to the doctor or wait to see what happens?

    Thank you in advance for your response and time.

    Kind regards,


  5. Cookie

    New African Grey Mom

    Thanks everyone for your reply. As a new mom to Cookie, I think we were both feeling overwhelmed and perhaps a little unsure of each other. Today is day three and we are both feeling much more comfortable. Cookie and I thank you very much. I look forward to our future communications.
  6. Cookie

    New African Grey Mom

    Hi, Just looking for some answers to my new AG's behaviour. I know everyone says that I should not allow her to climb up on my shoulder but It's so hard to do. My neck is red with scratches from it trying to climb up on me. Any suggestions? Thanks