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  1. There are some things that are too special to be forgotten. Like the truly unique wit & wisdom of the equally unique Dave007. And of course, his huge investment of time & effort towards making Grey Forums greyt. Wishing everyone a very special Thanksgiving & holiday season. But especially to Dave's friends & family ...hope you'll reminisce w/a little charity & a lot of joy.
  2. I too believe we should forgive & forget whenever possible. As long as it doesn't translate into repeating the same mistakes over & over. You may feel Jay & Maggie deserve the opportunity to start w/a clean slate & that's fine. But what do the members who were on the receiving end of *all* their disruption & abuse deserve because letting them walk back in like nothing ever happened is a slap in the face to many good people here. Saying the membership is not owed an apology & at least token assurances of their good intentions going forward doesn't bode well f
  3. On second thought, I may have misspoke. The battle between Black Jack Randall and Jamie was a disappointment for me, too. As much as I respected the way it was done, & I did, don't get me wrong. But I would have liked them to have wallowed just a bit more after everything. Spiteful, I know, but... }:->
  4. As the owner of a wild caught Grey for the past 30 yrs, I've had a lot of opportunity to think about this. I've come to believe there is no good answer. Just bad & worse ones. First of all I think that it may soon be an academic question. Between human "progress" & climate change, many of the habitats that these species came from will cease to be able to support them. Many w/in our lifetime. If it weren't for our selfish fascination w/certain species, they would join the long list of those now extinct. So all the individuals who suffered & died will have at least perpetuate
  5. My personal scale for how good a show is, is how fast it goes by. That episode came to an abrupt halt aft about 20 min according to my sensibilities. Fantasy usually requires a certain element of suspended disbelief to work well. Not Outlander. I am always blown away by how intensely real it is. The depth of emotion & dimension to the characters are fascinating to me all by themselves, aside from the actual story. The opening of that episode was to me like the 1700's (?) version of the beginning of Saving Private Ryan & it was all created w/insane cinematography & act
  6. Think I think I found the B&G I was worried about at the Delco Center in East Austin (slide #20). I originally saw a few seconds of a man w/a B&G being loaded into a boat. Then a few day later a totally different evacuation piece had a split second of wings spreading, far behind a reporter's head that I just felt like was them. Sounds a little obsessive I guess, but I've been thinking about them ever since. Wish they'd found a more comfortable place to land. But real glad they're apparently safe & sound. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/harvey-wild-animals_us_5
  7. Dozens wait in line at animal shelters to adopt a 'Harvey pet' http://www.wral.com/dozens-wait-in-line-at-animal-shelters-to-adopt-a-harvey-pet-/16924842/ Palm Beach County evacuees fleeing Hurricane Irma left dogs tied up http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/weather/hurricane/fl-pn-lost-animals-20170909-story.html I believe the karma for this, in both directions, is huge. jmho When I get some time, I'd like to compile an extensive "disaster" list for a sticky. Meanwhile, here are some of the organizations referenced in the Florida article. Please consider sending them your a
  8. You may find a dusting of cinnamon will go a long way towards your absolution. No promises, mind. But if your fids are like many of ours, they're cinnamon junkies. That's a Greyt thing know & take advantage of.
  9. So, was it good to be back...? No spoilers, please! I haven't had a chance to watch it yet.
  10. And it's not the only one. I feel so badly for all those poor people but those who will be getting run over twice in a matter of days no less...! This is a nightmare.
  11. How can they turn someone away just because they don't meet carrier reg's? It's easy to think that's pretty heartless. But it's not necessarily & it's something everyone should plan for in advance. Especially those of us w/fids. Pets owners may face rules in public, in transit & in housing that can make travel & especially evacuation displacement a further nightmare. For everyone's sake, a travelling pet should have a secure mobile space even under normal circumstances. That will very often be their carrier. Something that will protect them from the very scary things t
  12. This is like the nightmare where you're trying to stop someone from being hit by a train but your feet won't move & no sound will come. So far it's been brutal & it's only going to get worse.
  13. Macaw & Cockatoo Rescue of NM Anna 505-994-0505 We live along the south coast of New England. Although they aren't as mean or as frequent as further south, hurricanes are a fact of our lives, too. The last one made landfall 10 miles from here. Meaning we were comparably lucky since we were on the dirty side but close enough to the eye to get the least damaged. So when I say how badly I feel for what this weekend could bring, I mean it. I don't even know how you run away from this monster. But I hope everyone can find a way to stay safe.
  14. Ground Hog Day. -sigh- This AM I can submit posts & edit them. When I try to "go advanced" or "preview" it returns "Page Unavailable".
  15. I know from past experience that many people on this forum don't pay any attention to any room besides the Grey Lounge. I've posted things that have gotten about zero attention in the more appropriate forums & re posted here w/completely different response. So I hope the mods will forgive me for cross posting this message. "It's very realistic to project that by this time next week there could be a swath of destrution from Corpus Christi to Raleigh. With two hurricanes down, two hurricanes on deck & two months of hurricane season more to weather." http://www.grey
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