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  1. There doesn't seem to be much on for parrots, like shows etc in Scotland, so i was wondering if there was any members here who would be interested in having a parrot play date type meeting... My parrot used to socialise with another grey, but the owner doesnt have the time to do this anymore. I just think it would be nice for the birds to socialise with there own kind... I for example would love people to come to my house with there feathered companion, or to trips to the Botanical Gardens... Adanna loves going there when it gets nice... X
  2. Ok.. While i fully agree that paul should never have taken Yoshi outside without a harness... I thinksome of the comments here are a little harsh.. He loves that bird, really loves her... So if he has chose to get her wings clipped then its his choice.. I have said to him i personally wouldn't do it.. But i had also told him a while ago t stop taking her outside without a harness...I know he will NEVER take her out again without one now though, i guess he is just trying to cover all the bases on his part, more than likely out of guilt! He is a first time grey owner like myself, and like everyine he makes mistakes, but like i said, he was very lucky to get her back.. I really didnt expect it at all... For anyone that thinks yoshi is my bird.. shes not, Adanna is mines.. Judy etc knows my bird as i have been a member here for a while, and Adanna has never flown away, or had wings clipped and is as spoiled as they come..Shes whistling away to Dido's white flag as i type x
  3. yeah i think he has learned his lesson... He is taking her to get chipped next week, and possibly feathers clipped! I have read a lot of stories that dont end in a good way so he was a lucky guy! thanks again all x
  4. After a million calls to fire brigade etc...I eventually got someone to agree to try help... She was found this morning at the top of a 60 ft tree in a golf course... Poor wee thing was that scared she couldt even move.. Luckily she got spooked and flew onto a 2 storey house roof, and her owner was able to coax her down with a ho nob after about two hours! Lesson to be learned here i think... That is no matter how much you think your bird loves you, they get spooked easily... so i guess he will be using his harness from now on! Thanks for all the messages everyone! I was soo upset, cause yoshi is adanna's friend, and they have little play dates... couldnt sleep last night with worry! x
  5. Yoshi doesnt really like people that much, apart from paul and a few of his family members... hes just said to me that he will look again in the morning, i suggested he leave her cage outside with treats in it etc, but he doesnt seem to think it will work! if it was me, i wouldnt leave until i checked everywere :S:S hanks again all x
  6. Thanks all... i have reported her on the sspca and pdsa... An he will call all vets in i area the morro... I feel sooo sad for him... i know how i would feel if adanna went missing.... :( before anyone says it, i know he shoud have had a harness on her... ive told him before, but now doesnt seem the right time to say it to him :S:S x
  7. My friends grey has flown of outside his house.. Apparently a little gust of wind swept her up when she was trying to fly back to him... Her name is yoshi, and shes a congo african grey, shes four years old, and has a red and silver bangle around her ankle! She isn't chipped, and will be sooo scared without paul (her owner) i will post a picture here in the hope that anyone has saw her, or in the glasgow area could look out for her or parrot like noises... Poor wee thing isnt used to the outdoors :S:S:S thanks, Michelle and Adanna
  8. thanks for the replys everyone yeah fluffy is a great looking kitten, troublesome though hahah! Adanna and her seem to get on ok, we really bought the kitten for her anyways The other kitten pictures here are lovely xxx
  9. Just a little update for everyone.. had the kitten a few months now, coming up three actually.. Adanna and her get on most of the time, adanna even calls her over in my name, when the kitten comes through, adanna has a little nibble of her foot lol :L nothing sore, but its funny to watch! she now has a name, Fluffy.. i know its not the most original, but i think it suits her! Im posting a few pics of her now so you all can see michelle,Adanna and Fluffy x baby fluffy
  10. Sooo... i have decided to devote a little more time to actually training baby parrot (adanna).. and love this parrot! The trainer stephanie has obviously devoted herself to training her.. What i was wondering is... has anyone ever came across really good training material? Not step up/down stuff, or anything for behavioral priblems. Just speech/talking really. She says a lot already, but i see other greys that say things on command, and think it would be great to try teach baby that... any help...? im based in the uk
  11. I know this is a long shot.. Im in edinburgh... have you tried all the vets etc? You got any pics of her and i'll pass them around... im not sure how far they could fly.. So Edinburgh might be a bit far fetched.. Have you checked all the trees around you? asked neighbours to keep a watch? or is ther maybe neighbours with bird tables for food? she may be hiding, scared of everyday things I hope she comes home, i have heard of birds being reunited after a year missing.. dont loose hope! xxx
  12. lol.. yeah i know what you mean, greig, my bf wants to call her floozie.. but i dont like that lol.. so we are just trying to get something we both like, sayin that, i do call her fluffy, and i think she suits it. :L On another note, i was sitting with the kitten tonight, and she was sleeping on me, adanna flew over and sat on my other hand, so i was kissing and cuddling her, she walked down a little, and looked at fluffy, and i said to her 'careful' as thats what i say to adanna so she doesnt get hurt.. well adanna bent down to the kittens back, and started gently grooming her i said to greig tht i think adanna was being agressive cause we werent giving her the chance to show she can be nice.. heres hoping this is a first in a list of many nice things x
  13. if she lays a egg it will be unfertilised.. so no chicks im afraid! Tycos mom is right.. its not good for them to lay.. it takes far to much energy and vital nutrients and vitamins from there little bodys.. Try a alternative to the newspaper whilst she is shredding for nest building..
  14. just a little update... had the kitten about ten days now.. her and adanna are slowly getting used to each other.. Adanna has gave the kitten a warning nip.. But we are keeping our eyes on her.. Adanna doesnt appear to like her very much though lol. The kitten isnt interested in her though. Fluffy (temp name) is growing well, and already is full of beans, despite her being just over four weeks when we got her.. Guy sold her far to early! Shes full of beans though
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