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  1. Dear Renate, I am so sorry for you.I know what you are going through,as I had the same experience.Right now I have put myself into your place,it hurts I know.How is your little girl taking it?.I dont know where you got your Grey from, but you must go to them and tell them what happend.If you think of getting your self a new grey to help you get through your loss, please find out the most you can about the people who will sell you your grey. Try and find out how they bring these birds into the country(in what conditions). I got Cookie from an importer from Holland,my baby was just 11 month
  2. Hi everybody, I really enjoyed your stories you shared with us.I had a great laugh with your babies,they are just GREAT!!!! Nasy
  3. I think that is so funny caitb2007, I hope some day you will hear what you want to hear from your grey!! And as for you casper keep trying.I spend a lot of time with my grey we are all morning together,so maybe that is why he says a lot of things. Nasy and Ricco
  4. Hi every body,recently I heard Ricco call me mummy with my sons voice, I asked him then what he wanted and then he answered back, he asked me to go to him.I thought that was a coinsidence. After a day or two the same thing happend, then I started going to him when he asked me to. It turned out that he wanted a snack!!!!! Ricco now say's " mummy come hear" and when I go near him he shows me his bowl where the snacks go in. I think that it is great because as it turns out they know what they are saying. Had anybody else the same experience? Nasy and Ricco
  5. Hi Renate,realy nice photos of your daughter and Alex. I dont think we have a parrots club here in Greece.I haven't checked it out though. Any help or information I needed I got them from this forum.Some time ago I was looking for an avian vet and I couldn't find someone who was good. I live in Piraeus 28 years now, We are a family of 5 and we have 2 dogs,2 parrots,2 budgies,1 canary,and an eqarium with tropical fish,oh! I almost forgot and 2 turtles. Its nice to here that more people from Greece are joining the forum.Hope to hear from you soon again. GIASOU.Nasy
  6. Hi Sallas, I have a heated perch in Taccos cage and he likes it very much he usually stands on it when he goes to sleep at night. It is plastic but its hard plastic and made that way so the bird won’t break it or chew it. I live in Greece and I got it on line from the states, [eBay] so I guess you will be able to find what you want much easier than me .The temperature the heated perch has when it is on is the same as the birds, so when they feel cold they go and stand on it.When I first placed it in the cage Tacco didn't realy like it but when winter came he got to love it.oh! by the way it
  7. Rana, i'm realy sorry to hear about your loss.I know its painful for you,my thoughts are with you.
  9. Hi! Happy new year to you too!!!My grey is one year old and also does the same as your grey, I always thought that it was his way of showing me his love.Thanks to your question I got more information on what to do.Wellcome to the forum.They are all great arn't they?.
  10. My family and I wish everybody in this forum all the best for the New year. First of all good health to you and your loved ones,and may you all have what you realy want and need.Wishes also to our best little friends, dogs, cats, birds,fish,every animal we have or take care of, and of course we wish more people will take interest in helping and protecting animals around the world.Greatins to all, Nasy.
  11. My grey has the same behavior as every body else's grey from what I can read ,and I mean exactly the same.I put special bags for cages which keep the seeds and other food in side the cage and not on the floor. Of course I have to change the bag very often because he tears it apart when he can get to it.
  12. Hi! I think most birds do this.I have five birds and they all do this. Only my Canary doesnt.I think they do this so they can soften their food so its easier for them to swallow.I hope somebody else knows more to tell you
  13. Hi! we also have exactly the same attitude from Ricco. He only wants me as I am the one that takes care of him all the time.Our grey wont take food from anybody else which is a big problem when I have to leave for a day or two.When he just hears my voice he gets so exhited and makes all sorts of noise.He even doesnt like my children touching me.He gets realy angry.I hope as time goes by he will change.We love him any way he is.
  14. Hello Harro. I realy hope this time you will keep your grey for good and bad.Please read the forum written by LovemyGrey "A parrots bill of rights". It might help you .
  15. this is a great topic. well done. This is exactly what happens most of the time. I wish everybody would read your post before getting a bird so they would know what they should expect,and dont say they were not warned. Well done!!!!
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