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  1. What a beautiful little boy, Happy Hatch Day Carolyn & Mika
  2. I have read somewhere that A is the answer. Carolyn & Mika
  3. Good old white vinegar and warm water is what we use, does the trick and is a cheap cleaner and safe. Carolyn & Mika
  4. I find the aviator harnes a little easier for putting on because it has no buckles to do up and also a little lighter for the bird to wear. I have had no experience with the feather teather but have had great luck using the aviator. Carolyn & Mika
  5. Cardboard cups are great toys, next time you go for a coffe ask them to double your cup and take the clean one home for the bird, lego is also fun for both of you, you build it he tears it down and it just goes on from there:laugh: There are lots of great ideas in the Playstands and toy room, you should have a look in there for some good ideas. Carolyn & Mika
  6. I don't no anything about going to Mexico but I did check into bringing a US bird into Canada, and after the approx 1,000 to 1,200 in paperwork fees and 2 vet costs one in the states and one in Canada and the 45 day quarantine at 80.00 per day unless you quarantine the bird in your home, and if you do that there are not to be any other birds on the premises which means that you have to rehome your own birds for that length on time and they come and do spot checks on the living arrangements to. I found it was next to impossible and very very time consuming to go this route. I hope you find going to Mexico is a little easier. Carolyn & Mika
  7. Congradulations David, you both look very happy in your pic, good work. Now on to bigger and better things:laugh: Keep up the good work Carolyn & Mika
  8. That is a great video Dan, what a little ham you have there:laugh: Carolyn & Miko
  9. Mika has stolen the occasional candy a couple of times and except for a loose stool the next day he was just fine. Penny, next we are going to here that the two of them are drinking Starbucks Latte's and eating red velvet cupcakes:laugh: on occasion's only;) Carolyn & Mika
  10. Hi JC If you google "clicker training parrots" you will come up with alot of different information on clicker training, I am still going through it all myself. Check it out and see if this is for you - I have in the pasted clicker trained a dog and it worked out very well, right now I am not to sure about a bird I am going to continue reading. Carolyn & Mika
  11. {Feel-good-0002006E} That is great Carolyn & Mika
  12. What a beautiful baby, and I love both those names Carolyn & Mika
  13. I love the name Starbuck, that is at the top of my list for any bird I will get in the future;) Carolyn & Mika
  14. Carolyn


    Ya right Dan:blink: the dogs:laugh: Carolyn & Mika
  15. Great links Sandra, Thanks so much Carolyn & Mika
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