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  1. Well today was a whole new day, she was fine this morning and then this afternoon she started this non-stop medium soft squaking, mostly while being held, every time we would go to pet her head she would start the head bobbing trying to feed, when left alone after about 10 minutes she would stop and then all of a sudden would start up again. She is also taking her talons and wrapping them around her lower jaw / throat / crop area like she is scratching / picking at something. She has been eating a lot today but her crop does not look abnormal, is her clutch mate doing the same thing or have you noticed this before? She has been fery cuddly and actually this morning, Jen opened the door to her cage while I was opening some windows I heard her flap her wings pretty hard, when I checked on her she was on the floor, so I put her back on top of her cage and as soon as I walked out of the room she flew from her cage about three feet to a chair and landed on it, she apparently did not want to be left alone. You did an excellent job raising her.
  2. This is the cage we found on clearance at a pet store we stopped at. We were not looking for a second cage but the price was unbeatable. This one is in our living room. <br><br>Post edited by: Medic3709, at: 2009/08/22 03:49
  3. <br><br>Post edited by: Medic3709, at: 2009/08/22 03:47
  4. Okay, day One, had a good night, never heard a peep out of her, today she has spent most of the time outside, on top of her cage and exploring the house. I am truly surprised at how well she does, We found out that she will allow us to put her on her back and pet her neck and head and she will fall asleep like this, surprised because I have heard they have to be extremely comfortable to allow this, she is an attention hog, this evening we put her on her cage to rest and get some food and water and all she wants is to get back on our hands. Here are some pictures, hope they are better quality than the other, enjoy.
  5. Tried to put some pictures on here but they are on my profile. I will try to get some good ones on this thread.<br><br>Post edited by: Medic3709, at: 2009/08/21 03:36
  6. As of an hour ago we finished our 10 hour road trip and arrived home with our new baby. I want to thank one of the new members of this forum " lovethosegreys " who joined the forum last night and is the breeder whom I got our baby from. I tell you what I was expecting a docile, quite, timid, shy and partially scared baby but nooooo. It has been go go go since we put it in the adventure pack after getting it and starting the drive home. Only for short periods of time has it settled down and tried to relax, playing with toys, eating, exploring us and it's surroundings, grumbling and of course pooping most of the time. Most of the pictures are of the trip home and of the baby in it's new cage. There are also some of a new cage we got today, we were just going to stop for some food, dishes, and some toys but my wife spotted a cage on clearance and for once she was the one to buy it on a whim, tons of space. Anyways it has been a long day and we are going to start to unwind, as I sit here with Aeo on my chest trying to climb and beak every feature on my face. I will keep you all updated as I now join the ranks of Grey owner. Thanks all of you for your information and tips.<br><br>Post edited by: Medic3709, at: 2009/08/21 03:33
  7. We met half way, It would have been waaaay too long of a trip to go all the way to where she lived, it was almost too long as it was but it was okay, the restaurant was just an easy place to stop for both of us.
  8. Got the whole picture thing covered, camera is going with us and tomorrow when we get home and while the bird acclimates to the house I will download them. You are right I never thought this day would come, it is even surreal and it really has not sunk in because of all the work, I will have to try not to use my lead foot tomorrow, if I can get sleep tonight.
  9. As of right now I am 15 hours and 7 minutes away from being the proud parronts of a 3 month old TAG. Tomorrow at about 12-1230 I hope to pick up our baby at a restaurant in Oshkosh Wisconsin. I have my Adventure pack all ready to go but not quite sure if I should bring anything else along. Any suggestions on how to make the trip less stressful for the bird? It is about a 4 and 1/2 hour trip one way.
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