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    Singing, photography but my first love are my animals.
  1. Three cheers for Gilbert!!! Obviously very sorry to hear about the bites and tantrums, and his angst during the storm, but his confidence is obviously growing, and to hear of him playing, beak grinding (amazing) and offering little kisses to David, just makes my heart smile! Three cheers for you too Dee! xx
  2. I have been wondering how the raffle was going. It's lovely to know it's been won by someone who obviously really wanted it. I think it must have been one of the hardest things imaginable for you to go through what you went through, not once, but twice, but we are believers that everything happens for a reason. These birds came into your life, I think perhaps because they were meant to have you, as much as you were meant to have them. I hope now, that you are a little further down the road, that the happy memories of your boys, by far outweigh the sad ones. xx
  3. Clever little Java - she knows you and Gil have been on a buddy trip and has completely put herself straight back into the centre again.So glad you are both home safe and sound. Enjoy the rest of your day xx
  4. I hope you both have a good journey home - think of the welcome you are going to get when you arrive! x
  5. Oh my goodness Paul - so sorry to hear that Murphy is missing. Praying for his safe return x
  6. Oh my - i do recognise those little looks - he surely is a monkey! A very smart and clever one though - he's just turning into such a charmer, I'm so happy for you all I can't tell you. He's amazing to be coping so well with his travels too, remembering that the last time he took such a journey it was to go to a new home. It just shows how far you two have come together in this short time. xx
  7. Lol - I have a half bat-bird too! Loving the updates Dee - This is the only thread that has me in tears one minute and laughing the next! So sorry to hear about your friends Mum - God bless you for being there for her, and your family for being there for you, taking care of your babies when you had to depart suddenly. "Quit night night" had me laughing so hard there were tears in my eyes!!! That is one incredibly smart bird you have there. So happy for you. xx
  8. Great updates Dee! I haven't been in for a while and have enjoyed reading through all your latest posts. Sorry to hear about your setback, but Love the bell story, and it sounds like you are both getting over the hiccup fine. By all accounts, Gilbert is blossoming into a beautiful personality - he is one exceptionally intelligent little soul and you are truly blessed to have him in your life. xx
  9. Aah bless you - of course you deserve it....every bit as much as Gil deserves you, and I don't think there is anyone here who would say any different! It's just brilliant to know that he's coping happily while you are away (cos that's a big worry), and it's great to hear he has new growth coming in too! x
  10. What great video Dee - he is so enjoying those tickles, and what a charmer he is giving you kissies like that!! Love the scallywag photo too - he looks so much more relaxed now! Good going x
  11. Hope Nilah is ok - it's such a worry when you think there may be something wrong x
  12. Katana600 - don't you dare sell yourself short! I agree with you 99.9% - the forum has had a lot to do with most of us getting through some crisis or other at some point since we got our babies, - my road would have been a lot less smooth had I not been pointed in this direction when I got ALfie, the encouragement and support I had was priceless to me. But anybody can listen to good advice - you have to act on it for it to become effective. It's YOU who is there with Gilbert, it's you who has opened your heart and your home to him, and provided the kind of environment that would allow him to s
  13. What great updates Dee - I read everyone with an ever growing grin on my face. I am just so thrilled for you to have found such an angel as Gilbert - he is your reward for all you have been through in the last couple of years, and for looking after your babies so selflessly. I just love Gilbert to bits. Well done for making his last move such an easy one. xx
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