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    I'm an older female currently owned by two or more kitties and totally devoted to a CAG, PRECIOUS.


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  1. Gilbert is home

    Clove oil is another toothache remedy.
  2. 2nd From the past

    Re-reading brings back a lot of memories.
  3. This will warm you....

  4. Spock's New Pastime!

    Play it again, Jayd, play it again.
  5. Gilbert is home

    Yes, so much for western medicine!!! And so much for doctors paying attention to patients!!! What do "they" propose to do about it, anything? Oh, if you just didn't hurt so much and if you could get off the drugs! I am so very sorry. Hopefully you feel good enough to enjoy Thanksgiving and hopefully Miss G will do well also.
  6. No WAY!!!

  7. Murphy Flock, 9 and counting.

    I am so very sorry about your niece. It was a beautiful tribute from the other members of her team.. Thank you for the update. My best for calmer waters.
  8. Gilbert is home

    I just read that peppermint tea and green tea are supposed to help memory. I'll try it since I've had some memory problems lately, too.
  9. Gilbert is home

    I had hoped the seizures and the falls were behind you, as I am sure you did, also. I'm glad you have someone to do Thanksgiving cooking. And children CAN be monsters!
  10. You are so nice! Thank you!

  11. Your name is very clever. By the message from Jay, Maggie and Spock you had a birthday in Septemer. Hope it was a happy one. Glad you are here kittykittykitty (Howardine)

  12. Glad you joined the forum; enjoy your posts. kittykittykitty (Howardine)

  13. Thank you for your friendships! I'm so fortunate. Precious is doing well, learning new words and improving with her flying skills. Remember I was one of the ignorant ones who had had her clipped.

  14. HI!

    Glad to see you back online! How are you feeling? Everyone misses you!!!!

    Jayd and Maggie