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    I'm an older female currently owned by two or more kitties and totally devoted to a CAG, PRECIOUS.


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  1. Help PHOEBE Stuck repeating......

    I think she will move on in her own time as long as not too much is made of it. Precious can send Harlene crazy with her repeating as well, but it doesn't last forever.
  2. Unwelcome House Guest!!!

    Maggie, thanks for the pics. These kids (fids?) are too much.
  3. Prayers Please...

    Prayers and love always.
  4. I want to apologize

    My deepest sympathies. It is hard to say good-by. May you find comfort in happy memories. As far as I am concerned no apology is needed. I was unable to access the site for some time until you rebuilt it. Thank you for all your hard work.
  5. Prayers Please...

    Prayers and love to both of you. Howardine
  6. Death of Dave007

    Thank you Jay and Amen. Talon, I agree.SHAME!
  7. Wet Health for your FIDS

    Jay, thank you. I hope I can talk my family into this. Howardine
  8. Humidifier

    Fish tanks are a fabulous idea! but a lot of work. I would go with cool mist ultrasound vaporizers, something easy to clean and fill if it were just the needed humidity. I think they are safer.
  9. GreycieMae's Sunroom-Aviary

    This is too, too cool
  10. Humidifier

    I used a personal size Sunbeam cool mist ultrasonic vaporizer. I don't find anything similar on line now, but there are many humidifiers and vaporizers for every price and size, both cool and steam. Do you need steam for medication?
  11. GreycieMae's calming yoga

    Everyone knows cats do yoga, but now so does GreycieMae. Maybe all greys do
  12. Home plans

    Looks like a double wide container house, just right. In fact, maybe it would work on the back of the lot. Just a thought.
  13. Murphy Flock, 9 and counting.

    I am very sorry! Please take care of yourself. The birds and we need you.
  14. Urgent notice regarding food poisoning

    This is most tragic! How sad,
  15. Animal Cribs

    No, I don't have cable or satellite, but it sounds interesting.