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    I'm an older female currently owned by two or more kitties and totally devoted to a CAG, PRECIOUS.


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  1. Prayers Please...

    No apology needed! Oh, I am so glad your concentrator goes to 10. Do you have a senator or a representative that you can contact to ask for help with this non-human at the VA?
  2. Prayers Please...

    My guess is five liters is as high as a concentrator goes. Sorry if I caused you to be upset, my dear, dear friends.
  3. Prayers Please...

    The behavior of that technician is the rankest criminal inhuman action possible. I would send him to solitary confinement for life for attempted murder if only I could! You are entitled to vent!!! Love you (and Jay). Howardine
  4. Prayers Please...

    They are golden years because you'd better own Fort Knox, at least a producing gold mine. I don't understand how a so called civilized nation refuses to provide universal health care. Further, even with our broken medical system, no veteran should ever have ANY medical bill, EVER!!! GRRRRR!
  5. Prayers Please...

    I agree: handsome, beautiful picture and a hero.
  6. Prayers Please...

    I give thanks l for the output increase even if it is from double diuretics. Jay, focus on your love, the birds, Maggie. Maggie, you are strong, a woman of courage.. Love and prayers, Howardine
  7. Prayers Please...

    Oh, Maggie! Prayers and love Howardine
  8. My Joey just laid an egg!!!

    Thank you. You are very kind!
  9. My Joey just laid an egg!!!

    No, but I'll volunteer. I was 90 last September.
  10. My Joey just laid an egg!!!

    I can't remember what I did when Precious laid an egg (I bet I"m older than any of you!) but I remember being concerned about her calcium. Fortunately, it happened only once.
  11. Fingers!!!!!

    How I love these birds!
  12. FEED ME..

    So do I! kittykittykitty
  13. Prayers Please...

    Thank you, Maggie, for the update. I have waiting to hear. Love ans prayers, Howardine
  14. Prayers Please...

    Maggie, I know a little of what you are experiencing, watching Jay struggle for each breath. Jay, use you strength for breathing.. Love and prayers. Howardine
  15. Prayers Please...

    Yes, you do, and a lot of love as well.