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    I'm an older female currently owned by two or more kitties and totally devoted to a CAG, PRECIOUS.


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    Especially PRECIOUS


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  1. kittykittykitty

    Some of our Cockatiels

    Thank you 😊
  2. kittykittykitty

    We could be rescuing a grey today

    Prayers in getting this poor bird.
  3. kittykittykitty

    I'm Back !! (The Old Jay)

    I, too, must honor their wishes. For those of you who don't know, these are two of the most knowledgeable grey people on the planet, further the most wonderful people you could ever know.
  4. kittykittykitty


    YOU are a hero! πŸ¦… βš“
  5. kittykittykitty

    Salsa Sings

    Pretty special! ☺️
  6. kittykittykitty

    Salsa's Displaced...(for the day)

    That is so funny~
  7. kittykittykitty

    I'm Back !! (The Old Jay)

    I am so sorry.😧😒
  8. kittykittykitty

    Our Love's

    Absolutely beautiful!
  9. kittykittykitty

    Our Love's

    They are so beautiful~
  10. kittykittykitty


    I myself do not understand how anyone could be offended.
  11. kittykittykitty

    New Member with 4-5 year old RESCUE CAG

    I am going to repeat what you will see many times on this forum. Greys are unique and very special. They each move at their own pace. This is known as "Grey Time." It is much better to allow the bird to make the first move. Please give her more time and space! You will be rewarded with a much happier and friendly bird.
  12. kittykittykitty

    New Member with 4-5 year old RESCUE CAG

    Welcome. Thank you for rescuing this Grey. I'm not an authority but I know it is necessary to wait for the Grey to make the first move, that is move at Grey Time.
  13. kittykittykitty

    Joey Stole a Snack!!!

    I hope he left some for you!
  14. kittykittykitty


    So true!
  15. kittykittykitty

    New member on board!!

    Thank you for joining this forum and bring Smoky also. I.m in love with him!