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    Could you get the bird a job as a trucker? Ok, all jokes aside, the best I can suggest is the more time the bird is out of the surroundings that he hears those words, and if he/she does not get a reaction when he/she says them. Over time, the bird "should" stop using them less. There is a chance he/she will never stop though. The breeder we got our female from would always say "uh oh" whenever she pooped, to this day whenever she poops, she will say, "uh oh". But We do not say that when she poops.
  2. I do not know if your porch is screened in, but I do not see a harness on Stazel, PLEASE be very careful taking your loved one outside. Even clipped birds can surprise you if they get startled. I would hate for you to lose her.
  3. Our female is somewhat "disabled" she had splay leg as a chick and had little braces on her legs (kinda like Forrest Gump!! ), when the vet was either putting a brace on or off, he broke one of her toes and it heal badly where her nail would grow directly into her toe. The vet removed that nail (and the first bit of her toe), I was so worried before having that done to her, about if I was making the right choice. But after seeing how well she does now and how much pain she must have been in, I know we made the right choice. Well anyway, she is a LOT clumsier than our male, she does not wrap her feet around your finger or anything when she perches on you, where as he holds on so hard sometimes it hurts. Now she can grab on cause we do see her hanging or maybe dangling from her toys. She falls a lot more often then he does, We took every precaution with her, but he does not have issues... So I guess I am saying that it depends on the bird....But for a few weeks I definately would keep perches lower and maybe use a towel until you feel comfortable in their skills.
  4. Well Thorn stops when Harley gets near and watches him until he has passed then starts again, I think he will figure it out soon but Thorn really gets a kick out of tormenting poor Harley.
  5. So our male cat is a VERY vocal cat, so I knew it would not take long for Thorn to catch onto his meow. Now Thorn has mastered his meow and I can tell it just tickles him silly to frustrate that cat. Thorn will sit there all day meowing as we have a very confused cat wandering around the house. I swear I can hear Thorn laugh every time the cat passes his cage.<br><br>Post edited by: Sallas, at: 2009/08/13 18:15
  6. You have not had her long, anything can happen yet. She may be going to your husband because males are familiar to her and that may change yet and it may not. Our female bird loves both my fiancee and I, but when my fiancee goes by the birds cage the male bird will puff himself up and yell at her if she gets to close. Out of the cage he will tolerate her as long as he is by me. But when it comes time to put them back in their cage and she needs to take him back (I am disabled) he will yell as loud as he can that she is taking him away from me. Well, it is more that I am giving him to her, but I am not sure Thorn sees it that way.
  7. Dan, I think you may be dating yourself with a couple of those, like "COBOL".....:laugh: Why don't you throw RPG in there if we are including the ancient languages.. Just teasing ya Dan.:evil:
  8. Or how about "Tux" (the name of the Linux penguin)
  9. Well, I am in Information Technology by prefession and for hobbies i play quite a few computer games. My two TAGs are named after some of the dragons in the "Eragon" (Actually it is caled the Inheritance Cycle) series. I have my female and her name is Saphira and I have my male that is Thorn.
  10. I was born and raised in the city the Foster&Smith is based out of. This last weekend Grandma (my mother) came down to visit and had stopped at the foster&smith outlet store and picked up some items for her grand-FIDs. Our male TAG just LOVES congs, he will chew on them until there is nothing left. And she also got them the electronic box with a mirror and 4 buttons and when the greys hit on of the buttons a comment is spoken from the box, one comment is "Good Bird" another is a person laughing. Well the instant I put this unit in their cage Saphira and Thorn were climbing over eachother to get to it to see what it was. The first day I had that unit in their cage (I put it in at about 4PM) they did not stop pushing the buttons until it was their bed time. Then bright and early (6AM!!!!!!!!!) the next day they were up to start a new day with the toy. It is kinda cute and I am happy that this toy has brought so much enjoyment to them (but they could put a volume adjustment on this thing, it is LOUD!!)
  11. The second time we have brought them in it was a little better, Thorn walked around in the water a little bit (and I mean a little bit)
  12. The conures love the bathtub, but the greys are not sure what to make of it yet. They are not putting up a big fight like they do with the spray bottle yet, so I am hoping if I take it slow, they will learn that they can have fun in the tub... (And it is east to clean up after them in the tub)
  13. No, the conures definitely like water better, they will have water fights with their water bottle. One will wait for the other to unsuspectingly be underneath the water bottle and the other will push in the ball and hold it in, until the 1st bird is thoroughly wet. The greys just stood there, Saphira gave Daddy the "puppy dog eyes" and lifted her foot to break daddies heart and make me think i was torturing her. But I know they need their baths. Saphira is just coming out of her first big moult and Thorn is going into it.
  14. Here is the greys wading in the water...
  15. Grr that was supposed to be two different pics.
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