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    Glad I checked first! She already has several high quality nuts every other day so I think I'll leave them out, not worth the risk.
  2. Tigerlily


    Hi Guys Would you feed your Grey Acorns that you picked from the tree (not from the floor) and if so green or brown.
  3. thanks dave, her cover is one i made, the material is quite heavy and goes down at least half way. so with that and her being inside the tent, i have no concerns about the wind getting her. but good to know the temperature is ok. i am sooooo excited about being able to take her big cage
  4. hi me and tigerlily are going camping again on saturday the only down side of this is that she spends a lot of time in her cage, but gets more attention and much needed sunshine and fresh air last year i took her smaller cage and she slept with me in the smaller sleeping compartment of the tent with her cage covered. this year though i'm thinking about taking her normal cage with us so i wont feel so bad about the length of time she spends in it. but if i do she will have to sleep in the main area of the tent where i imagine it gets colder at night although she will still be covered. my question is this, the night temperature will fall down to about 16 degrees centigrade, is that going to be too cold for her? thanks tigerlily
  5. of course tigerlily has fresh fruit and veg just a little curious though why u think the mix should only b given as a treat when most of it can b found in either harrisons or other mixes?
  6. hi since our last visit to the vets where it came to light that i've let tigerlilies diet slip she has had a drastice change in her diet. as well as starting her on harrisons i've made up my own mix for her, all things i can buy from my local supermarket: soya beans butter beans sunflower seeds pumpkin seeds millet seeds buckwheat red split lentils almonds pecan nuts pine nuts walnuts brazil nuts pistachio cashew hazel nuts rosemary basil mint marjoram thyme oregano your opinions please
  7. Tigerlily

    diet routine

    hi. do u have food constantly avalible for your grey or do you have set meal times?
  8. what is it with greys and throwing their toys on the floor. tigerlily does the same, she just picks her toys up then throws them on the floor (then says "what did you do that for") being a grey owner should come with a job description of "slave"
  9. i'll second luvparrots post now i don't feel guilty for tigerlily not having one either
  10. thanks dave. i knew a few people here have them and assumed they were safe, maybe not such a good idea then
  11. well i wanna get tigerlily a teady. what material should i be looking for it to be made from?
  12. wow. i wasn't expecting that answer, i was worried mid leg was too deep!
  13. how deep is too deep when giving her a bath? upto her ankles,tops of legs, chest, neck?!? (not that i would fill it 2 her neck)
  14. i've started to give tigerlily podded peas and beans. instead of eating the peas/beans inside the pods, she'll throw them on the floor and chew the pods instead!:confused: i mean, whats all that about!?! i haven't actually given up but talk about backwards lol. she also wont eat freash fruit and veg from a bowl in her cage, she just chucks it all on the floor so i have to give it to her when shes out so she can throw it all over my carpet instead! u gotta love her!:rolleyes:
  15. yeah its cute but she has a tight grip lol. usually i have 2 use the other hand to literally peel her off but i was holding the camera!
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