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    I have a 9 year-old Timneh Grey; and 6 year old Congo Grey.


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    The Evergreen State in the USA


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    Reading, going for walks & enjoying life


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  1. No WAY!!!

    We all know who's the boss in your house!!!
  2. This will warm you....

    You have to experience and believe in related incidents to understand. Bless Spock and the special relationship your son and he share.
  3. Test Post

    let's see if I can now do this.
  4. Oliver has issues with me

    Congratulations on winning him over. Patience is a virtue as they say.
  5. Luvparrots

  6. Good bye my friend until we meet again...

  7. Hello stranger x

  8. We really should visit sometime! I see in the chat record your grandson goes to Lake Oswego HS. I'm in Sellwood (SE Portland).


    My falconry apprentice is up in Vancouver, and it's a pretty quick drive. Perhaps I could meet your grey (and other birds) and get some tips.


    I've been enjoying your posts!



  9. Jeff, I know you live in Oklahoma so I hope and pray you and yours are all okay. Janet

  10. Hi Dusty Grey! Looking forward to learning more about you and your grey!

  11. You are missed Caroline. I am so in your debt for all your kindness to me. Thank you. Janet

  12. HEY HEY :) thanks for the warm welcome! Im so excited you are like my 2nd friend Ive met and I cant wait to get to know you all and learn from all your experience. My baby isnt home yet still have a few more months (hence no picture) but I am trying to learn, read, discover and prepare myself the best i can before hand :D gosh Im so excited!

  13. Hi aerial.2000! Welcome to the Grey Family!

  14. Happy New Year to you! Thank you for the kind words. You have made this place a very enjoyable one and I LOVE reading your posts! May this be a happy and healthy new year for you!!

  15. Have a wonderful New Year Penny. You are a great administrator and we are lucky to have you watching over us. Thank you for your time and efforts.