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  1. Luvparrots


    Jayd and Maggie, I wish you both peace and comfort.
  2. My CAG plucked all his body feathers once because of smoke in my home. Fire alarms going off and smoke everywhere with neighbors all standing around. Luckily I got home soon after and got my parrots and canary out. No harm except smoke. I guess that happens if you leave a pan boiling and it runs out of water. Luckily the fids lived to tell the tale.. Sterling never plucked again and i learned a valuable lesson.
  3. Luvparrots


    Welcome to the Grey Family. Sounds like Wallis has quickly become "Boss." Tell him "NO" in a firm voice. If he is good give him a treat. If bad put him back in his cage. Believe me greys' are very smart and earn quickly how to manipulate you if you let them. Tell Wallis what he has done wrong. Talk to him. Like i said, greys are quite smart. We love to see pictures of greys. Good Luck.
  4. Luvparrots


    Never been offended by you Jayd. Wishing you only the best. Janet 😘
  5. Luvparrots

    kittykiitykitty Needs Prayers Please!

    Get well soon Kitty. Prayers coming your way.
  6. Luvparrots


    Welcome to you and Willy! Looking forward to learning more about the two of you.
  7. Luvparrots

    Hi new member

    Very nice looking birdies. 😍
  8. Luvparrots

    Hi new member

    Welcome Colin, looking forward to learning more about your fids. Can't wait to see some pictures.
  9. Luvparrots

    Today we welcomed home Fynn!

    Great looking CAG!
  10. Luvparrots

    Hello and Question

    Welcome to the GreyForum.
  11. Luvparrots

    How to put grey in to box

    I use cement perches for my parrots to keep their nails trimmed. I have never had to trim their nails. I also have wooden perches (the ones that came with their cages) in their cages. Because parrots prefer higher than lower perches, the cement perches are higher and used most.
  12. Luvparrots


    Praying that things are going well for Jay. Be strong Maggie.
  13. Luvparrots

    new owner with lots of questions

    Welcome Crackle. Forget the misstep and focus on building a loving relationship. My adult children are not bird/parrot lovers and my greys know it and react to it. If you are hesitate or afraid Crackle knows it and takes advance. So take a deep breathe, RELAX and start again with a more positive self-assured attitude. You can do this, so relax.
  14. Luvparrots

    New African Grey - Mocha

    Welcome Drekkyek and Mocha. Great photo. Looking forward to learning more about y'all.
  15. Luvparrots


    God be with you, Howardine. I wish only the best for you and yours.