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    I have a 9 year-old Timneh Grey; and 6 year old Congo Grey.


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  1. This is pica

    Pictures please!!
  2. Prayers Please...

    You know Jayd you are needed around here. All you knowledge has helped oodles of new members and us established members as well. So you get better you hear!!!
  3. Filled with stress. My neighbor...

    I would talk to your neighbor and point out the noise from the dogs. Try to amicably solve the issues; times when the noise is more tolerable, etc.
  4. Number of approaches each day

    Stick to a regular schedule, the one you are going to use forever.
  5. Outdoor aviary is in progress!

    My son and his wife built my aviary off the birdroom so the parrots can fly in and out the window. The birds love it it makes life very easy for me. No cement on the ground just grass and it cleans itself. Bottom half of the aviary is wood so dogs/animals can't break in.
  6. Oh my! Talk to your grey when you enter the room. Tell him what you are doing. I would dim the lights and detach the bottom of the cage to clean it. Hand out pieces of apple through the wires. Trust is the first thing you must earn and hand feeding a favorite food is a great way to do this.
  7. Soon to be new owner

    Nice looking CAG. Congratulations on your new friend. Looking forward to learning more about the two of you.
  8. I have a Tag and a Cag both of which are flighted. The Tag is two years older than the Cag. When I got my Cag he was still eating his evening formula. Ana Grey, tag, sat with us at the table when I handfed Sterling Gris, cag. Ana Grey would finish off the formula after Sterling Gris was full. When Sterling Gris was younger, Ana Grey would feed him food and I believe he believes she is his Mom. Although he is at least twice her size he follows her around like a puppy. They are bonded with Ana Grey being the boss and Sterling Gris the follower. Each grey is different, I consider myself quite lucky that my greys get along.
  9. Would You Like To Experience Handfeeding?

    When I first got Sterling Gris he was a young one and I finished his handfeeding. Ana Grey watched and finished off the food. They bonded because of it. I think Sterling thinks Ana Grey is his Mama. She is the leader and Sterling Gris who is twice her size believes she is his boss and follows her around.
  10. I moved his cage

    I would place him by the window. Somewhere that he is part of the family.
  11. Prayers Please...

    Hey Jayd be strong. I will be thinking of you and wish you the best. As a person who has had an artificial aortic valve for 41 years, I pray for you, my friend.
  12. Help PHOEBE Stuck repeating......

    Ignore and find a phrase you would like.
  13. Jayd

    Hyacinth Macaw, oh I would love one. I am jealous Jayd.
  14. Old Fids.

    Great pictures. All are just beautiful. You look very happy among all those feathers Jayd!
  15. zinc poisoning

    Where do you live hopea2?