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    I have a 11-year-old Timneh Grey; 9-year-old Congo Grey.; and 20-year old Lilac-Headed Amazon


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  1. Luvparrots

    New grey

    Hi Isha, welcome to the Grey Family, looking forward to learning more about you and your new grey.
  2. Luvparrots

    New Keto dish

    I understand she will taste just like chicken. 😃
  3. Luvparrots

    info on egg laying and behaviors

    My 20 year old Lilac Headed zon laid an egg. I just took it out after a few days.
  4. Luvparrots

    Escaping Greys

    Screens on all doors and windows works for me. I have had my flighted greys since 2007.
  5. Welcome to the Grey Family. Relax and let your new friend get use to her new home.
  6. Luvparrots

    My new grey ruby

    Welcome Rudygrey. Very nice looking Cag. Welcome to the Grey Family. Rudy looks very calm and relaxed. Looking forward to watching the two of you grow together.
  7. Luvparrots

    New Grey dad!

    Welcome Alex. Rico is a cutie.
  8. Luvparrots


    Welcome to the Grey Family, Lil! What is your Cag's name? Can't wait to learn more about the both of you. Like, where do you live?
  9. Luvparrots

    Getting an African Grey?..

    Hi Ini, where are you from? I live in the State of Washington, USA. There are two kinds of African Greys, Congo and Timneh. They are different looking and their personalities are different. Timnehs, (tags), are smaller and usually more mellow then Congos, (Cags) for example. So glad you have joined the Grey Family. We love pictures by the way😀.
  10. Luvparrots

    Does your grey curse?

    Sterling Gris knows the term ''Damn Bird'' but he can be one like a prince. 😁
  11. Luvparrots

    A Chance

    Hoping all goes well for you Ray. Perhaps they are waiting to hear back from someone they hope will purchase their Blue and Gold (good friend/ family member). Waiting is always hard.
  12. Luvparrots

    Time for scritches!

    Lovely picture. Love it!!!!
  13. Luvparrots


    Don't look at us keep posting. We know we're cute.
  14. Luvparrots

    New member with egg laying African grey.

    I have 20 year old re-homed Lilac headed amazon who has laid eggs. The advice from the late Dave007 was to leave them alone until the zon lost interest. If you remove them too quickly your parrot might just lay more which is not a healthy idea.
  15. Luvparrots