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    I am owned by a 13-year old Timneh and a 21-year old Lilac-Headed Amazon.


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  1. Welcome to the Forum Family. Auri sounds like a loving grey. Looking forward to getting to know you both.
  2. Ana Grey, tag, is 13 years old, raised her from a chick, and Sadie, Lilac-headed Zon, is 22 years old, she is a rescue. They are great and I am getting over my 1st Covid shot. Life is good.
  3. Things certainly look different. Stark.....
  4. So sorry to hear about Frank. He will be watching over us all; that's for sure.
  5. Hey, hey welcome! Pictures are always enjoyed, hint! hint!
  6. What is the Chat Box for if not General Chat??????
  7. Oodles of good wishes and prayers to you Jayd and Maggie.
  8. The best thing to do is to tell your grey " No, that's not nice; shame on you" in a stern tone. Then walk away. You should be in charge, not your grey.
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