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    I have a 9 year-old Timneh Grey; and 6 year old Congo Grey.


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  1. Luvparrots

    A Chance

    Hoping all goes well for you Ray. Perhaps they are waiting to hear back from someone they hope will purchase their Blue and Gold (good friend/ family member). Waiting is always hard.
  2. Luvparrots

    Time for scritches!

    Lovely picture. Love it!!!!
  3. Luvparrots


    Don't look at us keep posting. We know we're cute.
  4. Luvparrots

    New member with egg laying African grey.

    I have 20 year old re-homed Lilac headed amazon who has laid eggs. The advice from the late Dave007 was to leave them alone until the zon lost interest. If you remove them too quickly your parrot might just lay more which is not a healthy idea.
  5. Luvparrots


  6. Luvparrots

    A Chance

    WOW! All excited for you Ray. Can't wait to hear how it goes.
  7. Luvparrots

    New member on board!!

    Welcome Roy and Smokey. Can't wait to learn more about the two of you.
  8. Luvparrots


    Typing one handed is not fun or easy. I can't use my left fingers at all which means I can't grab at all but life goes on and parrots still need attention.
  9. Luvparrots


    Long story short, I have sprained my wrist and am in a soft cast for as least a week so I will be reading your posts but typing less so be good. As Arnold says, ''I'll be back.'' Luvparrots
  10. Luvparrots


    Sterling Gris no longer trusts me; I hope he will get over it, but he is a very spooked grey; he always has been so I'm sure it will take awhile for him to forgive me. Ana Grey and Sophie are just fine. They are mellow parrots and go with the flow. Thanks for asking Jayd. th
  11. Luvparrots


    Thanks everyone. As an update. Sterling Gris, who is a scaredy cat now fears me. I hope he gets over it, but he looks at me as if I am going to destroy him. I have thought hard about what happened and how the inside of my home looked covered in smoke. My fear was my birds were choking on smoke and I had to save them. I do not regret what I did, my only thoughts were to get my birds into carriers and into fresh air and I did it. They are all fine and if Sterling Gris can't forgive me at least he is alive. Pissed off but alive.
  12. Luvparrots


    I have never had problems with plucking.... until now. Background. Sterling Gris, is a nine year old CAG that has lived with me since he was weaned. In fact I finished his weaning at home. He is a big guy easily twice as big of my 11 year old TAG, Ana Grey. He has always been a scaredy cat. He is afraid of anyone but me. Well.... Last Sunday I was making mash for the birds and had just put the pot of mixed dried beans on the stove when my neighbor called and asked me to go shopping with her. i said yes and quickly changed my lounge clothes to going out clothes and dashed out the door. Had a great three hour time with dinner included. But has we were almost home she got a call from her son asking when we would be home and he was told we had just gotten off the highway and were almost home. We knew something was wrong..... When we got out of the pick-up we could hear the alarms going off in my home and I dashed to the front door and my neighbor was on the cellphone calling the fire department. Her son dashed into my house and started opening windows. I moved the burned pot of beans, turned off my stove burner and rushed to the bird room to get my parrots and canary out of the smoke filled house. I keep bird carriers in the bird room and just grabbed the parrots and put them in carriers and rushed everyone out the door. After the smoke cleared out I put everyone back in the cages and all was fine I thought..... The next morning I was leery that something might be wrong. Fearing I might find cages of dead parrots, I was grateful they were all alive BUT Sterling Gris had plucked all of his chest feathers off. I was devastated but it could have been worse (I keep telling myself), he is alive, they were all alive and hopefully Sterling's feathers will grow back. (Thank you Dave, I have re-read your post on plucking. I still miss you, Dr. Flock). I'm too old for this kind of excitement in my life! Ana Grey, Sophie and Moe (canary) were not phased at all.
  13. Luvparrots

    Re-homed female CAG.

    Hi, I have a feeling you are quite knowledgeable about parrots; and you have already been given oodles of advise. So, I look forward to hearing more about your grey and your other parrots/birds. So please post more about your flock. Pictures are always appreciated. (hint, hint)
  14. Luvparrots

    New CAG owner in Minneapolis

    Congrats on your new fid. Looking forward to learning more about the two of you.