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    I am owned by a 13-year old Timneh and a 21-year old Lilac-Headed Amazon.


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    The Evergreen State in the USA


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    Reading, going for walks & enjoying life


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    Retired Paralegal

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  1. Yes, ignore it and leave it be for now. If you take it out your lady might lay more and that's a no, no.
  2. I have a humming bird feeder at my front window. When a humming bird is stationary flittering and gathering nectar is marvelous to see.
  3. Adorable hummingbird. Thanks for sharing this great experience with us. 🐉
  4. Just curious....... How many Members have their greys microchipped?? My Ana Grey has been since 2008. When I got her. If she is taken to a vet, I should be contacted, unless the culprit is also Janet..... l
  5. Have you tried bells and other noisey things. I have perches in front of windows so they can see cars/people go by and make a lot of noise.
  6. Now I see it. You have your own home inspector!!! 😄
  7. I couldn't find the film, either.
  8. Kisses to Alfie. i hope is well for him now.
  9. Glad you are back!!!! Looking forward to reading more.
  10. Welcome to the Forum Family. Auri sounds like a loving grey. Looking forward to getting to know you both.
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