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  1. So sorry to hear about Frank. He will be watching over us all; that's for sure.
  2. Hey, hey welcome! Pictures are always enjoyed, hint! hint!
  3. What is the Chat Box for if not General Chat??????
  4. Oodles of good wishes and prayers to you Jayd and Maggie.
  5. The best thing to do is to tell your grey " No, that's not nice; shame on you" in a stern tone. Then walk away. You should be in charge, not your grey.
  6. I have a Lilac Crowned zon who is 22 years old.
  7. Kisses for Ollie. He's a spunky lil' booger.
  8. Blessings to you KittyKittyKitty. Thank you for your contributions to Greyforums. You will be missed.💔
  9. Welcome to the Grey Family. Debbie is certainly a fun loving grey. I am looking forward to getting to know all of you. 👵
  10. Prayer of peace and comfort heading your way Jayd.
  11. Precious pictures. Oodles of prayers coming Jayd's way.
  12. I thought only Administrators okayed membership already???? I have never added a member or even seen an application asking to be added by a potential member.
  13. Hoping Ollie gets well soon.
  14. Nice looking fids. Welcome to the family.
  15. Jayd and Maggie, I wish you both peace and comfort.
  16. My CAG plucked all his body feathers once because of smoke in my home. Fire alarms going off and smoke everywhere with neighbors all standing around. Luckily I got home soon after and got my parrots and canary out. No harm except smoke. I guess that happens if you leave a pan boiling and it runs out of water. Luckily the fids lived to tell the tale.. Sterling never plucked again and i learned a valuable lesson.
  17. Welcome to the Grey Family. Sounds like Wallis has quickly become "Boss." Tell him "NO" in a firm voice. If he is good give him a treat. If bad put him back in his cage. Believe me greys' are very smart and earn quickly how to manipulate you if you let them. Tell Wallis what he has done wrong. Talk to him. Like i said, greys are quite smart. We love to see pictures of greys. Good Luck.
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