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  1. I guess I'm only asking because I used aloe vera juice a couple months ago and started to use just plain water. Just before I stopped using aloe vera juice the coloring around my CAGs ear started to change color. I didn't think anything of it until I looked at it closly and it looked like ear wax. My vet told me it was a fungus, and I've been treating her since then. But I almost wonder if that was from using aloe vera juice that wasn't refridgerated. I never put it in the fridge though so maybe that was the difference. I will follow your advice though. Thank you!!
  2. I have some aloe vera juice to spray my CAG with . . . it says on the bottle to refridgerate after opening. My bird who hate it if I sprayed her with cold aloe vera juice. Do you put it in the refridgerator? If you do, do you wait until its room temperature to spray on your bird? Do you use some other method to warm it besides just waiting? Or if you dont refridgerate it, is it really ok to spray on your bird after its been sitting out of the refridgerator for a while? I have like a gallon jug . . . I imagine it will take a while to use it all.
  3. I have a vacation coming up in a couple months and I'm wondering what I'm going to do with my grey . . . If I took her to a boarding place (if there even is one) I would imagine that it would be very stressful. If she stays at home, then she wont have someone here most of the time to take her out. The woman who sold her to me (from a petstore) she raised my grey from when it was a baby until she sold it to me, and said she would take care of her if I needed her to. She said she has a grey also. That was 6 months ago and if I did that I would basically be giving my grey to a stranger to take to her home without having any idea whats going to be happening to my bird while I'm gone . . . I'm just wondering what everyone on here does when they are going to be gone . . .
  4. I took her to the vet yesterday and the vet concluded that it was a fungus around her ear. She gave me a solution to rub on it twice a day. She also said that Juliet is probably molting but definitely chewing on her feathers as well. She is going to give me an herbal remedy she said she's seen remarkable results with, pertaining to feather plucking and chewing. I have to pick it up next week because she was out of stock but I will definitely post the name of it on here when I get it. Hopefully Juliet will have great results like she's seen with other parrots.
  5. I took her to the vet yesterday and she looked at some feathers, from around here ear, under a microscope to look for mites. She didn't find any and concluded that it must be a fungal infection. She gave me a solution to rub around her ears twice a day for ten days. The vet also said that Juliet is probably molting, but is definately chewing on her feathers. She said she's had remarkable results (with feather plucking and chewing) with this herbal rememdy. She didn't have any in stock, so I will get it next week. When I get it I will let you know what its called and if I also see "remarkable" results =)
  6. I just took a close look at it today and decided to take her to the vet. I will take her asap . . . .
  7. Heres a picture . . . <br><br>Post edited by: jlandsiedel, at: 2009/05/11 02:51
  8. You can tell on some of the feathers that they have been chewed on. The smaller fluffy feathers are new. This started a couple weeks ago and they were not there in the beginning.
  9. This is a picture of my CAGs neck. It definitely looks like she's been chewing on her feathers here and on her back. Her back doesn't have any bald spots like in this picture. She's always chewed on her tail feathers so I'm not sure if this behavior has extended to other areas of her body. She also may have a sinus or ear infection right now that may be causing more chewing. I've read on other posts that CAGs will molt around the age of 1 yr and she just turned 1. I'm not sure if this is chewing or molting so I thought posting a picture would be the best way to find out. Post edited by: jlandsiedel, at: 2009/05/11 02:20<br><br>Post edited by: jlandsiedel, at: 2009/05/11 02:23
  10. I was thinking it could be some type of infection too . . . I hope that its not because then she would have had this infection for about 4 months now. I would think that if a bird had an infection for that long that it would be having some serious issues. Its definitely gotten worse though because before when I inspected her ears, it didn't look like wax at all. I just figured the feathers were a slightly different color.
  11. jlandsiedel

    Ear Wax

    I've noticed for a few months now that the feathers around one of my AG ears was a different color . . . today it seemed to be a little darker than before so I took another close look at it and it looks like ear wax. Inside the ear there is a tiny amount of ear wax also. I'm not sure if I should take her to the vet or if this is something normal.
  12. yea, my greys water & food are on opposite sides too . . . its funny that this is like ingrained into their genetics somehow =)
  13. My CAG is putting her food in her water bowl. Well what I think is going on is she is dipping her food in the water and then eating it. She accidentally drops some in the water and I have the change the water like 3 times a day because it changes colors and gets gross looking. She is putting in the food that looks like trix cereal. I'm not sure if she is doing this because she recently chipped off a part of her beak or if this is just a weird new quirk she has . . . does anyone else's bird do this?
  14. jlandsiedel


    Can someone pls help me out? My bird just fell off the top of the cage and chipped her beak. She bled a little bit but then it stopped. She is acting normal but does not seem to want any food. I even tried to give her a treat but she would not eat it. What should I do????? Tks
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