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  1. Thanks glad to know its normal! He actually throws it at people who walk by and calls them names.He is learning to talk so fast its like having another child, but will be buying special bowls etc.
  2. Thanx will try the bowl idea but currently removing it when he starts throwing.I will probably buy a gym or stand thing but the top of his cage opens and we put in a perch but he always comes to me.Last week he tried to land on our six foot xmas tree-he had the finesse of a house brick and fell through the branches cursing which was funny. He has not yet worked out that we dont want our leather furniture hole punched and that its rude to make holes in each piece of fruit in a bowl but he is making a sort of progress as he runs off laughing when you catch him up to mischief!
  3. Its really sad that anyone has to rehome their pet. I have the greatest of respect for anyone who makes this decision because of the reasons you mention rather than keep a pet that they cannot do justice to. I got given my boy because the economic climate meant that his owners were working all hours and they realised that he needed more attention than they had time. I know they miss him greatly but when they pop in and see him so happy and talkative they always say wow hes so happy we know we made the right decision. Would it be worth trying to find someone who would have your bird to stay when you go away.I once knew an old lady who regularly looked after a parrot for someone who worked at sea and that bird was properly spoilt and valuable company for the lady.He was awfully loud but she just turned down her hearing aid and smiled when most people would have throttled him!
  4. I have not had my grey long and have been on a steep learning curve but think we are progressing well. He will now sit on my hand,head etc and talks loads (i have even taught him jingle bells!) but he cannot be out unsupervised as he has not had much opportunity in the past and needs real supervision. He loves being out and will come over to me so that he can sit on my hand and i talk and wistle to him etc but when he is in his cage and i am sitting down he has taken to grabbing food from his bowl with his foot and throwing it out.He does this until the floor resembles a beach and he seems really cross that he is stuck in. I try to have him out loads and his flying etc is improving and he now can land on things whereas previously he flew into walls etc but he has to be in sometimes. Is there a type of bowl that stops this throwing or do i ignore it or tell him off? He currently has stainless steel bowls that slot through the side of the cage.I was even wondereing whether to put honey in with the food so that it cant scatter as easily!
  5. Thanks so much to every one who gave me advice on improving my birds life.I really appreciate it. On a practical level i've bought natural branches from a bird shop and removed the concrete perches and dowel.I am so pleased that he now has no sores or red patches on his feet even though he hung upside down for hours before he could summon up the courage to stand on the new wood!!I am now waiting for him to try the sandy perch from northern parrots. I have gradually changed him over to tidy mix which i had already ordered and bought some pellet stuff specially for greys which he eats. I have spent hours talking to him and he now comes out.When he is on the floor he will now step onto a dowel or onto my hand but if he is on his cage he wont.However when on his cage he will threaten and walk away rather than attack like before which i appreciate is a step forward. I am so proud of him because he shook with fear each time i went near him but we have kept going and now he comes to me which is such a reward. So what should i be thinking of doing with him next? or do i just carry on gaining his trust?
  6. Thanks for the replies i will definately be making some changes.I have put in a big order with northern parrots so cant wait for it to arrive.I will also try my local vets for harrison pellets or try to add that to my order.He is scared of new stuff though he was petrified of a toy i bought him then days later he found out how to play and spent days removing the beads and destroying it.
  7. I am new and have been given a grey by friends as he has been getting miserable as he is on his own for long periods each day.They are lovely people who took him in because he was being abused. He is a lovely boy and i am determined to give him the best life possible, but i have a few questions. He has very long claws and sore patches on his feet which i think is caused by concrete perches and round dowel? I have ordered a sandy perch and will get some branches but will this sort his feet out as he is so scared of being handled that i would rather not take him to have his nails clipped. He has come with a pet shop mix but it is poor and dusty looking and he wont touch it with a supplement on and he screams for our food.Ive ordered something called tidy mix but is this enough? I have ordered some toys from the same place Northern parrots and started to stick train him but he is so scared of people i am not sure where to start. Any ideas welcome as he is a cute guy who deserves the best and he now talks to me and whistles etc and has stopped the screaming.
  8. Hi Poppy, My name is Isobel and i will need some help with my boy.I am not sure where to start but have got a decent(i think) cage and just done a big order with a company as he has sore feet which i think is from concrete perches and dowels? I also think he has been very bored so got him some toys.
  9. Hi I am new here as i have recently been given an african grey parrot who i am told is about twenty. I have been given him by friends because they felt that he was getting fed up with being alone all day and had started screaming. I am determined to give him the best life possible and so any help or advice appreciated.Oh yes and he is petrified of being handled and he bites.
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