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  1. I was wondering if anyone has purchased a cage from birdcagemart.com? I found a cage that I like and the first place I found it they wanted $270 for shipping. It was a cage made by A&E cages. I got into contact with them and they told me to try this site. They are not charging shipping and the cage appears to be identical to the one they wanted all the shipping money...they would both be shipping out of New Jersey.
  2. I am currently looking for a bigger cage for Bandit...I have gone thought the whole thread on cages and there are some great ideas on here!! Thanks! I was wondering though...with the timnehs do they do ok with 3/4" bar spacing or is it to big? I put Bandit in one when she was young and it didn't go well. She was playing and some how got her wing caught in the horizontal bars. (No injuries I was home to go to the rescue!). This very well could have been my fault as she was young and the toy may have been to close to the side of the cage...any ideas?
  3. Awsome pictures!! You have very beautiful birds. What kind of bird is Mocha? Beautiful.
  4. Thanks for the information. we run a swamp cooler but I have never heard of an ionizer. Our swamp cooler doesn't give off a fresh smell, as you say it should have has no smell, and it doesn't. Thanks again!
  5. Hi bandits_mom08 ..... I was trying to figre out how you can see the photos of the aviary ... If you go to my profile by clicking on the photo that I have for an avatar ... does it let you see the "album" on the left side of my profile page? If so, you click on that and it takes you to the photos of Hartman Aviary and photos of construction details.



  6. Bandit has some of the white spots also. They are pretty small but they are there. I am interested to know what these are also.
  7. I just want to say that I think this is the best thread ever!!!
  8. I am so glad I am not the only one who goes through that. Bandit thinks she needs to help me also. Every night after our shower she thinks she needs to sit on my shoulder while dressing. I have found that if I am in a hurry she gets locked up in the horrible cage. She is never too happy with me for doing this.
  9. Our routine when I get home from work is to go let Bandit out of her cage so we can spen time together. Dinner then cuddles. One night I got home late and didn't let her out. (my husband had her out most of the day, thankully). It had been a long day at work I went up stairs took a shower and when to bed. As I am lying there I hear, "The grey Bandit needs help with a jail break." I feel incredibally guilty and get up to let her out. She repeated this as she heard me coming down the stairs. Naturally I spent about an hour with her as I am fighting to stay awake. Oooh what we do for our birds!! My husband taught her this phrase in the time frame of a couple weeks. It makes me feel terrible every time she says it. And it happens to be only when she is in her cage and wants out.
  10. About a month ago I noticed Bandit's water had food in it. Like she was taking it and dropping it in her drinking water. I started watching her more closely when she ate and she takes her Zupreem and dips it in her water and then eats it. I had to laugh at her. Some times she will drop it in there, push it around and then eat it. It is the funniest thing ever. Does anyone elses bird do this? Is there possibly something missing from her diet causing her to do this? If this is not un normal it is the funniest thing ever and makes me laugh when she does this.
  11. It is so awsome the Vree is whistling now!! I bet that made your day!! I am happy to hear the physical therapy and acupuncture are going well. Thanks for the updates. Thoughts and prayers are with the two of you.
  12. That was a good and informative artical. Thanks for sharing that with us. I learned a lot about feathers!
  13. <br><br>Post edited by: bandits_mom08, at: 2010/03/07 06:57
  14. That is sooo great to hear!!! Sounds like Vree is making a slow but sure recovery. I can't tell you how happy I am for the both of you. I can't imagin what it is like having to go through something so dramatic for the both of you. Thoughts and prayers are with the both of you. Keep on climbin' Vree!!!
  15. So glad to hear Vree is doing well. Hopefully the physical therapy with help him. Hope all goes well tomorrow!! Thoughts and prayers for the both of you.
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