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  1. Well today we’ve tried something, I went out with my husband for one hour to walk. When we came back Pookie was napping, and she has happily greeted us. I guess she felt good that mom and dad went out and left her alone. We felt good too after a walk in the sun. we have decided to do that daily, a good break for us and for her 🤗. IMG_3250.MOV
  2. First first I hope you get well soon, and glad your wife got better. I loved the video you shared ❤️
  3. Hi everybody, I was really thinking about how this Covid pandemic is gonna affect our lives and our birds' lives. Personally I'm respecting the lockdown rules in France and have been staying at home since 2 weeks, only going out once a week to buy the necessities. It's starting to be very difficult, especially not knowing when will this end. Personally I'm not afraid of getting the virus, I have good immunity level and will most probably get sick for a few days and get over it. What scares me and keeps me in is the idea that I migh get the virus and spread it to others unintentionally, th
  4. Interesting ill send u an email thanks
  5. It would be very interesting to know more about the babies
  6. ranaz

    Bald Spot

    Thank you all for your great advice. Now Dr Emy is a member of our forum and she is following this post and replying on her own. As she told me some new feather pins have started to appear so lets wait and see. Post some pix Emy when you can
  7. No I can understand exactly what you say. DOnt worry we will all here at the forum try to help and teh members are all very sweet and helpful. Post some photos of your baby when you can
  8. Congratulations on your baby and welcome to our grey family. As I understood from another post you didnt have a choice to keep at the breeder till fully weaned. Waiting for your questions and Im sure many expert members will help you.
  9. Hi EZFrag, I have replied to your other post concerning bathing your baby. Now i understand it might not be an option for you to send your baby back to the breeder till it is completely weaned. I am sure other members will give their advise too. Please be careful with the amount of formula and the temperature. At this age the crop is visible so dont over feed. It is NOT recommended at all to let the baby sleep next to you. Many babies were sadly lost this way. You could wrap the baby in a soft towel and put her in a small box close to your bed.
  10. Hi EZFrag, Congratulations on you baby grey. 6 weeks is really toooo early to get form the breeder. If I was you I would give the baby back till he is 12-15 weeks old and fully weaned. Here in Europe, the breeder cannot hand over any baby parrot before the age of 13 weeks up to 16 weeks. Taking care of a baby is a huge responsibility and the risks are too high. Their immunity system is not developed yet and contamination might easily happen. Just like a human baby you need to keep everything sterile. Feeding them also is not easy and you have to make sure their crop emptys completely befor
  11. ranaz

    Bald Spot

    Thank you for the advice Birdhouse & Dave. Ill surely tell her to stop the betadine. I agree with you it is harsh and probably will dry the skin. Ive also recommended she uses aloe vera. The plant is widely available in Lebanon and i suggested she rubs some of its Gel on the skin. She showered her baby today. I dont think its over preening because its the top of the head where the bird cant reach to preen. Her bird is almost 2 years old. Ive noticed from the photos there are a couple of black spots indicating new feather pins. In your opinion could this be a normal molt? She says the bi
  12. I will tried to upload an activity book here but it didnt work, so I've added it to Google docs. Here are 2 links for the 2 versions of the book. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9MPzaJ9D5CyaGFwQXdmWUNpdUU&authuser=0 https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9MPzaJ9D5Cyb3NoRXdYcEtBSUU&authuser=0 Please let me know if the links work and ENJOY !!
  13. ranaz

    Bald Spot

    This is an additonal photo, the area looks a bit yellowish form the Betadine. I would also wanna add that the parrot is playing and eating as usual without any signs or syptoms.
  14. ranaz

    Bald Spot

    Hi everybody, I posting this on the behalf of Dr. Emy, a friend of mine who has a very sweet grey named Coucou. Coucou lives a very happy healthy life. Eats well and goes out on a harness. She has noticed a bald spot on the head which showed better after wetting the feathers. She is not able to figure the causes, and the skin dis not look irritated. In Lebanon there are no avian vets and the only exotic vet prescribed to disinfect the area with Betadine. He suggested it might be due to a skin irritation or a scratch the bird might have caught while playing on a tree branch in the pa
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