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  1. Hiya, in response to Journeyman, his droppings look the same, not discolored or runny. In response to luvparrots, i've had him since I was handfeeding him....and when I had bought him from schultzs' bird farm, he picked me, not the other way around.....I walked to where they were all running around, and he came right up to me, like he was waiting for me, lol. I have a pic of when we first brought him home, i'll put it on my profile pics. Cheers!
  2. He'll be 5 on january 30th, and thanks for the info....I figured letting him be was the best course of action, I just wasn't sure how long this would go on for....I guess it's different for each bird. Thanks again for the info, i'll post more pics of my little feathered killer whale (lol) soon....I tried to upload some little cellphone movies of him but I don't think it worked....i'll keep trying though, and if not i'll plant them on some other site and link it on my profile....I have lots of them, just have to sift through the good ones and the not so good ones....hehe.
  3. Hi everyone, happy new year, Jeepers says 'Hi doggies', and we have a question, which probably don't belong in this part of the forums, but i'll give it a shot anyways. Ok, for a week or so now, Jeepers has been acting peculiar. He's acted this way before, but not this long. He starts making these 'eh eh eh' noises then lowers his wings like a linebacker ready to pounce on a quarterback. While doing this, he shakes his tail from left to right, almost like an excited puppy. He'll then start bobbing his head up and down, bringing up whatever we had given him for breakfast/lunch/whatever. I figure that's his way of giving me a present, like a cat bringing in a mouse or what not. He's done these motions before, but now he's getting really bitey, like he's trying to remove my finger whenever I get near him. Other thatn that, he's fine....he plays with his toys, annoys the cat, his droppings look normal, he has no problem going, i'm just guessing that he's in heat or something....am I right or is there something more to it? Any info would be great. Thanks in advance.
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