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  1. You are alot of Help. I have not been on for awhile to do with Spending time with my New Baby CAG Cosmo and Doing things with my kids! LOL! But when I brought Cosmo home he was like he has been with us since the day he Hatched. I think It is because I was visiting him 1-2 times a Week and spending 2 hrs with him each visit. He is a Sweet Heart. He loves to sit on your Lap and Just for you to pet him and then her fall asleep. LOL! He is Very Vocal. I couldn't ask for a Better BIrd.
  2. Tammy

    Pics of Cosmo

    Well, Cosmo is 6 weeks old so not till about 12 weeks old and weaned. But I visit him every weekend.
  3. Tammy

    Pics of Cosmo

    They are Both so Adorable. I spend a little over an hr. with Cosmo every time I visit him. I wish It was time for him to come home.
  4. Tammy

    Pics of Cosmo

    The pics did not post But I do Have 2 pics of them on my File.
  5. Tammy

    Pics of Cosmo

    New pics of Cosmo at 6 weeks of age. Dont mind the pic. They are a little messy looking because we were feeding them.
  6. I always whatched Soaps with my Mother when I was little. I watch ALL MY CHILDREN & ONE LIFE To LIVE. I love REX on One Life to live. But I have not had a Chance to watch the soaps for about 2 months. My kids HOG Every TV in the house! LOL! Plus I am Busy cleaning, 3 kids, Pets and other house work. I am Stuck Watching the WIGGLES & ELMO all Day! LOL!!
  7. Hello! I know how you feel. I still have some weeks to go till I get to bring mine home. I just found out it is a Male. His name is going to be Cosmo. Do you have any Names? This group is Great!
  8. Tammy

    Bird Name

    Well, I just found out mine that is 5 weeks old now is a male. Had a Dna test done. So, His name is COSMO!!!
  9. Tammy

    DNA Results

    Thanks. I try to visit him as often as I can. I am going tomorrow and Buying Cosmo a Play Gym.
  10. Tammy

    DNA Results

    I visit the Cosmo everyweekend. And spend at least 1-2 hrs with him. I can't wait till he comes home! I am SOOO Happy that all tests were Neg. And even More Happy that Stephies does not have any Problem from the Pimple on it head!
  11. Tammy

    DNA Results

    Well, I found out that everything is Fine with the 2 CAG Babies. All results in all test came back Neg. So, I will be taking the One that I Picked. And the Result of the DNA just came in and Mine is a Male & The one Stephie is Getting is a Female. So his Name is Going to be COSMO. They are almost 5 weeks old Now! I visit mine every weekend and spend 1-2 hrs with them.
  12. Tammy


    Well Everything came out NEG. on the birds. The Vet said they are 2 Healthy CAGs. They think the one Stephie is getting got bit by some bug.
  13. I dont have anyone smoke in my House, car. If I had the Birds or not. Me & My Hubby Dont smoke. But like friends Know better at my House!
  14. There will be Cages there People will be selling. I would say Cheaper then a Petstore. I buy most of my Cages at the USA Flea Market in Hudson fl. Next town over from me on 19. The guy sells all Bird stuff from Cages, seeds and even Birds (small). His cages are Cheap& in the Box still Bring it home and put it together. He might even be at the Bird Fair tomorrow! Everything is always cheaper at a Bird Fair. Well, I think SO!
  15. Judygram you are right on that about the Bird Fair. Everytime I want to go to one it is like 2 hrs from my House. And I dont feel like driving that Far. But I am so Happy that the One tomorrow will only be 5 minutes from my House.
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