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  1. I haven't read it but it has a preface by Irene Pepperberg. Here is the link: http://www.shermanasher.com/cosmo.html Happy Monday! Renate and Sunny
  2. Χρόνια σου πολλά DAYO να τα εκατοστίσεις! Translation: - Happy Birthday Dayo - May you live to be 100, as they say in Greece!!!!
  3. This paragraph says it all. It from http://www.avianweb.com/nutrition.html: I feed my fid sprouts which are very healthy but not from the above kinds of beans. As for cooked beans, we eat them every week and Sunny gets his share with no ill effects but much enthusiasm. As for the ginger, check out this cool page I found: http://www.landofvos.com/articles/kitchen.html They say it's actually good for birds! Cheers, Renate
  4. Yes they really are amazing photographs. They are protected otherwise I would upload one but since I can't you have to access the link. It's worth the click! Here is the one entitled "Bird in Hand" which Jilly is referring to: Photo: http://parrothouse.zenfolio.com/p846682511/e3d8a315e She is a peach-faced love bird.
  5. Hairbands are still cheaper than headbands!!! Maybe it's a fetish?? See my post in the Amazon Room about fid fetishes!
  6. I didn't see you post any photos so I went back and looked at some videos you posted a long time ago. Yep sure does look like a YCA... I think the excellent start at talking she has must be connected with having a multi talking bird household. Younger human siblings always learn faster than only children too!
  7. Hi everyone - A member on another parrot forum allowed me to pass this one to you. I thought you would appreciate the beauty of these photos. All the birds are part of the photographer's flock. Here is the link: http://parrothouse.zenfolio.com/p846682511 Enjoy!
  8. That's a phenomenal photo Pearllyn! You should post it in the photography room too so that everyone will see it!
  9. Sunshine my YCA has this thing about head bands (the hard plastic ones that - mostly women - wear on their heads). I have a wedge haircut and when I'm working around the house I like to wear one to keep the hair out of my eyes. Sunny will, without fail, after a short time passes while he's hanging around with me, either climb or fly onto my head, grab the top of the head band and fly off with it somewhere to play with it. It can get quite frustrating at times, the little bugger.... What's more is that he often does it on purpose when my hands are full or dirty and he knows I can't swat at h
  10. I have a cage with and one without the skirts and I find that the skirts are very useful. Sunshine loves to poop off the side of his cage when he's on his play top so it catches all that and it slides right down into the droppings tray. Food will always be flung around but I do think it catches most of it. For the droppings alone it it worth it for me because I can see what the results are on my floor when he sits on his open cage door. Why do parrots like to sit on their open cage doors so much, anyway?
  11. They are both beautiful. And rottweilers are great dogs. Thanks for the photos and keep them coming!
  12. :)Wow that is a look of sheer enjoyment if I ever saw one.
  13. So far Sunshine also puts up a fight, leans back to avoid the loop that's trying to go over his head, and I'm thinking that perhaps one day I will not be able to do this anymore. This weekend we are going to the country again so we shall soon find out... However, until that day I intend to be MORE thick headed and stubborn than he can be!
  14. OK friends, Please have a look at the photos I posted in the photography room in "Sunshine in a Cherry Tree" and tell me if you think that I'm doing something wrong in putting on Sunny's aviator harness or if you think it might be a size too big. It doesn't lay flat against his chest. That doesn't seem to bother him however, he's just always picking at the buckle and manages to loosen it all the time. This harness is the size for CAGs. I had purchased it for Alex my beloved over the rainbow bridge CAG last year. He never got to wear it. Anyhow, see what you think and any advice
  15. Here are some photos of Sunshine's first experiences outdoors in his aviator harness. We haven't tried flights yet, we are just getting started. Here he is sitting on one of the blooming cherry trees at our country place on Pilion mountain in Greece. He was still enjoying chewing on the cherry blossoms as dusk arrived.
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