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  1. That sure is a very long fight for a baby without formula. Wow and have you hand fed before? Just hope all is fine by now.
  2. So true, just met a couple and the husband was the worst i have yet met in my life. We mentioned we had birds at home and he said first off sell them and enjoy your life. Second thing he said let them free and throw bird seed out for them. He tried to be funny but sure was not. His wife kept kicking him in the leg to stop. Such awful people and have no clue what it is like to have birds. They may sound like nothing but boy are they wrong. There is no love like the love of a bird as far as animals go.
  3. If i may add my site, always looking for the best prices stop by http://www.crazyforbirdtoys.com, we are offering free shipping for the month of November. Would love to see some of you again. Been missing and so busy with life and what not that i have not been on any sites for a while. Good to be back. Missed all of you.
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  5. I now have a new page added to my website with all new items just listed and any specials we have. Do stop by and take a look at our newest additions. Free shipping on orders of $45 or more use promo code Free. Thanks as always for stopping by and hope to see some of you place an order. Our prices are very reasonable and free shipping is our best offer ever. http://www.crazyforbirdtoys.com
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  8. I hope its okay to post here since i do not see anything regarding finches. I have just added a pair of finches. They are the sweetest little birds ever. I have 2 macaws, greys, amazons, caiques, quackers, cockatoos etc etc but never had something this little. They are absolutely adorable. Hope to hear from other finch parents,
  9. Tons of new items on my website, would love for you all to come and stop by. We are offering free shipping again with all orders of $45 or more. Just use the promo code when checking out. "MOTHERSDAY" All one word. Anything that is out of stock is here just have not had time to update the website. If you need anything and you do not see it please just ask. http://www.crazyforbirdtoys.com
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  11. Considering that she is a very young 33 year old lady now. I have added all these toys above her cage hoping she will stop sitting in one spot. She barely moves. Well she moves to go to the food dishes to have her meals. Where ever i place her is where she stays.
  12. So many new toys just added. The cutest foot toys for the smallest of feet.www.crazyforbirdtoys.com and free shipping on orders of $45 and or more. Promo Code is 'NEW YEAR"
  13. One wonders what is next. I cannot believe a bird can have hemmorids, poor baby.
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