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  1. CarolandFamily

    It's official. Schroeder is 2

    Wow Jen he is a real character! I would love to hear him He is sooo smart that is amazing! He didn't sound too happy either lol Happy Hatchday Schroeder!!
  2. CarolandFamily

    Biting - Not a behaviour seen in wild?

    Thank You Dan for this post, My babies do bite me at times when they play. I am also learning too that when they do Beak it's because that's there 3rd foot. When they twins are playing and don't want to go back to there cage I have my kids try and get them down, well when they do bite them my kids are afraid. I tell them don't be afraid and then I go and get them! Yeah they may do the nipping thing but it dosen't hurt me and I don't back down either. So I do believe that they use there beaks to either defend themselves from bad things when they need to BUT I also believe that they use there beaks as a third foot as well.
  3. CarolandFamily


    {Communicate-0002011B} Awww Thank You everyone I am blushing :blush: believe it or not lol! Thank You Penny and for all who voted for me!!
  4. CarolandFamily

    IT'S A GIRL!!

    Awww congrats! Girls are TRUE divas! lol I bet you can't hardly wait to have your baby
  5. CarolandFamily

    Ecko chatting

    aWW LOOK AT Ecko sorry the twins are on my keyboard lol, He sounds like my babies when there gabbing too Ty for sharing wth us!
  6. CarolandFamily

    What a great kiss!

    Lol awww what a cutie pieI showed the twins Emma and they sat up at attention! lol Thank You for sharing her with us!
  7. CarolandFamily

    Twins with Updated Pics +story lol

    lol yes indeed Julie I tell ya!
  8. CarolandFamily

    Greys are the NEW Hair Accessories! lol

    OMg Caitlin there in my hair now lol, it's good to know that my babies ain't the only ones lol and yes 2 times the hair plling is a mess :pinch: Dan- Now you know I have to have a GreYt story for everyone lol<br><br>Post edited by: CarolandFamily, at: 2009/06/24 02:13
  9. CarolandFamily

    Normal bird poop or not?

    I know that this is a old post BUT Ronda has good information on poop. I was having issues with the babies watery poop and I talked to Tina yesterday they both said the same thing, Wet foods=Runny poop whewwww! I feel better now Ronda Thank YOU for the Poop 101 lol I really need to read that and to know that my babies are ok...
  10. CarolandFamily

    How the African Grey got it's red tail

    Thank You Dan for reviving that story that was so beautiful!!
  11. CarolandFamily

    Twins with Updated Pics +story lol

    lol Thanks Pat yeah I got dumped for the berries! Now if they could clean up that would be a good thing
  12. CarolandFamily

    Greys are the NEW Hair Accessories! lol

    Jen now that's funny too! lol See told everyone that Grey's are the NEW hair extensions lol
  13. CarolandFamily

    Greys are the NEW Hair Accessories! lol

    Janet lol I wish now if they can just go and poop in the toiket then it would be a miracle! Lol wishful thinking I guess... Humming:whistle:
  14. CarolandFamily

    Greys are the NEW Hair Accessories! lol

    Lmaooo@Judy and the poop... BEEN there done that already today!! {Feel-good-000200BB} :sick: and then there poop is all runny from eating WET food! lol Penny you and Judy are welcome! I swear it's life a minute you should see them when they attack me!! Whewww *wipping face* :pinch: Oh boy here we go again! lol part 2!!! BUT now Ahjari is doing it damn Mani being a POOR role model!!!:angry: lmaooooo
  15. Ok Ok I am sitting here for the life of me online minding my business holding our baby girl and GUESS who feels the need to be my new HAIR extensions???? :whistle: Lil Ms Ahmani the lil :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: rofl here's how it started: and then she called her brother over and the fun begins!!: {Communicate-0002011F} THEN they TAGGED teamed me! Huh the NERVE lol * Tapping foot* That Ahmani I swear is just doin TOO much!! So the MORAL of the story is Greys MAKE GrEyT hair EXTENSIONS: {Communicate-0002011A} {Feel-good-000200A1} Post edited by: CarolandFamily, at: 2009/06/23 02:58<br><br>Post edited by: CarolandFamily, at: 2009/06/23 03:25