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  1. So good to see you back Jilly! From the other Jill.

  2. Goodness me - the UK closes with 3 inches!! Why can't they take some pointers from the rest of the world!! Wrap up warm!!
  3. Hi Claire ~ oh Pepsi will open your eyes!!! I think you can compare greys to kids- they come, make a mess and then in your case, LEAVE! A bit like grandkids I suppose!!!! I'm sure you'll have a great time with Pepsi Claire - just be patient. You've been round here long enough and read everything thoroughly - you'll be fine. Your friend will also be safe in the knowledge that Pepsi is being looked after so well (and the fact that there are tons of people here ready to help if you need it)!! Jill x
  4. Honestly, this country makes me sick! How come we get a couple of feet of snow and the whole of the UK shuts down! We don't have enough salt for the roads, they can't clear the train tracks the list goes on!!! My car had been stuck at my parent's house for a week (rear wheel drive, no good on snow!!) and I had to get a bus for a week to work! It nearly killed me!!! I live not to far from Lyn - and our area has been hit the worst - although you didn't hear about it until the soft Southerner's got it (yes, that's you - anybody south of Yorkshire!!!). We've had it for two weeks now - it's j
  5. Hi and welcome to our family! As Judy says - I don't trust Harvey with my nieces who are 2 and 5. He has this real fascination with them - and I am sure would definitely bite them, given the chance. I've had some pretty hard bites in my time from Harvey, and I really feel he could do some damage. To be honest, the time and effort it takes to bring up a grey is massive - you can't just leave them to their own devices, and I know how difficult bringing up a couple of kids is too. I always wanted a grey, but chose to bring one home when the kids were in their teens and less needy of me!
  6. What fab verses Judy - very poignant, so very true.
  7. Oh what the hell Janet - go for it! Little Betsy's obviously tugging on your heartstrings - and I'm sure you don't leave the birds alone long enough for a bit "rumpy pumpy" to happen!! What a sad little story - I think Betsy is needy - she's in needy of a good home with a loving parront - and that's you!!! She's an orphan! She's lost her parronts - she'd love you!!!!
  8. At 11am this morning the people of the UK and associated members will honour our fallen soldiers with a two minute silence. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our allied forces and their families for their dedication and courage in order that we all live the way we do today. From all wars, from all times, from all over the world. Lest we not forget.
  9. Just a little update on Jay and Maggie. Jay is still very much under the weather and Maggie is spending her time looking after him. They both send their love and hope to be back on GF as soon as possible. Maggie says Spock is flying around the bedroom and hovering over Jay ~ well, they nursed Spock, so at last one of us is getting payback from our flock! I've sent our best wishes to them both (and the menagerie)!!! Jill x
  10. How has having a grey changed my life? I HAVEN'T GOT A BLOODY LIFE ANYMORE!! I used to come and go as I pleased, I used to have lovely things around the home that would remain untouched, I used to..... You get the picture! Harvey has brought absolute destruction and mayhem to my house! He has to be the centre of the universe, or else! He would try the patience of a saint! Saying that, I wouldn't be without him - and just love the end of the day when he calms down, just before "birdy byes" when he sits with me and I kiss him to death (not literally)!! The only problem I get is
  11. Harvey used to LOVE palm oil (ours in the UK is thicker and more like a play dough consistency) and used to actually eat it from the spoon. He was the same with palm nuts too (sorry, bragging again - I know you can't get them in the states!!) and would strip them right to the nut. He won't touch either now! The only way I can get it into him is in plain old mashed potato! He loves mashed potato and therefore will scoff it down with the oil! Little sods that they are!
  12. Harvey throws tantrums all of the time - I just shout back! He stops right in his tracks and looks at me as if I am mad!! Sounds like you're making grate progress with Timmy ~ keep up the good work!
  13. Ha Ha Ha! I have other favourite words, but none broadcastable - therefore we'll stick to cheeky!! Hi Claire ~ welcome to GF. This place isn't like all of those other ridiculous forums - ask a question and you'll get a sensible answer - there are so many knowledgeable people about who are ready to help you - just yell!! Looking forward to seeing some photos x
  14. What a great update on Sadie Karen, she is so lucky you found her! She sounds such a character and she sounds very settled already! If she starts spouting numbers they may be the lotto - jot them down!!! Looking forward to the pictures x
  15. Ha Ha Ha! Yip - they pick everything up - one of Harvey's favourites is "aaatcchoooo" and I have to say "bless you" following it - he waits for me to say it!!
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