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  1. Vitamin D

    Hi...Avian sun lights for parrots are excellent...I can't remember how many years I have used them...These and the use of daylight bulbs will supply the needed ultraviolet light (fake sun) to take care of your Greys. Follow Timbersmom's good advice. Your irrelevant question (there are no irrelevant questions): ONLY feed human-grade unsalted roasted peanuts. I personally re-roast them again at 350 degrees to make sure they are safe. Jayd
  2. One of Joe's favorite new spot is Jay's walker which we keep close so he can use it whenever he has to stand, etc. This is especially good for Joe since he shares all of Jay's (and our) meals from this spot other than Jay's shoulder... ... Just a little background...when we first got Joe, he would constantly bite his nails (talons) out of nervousness or anxiety and it took a few years for him to stop. Now, he has begun this again whenever he wants us to help him or if we refuse to give him something that he wants...he has learned that this triggers a guilt trip in me......The other evening, Jay was having a hamburger (something that has not happened for many weeks) and Joe was told he could not share that...thus the angst...I grabbed the phone and got some funny photos of him trying the nail-biting, guilt-trip, angst-driven behavior...too funny!
  3. Prayers Please...

    Hi all...(Maggie typing for Jay)...I am stable...I had to do a post I miss you all and thank you for your prayers. Love, Jay
  4. Vitamin D

    Hi, (Maggie writing for Jay), Timbersmom is right on and thank you neoow. The sunlight puts out Vitamin D even when it is cloudy so any amount of outside is good for a Grey. Just remember to acclimate your FID for the outside temperature difference. A Grey has an uropygial gland above their sweet red tail....when they preen, they use their beak to spread the oil to the base of the feathers. A Grey absorbs calcium/D supplements very poorly so no supplements please..Most D is absorbed through the body through sunlight....Over the years I have found that if you use daylight bulbs 6500K, it supplies the ultraviolet light necessary along with an avian bulb. Love you, Jay
  5. A blatant plea for sympathy

    Just saw this....Jay and I want to know...Are you OK now?
  6. Help PHOEBE Stuck repeating......

    These posts are so funny...(Maggie here)...Joe learned the high-pitched alarm sound that Jay's oxygen concentrator makes when it is in alarm mode. Now, (I know he does this just to mess with me), he will occasionally make this alarm sound, usually when I am somewhere else and he gets a kick out of seeing me run back in the room to see is there is a problem with Jay's oxygen...a few times he even lets out a little chuckle (evil, Joe, really evil...)
  7. Maggie here...Today, I was resting and Joe climbed down from my shoulder to Salsa's cage (FIRST TIME EVER!) and entered it, proceeding to snack in Salsa's seed cup while Salsa looked down in horror from her cornered perch in her cage at her uninvited and unwelcome house guest. Luckily, I happened to have my phone on me and was able to snap off a couple of poor shots before Salsa made a hasty departure the long way across her cage...hahahahaha!
  8. Prayers Please...

    He's about the same but his spirits are good...especially after reading your posts. Your positive thoughts and prayers have helped so much! Thank you all....I will post here as things change...Luv, Maggie
  9. Prayers Please...

    Thank you Greywings...it brought a tear to our eyes...Appreciate the thoughts and prayers so much!! Maggie
  10. They just sent Jay home from the hospital after a week's stay. His condition is critical but the doctors and staff were afraid of his contracting secondary illnesses. Jay has Congestive Heart Failure due to Asbestosis (Navy 1964), and is in final stage lung disease. He has been on oxygen 24/7 since 2015. They increased his oxygen dosage because he is having trouble breathing. I am beside myself...I know prayers sent his way would help so much. He loves you all and this forum so much and reading this forum is often the highlight of his day. Thank you! Maggie
  11. Talon Rikki Nilah

  12. 12644846_820207598101662_3419126236742106492_n.jpg

    Their looking so good...
  13. GreycieMae smiling

    Fearless Fid, sweet...
  14. Things to think about