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  1. Jayd


    NEW UPDATE: Jay's condition is so poor, after he and I spent hours talking....he has refused the surgery etc. which would alleviate only one problem because he would be enduring many surgeries and subsequent skin grafts, etc. and would still have the underlying lung issues and CHF. His main reason is to leave the main time, work, doctor's attention and all that goes with it so that someone else with more promise could benefit...His love for mankind is so great ....I will update as we talk to caseworkers, since he will be going into hospice care full-time....thank you and GOD bless each one of you....Maggie and Jayd
  2. Jayd


    UPDATE: They moved Jay from Telemetry to high-risk ICU today. He is on several life-threatening infections they are 😟treating, have said that he will be in the hospital for a long while, and they are contemplating surgery but are unsure he would be eligible because the flight to Las Vegas and subsequent surgery may be too much for him to survive...(wow...😒) so, we shall see....it is obviously in GOD's hands now....Maggie
  3. Jayd


    Jay is in the hospital and on heavy-duty IV antibiotics...not sure what is going to happen....still waiting on the doctors, has lots of pain but is hanging in there. Maggie
  4. Jayd


    Holding on
  5. Jayd

    Baby's Poo and how to help wean.

    Greetings, Maggie typing for Jayd Continue with your formula and work your way up to 60ml or until he rejects it. Give him a half teaspoon unsalted peanut butter each morning for breakfast...let him eat it off the spoon. Up until now, he has relied on you to feed him. So, you can use your fingers to feed him. Also, he is more likely to eat off the floor instead of a bowl. Stay away from the fruit, no more than one piece (the size of a grape) grape or apple is good. Cheerios on the floor is excellent. Put a small pile of seeds (no sunflower seeds) 24/7, for example, Volkman's Hookbill is an excellent choice. Through the cage bars, stick a partial leaf of kale, mustard greens, etc. and change often. Food must be present 24/7...it's called abundant feeding. Get your baby foods, example: Squash, sweet potatoes (no corn) (Baby's 1st year), birdie bread....a simple recipe is Jiffy Cornbread mix, 2 jars of baby food, egg, and vegetables (mixed or your choice), seeds...the best part of this is you can get creative and add what you want to it...bake and serve in small chunks for the baby to pick at. Make sure the baby has plenty of water and watch what your baby eats. NO PEANUTS unless they are roasted, no salt, and MUST BE HUMAN GRADE...Check your parrot no eats food list before introducing anything new. When he is established eating, you can add pellets (which I personally do not recommend). Thank you, Jayd
  6. Jayd


    Jay is seriously ill and is going to the hospital, probably later today. We wanted to wait until after Thanksgiving but he is really suffering and in extreme pain. If you are interested in what Jay's condition is, let me know and I will tell you. Love, Maggie
  7. Jayd


    πŸ˜₯ Jayd is doing poorly... He asked me to write this,...I told him it was not necessary but Jayd's emotions are strong. Judy, Luvparrots, Talon, Ray, SRSeedBurner, and all the Grey Forum members...I am sorry if I offended any of you. Please forgive me. Love, Jayd
  8. Jayd

    Me, FICKLE?????

    πŸ™„ As some of you already know and as some may find out, as our Greys grow older, they sometimes do 180s....Joe, is eating food now that he refused to for years. Yesterday, he ate cooked broccoli and carrot tops. He has always loved hard boiled eggs but now has refused to eat them, looking at me like I am offering him some cyanide...Yesterday, I gave him green beans but I forgot, he will not eat green beans on Sundays, only on Tuesdays and Saturdays...πŸ™„πŸ˜ They also respond to new comments and situations around the house. When Jay stands up, Joe makes a "Raspberry" sound (that's embarrassing)😜....Since day 1, Jay has told Joe "Papa loves Joe!" The other day, Joe yelled out "PoppO!" and then laughed.😝...he will still say "Papa, I love you" but more often than not, goes with "PoppO".... Joe also comes up with extraordinary comments to situations around him as if he fully understands and has a comment about it....Yesterday evening, all was quiet in the house except for the nightly news in the background. Jay was on the computer, I was doing dishes, and Joe was standing by the window watching the beautiful sunset. When the business news was announced, commenting on the major drop in the stock market, Joe perked up, stretched his neck, and said "HUH???"....🀣It was so classic and too funny....as if he knew....
  9. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers...Kittykittykitty (Howardine) also says thank you....she is having a slow recovery and is still at a rehab center. Bless you all, Rev. Jayd and Maggie
  10. It saddens us greatly that only 3 members responded in more than 2 days.....A wish is just a moment of time and the time we have in our lives is but a fleeting moment. In the passing second, I said a prayer for each of your health and happiness. We lost a moment but we gain so much more. I love you all so much. Rev. Jayd
  11. Jayd

    Feather question?!?

    Suggestion: Go to Walmart....they sell "Aloe Vera Juice". Spray your baby twice a week ( especially in winter when the air inside is dry)
  12. Jayd

    Is this the best option for the bird?

    Ditto JUDY...πŸ˜ƒ
  13. Jayd

    Grey ingested dime size amount of marijuana

    Most parrots in the wild are quite familiar with getting high (pun intended)...besides just by flying. My concern is not what he ate but how much...in the wild, parrots eat fermented fruits, berries and foods. Some actually seek it out and make it part of their staples. A vet is the best route....we send our prayers. Jayd and Maggie
  14. Hi, Maggie and Jay here... Kittykittykitty broke her arm a few weeks ago and is currently in a rehab facility. Can you please send some prayers and warm wishes her way to help lift her spirits?
  15. Jayd

    Lost receipts

    Welcome! Please try this site: http://www.recycler.com/pets/birds/apple-valley-ca