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  1. Jayd


    We had a scare yesterday, a tiny storm went by and left Bullhead City BLACKED OUT... Jay Is on oxygen, without electricity his concentrator doesn't work, and on top of that, the cell towers went down, the electric company wouldn't answer their emergency phone lines. When the phones came back on, the police said there was a lot of damage to the city..... Jay's on 7 liters per hr of oxygen, he had 3 portable bottles of oxygen, the fire department had no oxygen and the hospital was packed... His oxygen supplier had no emergency number and at night it was 107 degrees and it was unspeakable in the daytime...Jay ran his bottles at 3 it per hr but this dropped his O2 to 88 or less, which is really bad because the minimum for his O2 is 91...17 hours passed and finally, he was delivered 3 portable bottles and in the next couple of hours after that, the power was restored...It appears he lost some eyesight and he's almost deaf, we won't know of any permanent damages until he has tests.done. How was your weekend?
  2. Jayd

    Aloe Vera (Plant)

    Remember, there are over 400 species of aloe with each plant providing unique health benefits.
  3. Jayd

    Accident at the house today

    FANTASTIC!! Thank you! Great kick in the side...😂
  4. Jayd

    Only a Grey

    I want to give my two cents to this post....for I have personally felt the wrath of misunderstandings. Both Talon and Luvparrots are correct. I do not believe that Penny meant anything racial about her post....Let me explain...what Penny said about color is true...some Greys react strongly to colors, including fingernail polish, hair color, clothing, accessories, etc. What Luvparrots said is also true... "reaction/vocal cadence/movement" can create anxiety and a disturbed condition for the Grey. From personal experience, from ALL the parrots we shared our lives with, we had a woman who came over to look at our Cockatiels. She was not black but was porcelain white with red lipstick. We had to cover Joe because he took one look at her, cowered, and freaked out. I do not know what is going on at the Grey Forum....but the purpose seems to me to be no longer to help but to spar over who knows the most or who is the best. I have almost completely quit posting because of the ridicule I have received. This is the Grey Forum....spell that "GREYT" Forum..... Let's all get back together to help each other to enrich the lives of our companion parrots. Rev. Jayd
  5. Jayd


    No response today....we email her and ask whoever reads it to please reply to let us know how she is. Thanks everybody....
  6. Jayd


    We are a little worried about Howardine (kittykittykitty) ......for a long time, we have been in daily contact with her. Her health has not been the best and the last time we have heard from her was August 1st.....and the last time she posted on the forum was July 14th. She has been a regular member since June 25, 2008. . Can we send prayers her way? Oh Lord, Our God in Heaven, please bless her and watch over her. Amen, Rev. Jay and Maggie Any kudos belongs to Howardine
  7. Jayd

    I Am...

  8. Jayd

    What's in yor food bowl?

    (Maggie typing for Jay) There is only one way to find out if diet and general health in our Greys is proper besides going to the vet. For this you will need a Degree in Poopology 101. I have posted a fairly representative chart of what after dinner should look like. Also, a link or two....Since Smellorama has not been invented yet, there are some foods that will cause odor. Broccoli is one of the number one culprits... Also, some foods will change the color of the poop. The only way to learn these things is to "Observe the Poop". Seek it out daily, get to know it well....it could save your bird's life. .https://www.petcha.com/all-you-ever-wanted-to-know-about-bird-poop/
  9. Jayd

    New Guy at our house

    Hi, Maggie here....Jay and I had raised and weaned four Amazons. Our payment was our choice of one of the four. So, when they were fledged, we returned them, picked the one we wanted and headed back home. We were talking about what we were going to name our new baby and saying different names. During this conversation, our new Zon never made a sound and I mentioned the name Salsa. All of a sudden, she started chattering and making all kinds of noises. Then, we repeated other names and she was silent. When Jay mentioned Salsa, she started up again. We tried this three or four times....this happened every time we mentioned Salsa, this happened. So, this is how she named herself...LOL Also, when we brought Joe, our Grey home, he had come from an abusive relationship so when we brought him home to Spock, we had decided to go with the same theme (Star Trek) and decided to rename Joe "Jim". For a few weeks, all Joe would say was "Are you okay?" and "Where are you?" when we left the room (Joe was 2 at the time). After a few weeks though, Joe put us in our place after we had addressed him yet again as "Jim". He replied, "I'm Joe". LOL....Maggie
  10. Jayd

    New grey

  11. Jayd

    Stanley Steemer Safe?

    Greetings, Here is a reply from Stanley Steemer about the ingredients used in their steam cleaning....they do not state the ingredients. Suggestion, remove all pets during the process and do not return pets until it is 100% dry. The safest carpet cleaning is to rent a steam cleaner and use vinegar water (no soaps). This will also remove mold. Please be aware that Carpet Fresh and Arm and Hammer Pet Fresh dry carpet cleaner can be DEADLY to your parrots. I am sure someone will post a reply on their experience. Thank you, Jayd
  12. Jayd

    Stinky poop and Diarrhea

    This suggestion will not hurt anything... Wash and rinse the food and water bowls etc with ACV (apple cider vinegar) and let air-dry. Has your fid eaten broccoli in the last 24 hrs? if your fid IS NOT eating, HUMAN GRADE Roasted no sodium peanuts, STOP feeding. You need to get your fid to the vet ASAP. Put a few drops of ACV in the water bowl (won't hurt anybody or anything)
  13. Jayd


    Browse: Home / A Pandemonium of Parrots A Pandemonium of Parrots Someone wrote asking what a group of parrots is called. My first reaction was, “a flock of parrots.” That is the most common reference to them, but did you also know a group of parrots is called a pandemonium? It tells you something about the noise a wild flock of parrots can make because the definition of pandemonium is “wild uproar or noise!” (Source: American Heritage Dictionary). You can also call them a company of parrots.Here are some other interesting names for groups of birds:
  14. Jayd

    The Parrots Prayer

    A Happy note... (Facebook)