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  1. Jayd

    9 week old not eating as much

    Greetings! When a Grey is getting ready to fledge (fly for the first time), they will go on a weight-loss diet (self-imposed) to trim themselves down enough for flight...An average weight for a 9 week old is 484grams. 9+ weeks first time flight 454 grams (flight weight) approximately. Our Spock was a large bird and was over 500 grams at 8 weeks. Other Greys were pretty close to 480 grams
  2. Jayd

    9 week old not eating as much

    Sorry to take so long to reply....concerning the feathers, the discoloration and the color of the red tail and the dark on the red tail bothers me a little. In your supplemental feeding, stay away from the corn for a while, stick with the green leafy vegetables and seeds. I will keep an eye on your posts. Thank you very much. Jayd
  3. Jayd

    9 week old not eating as much

    Was the photos taken right after she ate? I would suggest seeing a vet, she has a extended Crop and the feathers don't look right... Try some peanut butter UN-salted, some protein like eggs and sun light... Please keep us informed...If her crop has been like this for awhile, try some warm water...
  4. Amazons deserve their own credit....no matter what you call them....Zons, Greenies, Evil Green Chickens, Zonzillas....they will always have a place in our hearts and in the scars they leave upon our bodies. As opposed to a Grey, they are all action with very few words...yet they can talk off an ear off without blinking, and if you are lucky enough, one who is musically inclined, like opera. Once a year, they go into what we call the "FEAR ZONE" and we do what we can to avoid them. Hormonal does not mean harmony in a Zon's life. They are so sweet and within one second, can turn and draw first blood. All joking aside, uuuhhhh, I guess there is no joking. In all sincerity, a Zon can be a very loving and warm companion with years of love and happiness. They have the most beautiful, expressive eyes also. A Zon is definitely self-absorbed...their wants and needs come first, and they are very vocal and expressive in letting you know about their wants and needs. Their companionship cannot be surpassed. They keep going and going and going.... like the Energizer Bunny....They truly are loyal and loving, and they get along well with other parrots in your home. They are masters at entertaining themselves and their slaves.... Here's to the Greenies....YEA!!! Jayd
  5. Jayd


    😀 As humans grow, the way we speak, our vocabulary, and the words we use change. Some of us use slang, some abbreviations, and others articulate to the fullest. In my study of our Greys, their ability to use language has always fascinated me, especially since they can speak almost every language in the world and understand them. Let's place ourselves in the USA, Arizona,. a Grey really starts talking, about a year old, and if a parront whistles a lot, there is a possibility the Grey will whistle more than talk. A Grey is keen to all they hear in the house, the parronts, the TV, radio, or any other devices used in communication (i.e. Alexa, etc.). They also learn each way, the representative speaks. Example: Papa speaks in complete sentences. Grey Bird will respond to Papa in proper sentences. If Mama speaks in baby talk, then Grey Bird will learn to respond accordingly. The same think goes in more complicated situations, such as interaction with Alexa, which uses key phrases to communicate. This is really intelligent. One Grey is talking five different ways to five different people in the same household. Now, let me show you the true intelligence of a Grey.....Your Grey will develop his own personal language. He will start using abbreviations that he knows you will understand, such as "Wanna good nut" meaning a dry treat, or a certain click or sound, knowing it will get your attention. Here is an example using Joe: when he first came to us, he used to ask "Want good water" which meant he wanted water with ice cubes. Now, many years later, he uses the gurgling water sound when he wants water...Another example: when Joe first came, he would ask Jay "Are you okay?". Now, he just says "Papa?" Years ago, Joe used to say "Stop!" or "Shut up!" when something disturbed him....now he just makes a clapping sound when he is bothered by us talking at night, Salsa making too much noise, or the dog barking. When you have a minute, sit down and just listen to your household and listen to your Grey's responses to the stimuli...It is amazing how intelligent they are and how much verbal shorthand they develop over time. Love you all, Jayd😎
  6. Jayd

    How is Jayd???

    Thank you all for your concern....a lot in our life has changed...so we are adapting the best we can. there is a lot we cannot do that we wish we could. We miss you all greatly. Your concerns and prayers are so greatly appreciated. Maggie and Jayd P.S. Jay did a new post in the Grey Lounge....😉
  7. Jayd

    Fun with Greys

    Here is the address for the study....Rev. Jayd http://animaldiversity.org/accounts/Psittacus_erithacus/
  8. Jayd

    Hello and Question

    Welcome and thank you for becoming a part of the Grey Forum.....If I may, increase the full spectrum light to 14 hours. This will help increase the calcium absorption. Jayd
  9. Jayd


    GREAT NEWS! Howardine (kittykittykitty) is okay. She is not feeling her best but her computer went out, She contacted us through snail mail ans she will be back online when she gets a computer. Jayd and I personally want to thank everyone for their care, concern, and prayers. You truly are Greyt parronts! Maggie and Jayd
  10. Jayd


    We had a scare yesterday, a tiny storm went by and left Bullhead City BLACKED OUT... Jay Is on oxygen, without electricity his concentrator doesn't work, and on top of that, the cell towers went down, the electric company wouldn't answer their emergency phone lines. When the phones came back on, the police said there was a lot of damage to the city..... Jay's on 7 liters per hr of oxygen, he had 3 portable bottles of oxygen, the fire department had no oxygen and the hospital was packed... His oxygen supplier had no emergency number and at night it was 107 degrees and it was unspeakable in the daytime...Jay ran his bottles at 3 it per hr but this dropped his O2 to 88 or less, which is really bad because the minimum for his O2 is 91...17 hours passed and finally, he was delivered 3 portable bottles and in the next couple of hours after that, the power was restored...It appears he lost some eyesight and he's almost deaf, we won't know of any permanent damages until he has tests.done. How was your weekend?
  11. Jayd

    Aloe Vera (Plant)

    Remember, there are over 400 species of aloe with each plant providing unique health benefits.
  12. Jayd

    Accident at the house today

    FANTASTIC!! Thank you! Great kick in the side...😂
  13. Jayd


    No response today....we email her and ask whoever reads it to please reply to let us know how she is. Thanks everybody....
  14. Jayd


    We are a little worried about Howardine (kittykittykitty) ......for a long time, we have been in daily contact with her. Her health has not been the best and the last time we have heard from her was August 1st.....and the last time she posted on the forum was July 14th. She has been a regular member since June 25, 2008. . Can we send prayers her way? Oh Lord, Our God in Heaven, please bless her and watch over her. Amen, Rev. Jay and Maggie Any kudos belongs to Howardine
  15. Jayd

    I Am...