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    I am now the proud mom of Rene he is almost 3! We are working on building trust for one another ;)


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  1. Lost grey found in Fitchburg...thought of you (we spoke when I was taking ownership of my mother's bird a while back, I lived in Ashburnham @ the time). Animal control has him, I just gave them a temporary cage to house him. Just thought I would let you know, just in case!!

  2. When Rene is getting into trouble and he notices that I have started paying attention he looks right at me and says "ssshhhhh" lol but he will also make a sound close to wood hitting metal sound when he See's something he dislikes...
  3. I could feel the Zen just pouring off of Coco LoL send some my way!!!
  4. Thanks guys, I'm glad I have a place to vent, Im just sorry I have to keep bringing you guys on this rollercoaster..
  5. Just got off the phone, and the little one passed away alittle while ago, he stopped even trying to eat this morning, the vet said it was a bacterial infection, and we are waiting for the blood work to come back to def know, I am just devastated and feel horrible at the loss of such a new life. But at least it was comforting to know he slipped away in the loving hands of my cousin and really did know we were all pulling for him.
  6. The baby has no obvious signs and they did some swabs to check for infections, but none of the tests came back positive yet..
  7. My cousin called me earlier and told me he just got back from the vets, the baby has lost his feeding response and has lost a bunch of grams today, the have him on instant ounces every hour which he is only taking a few CC's of at a time, and they also gave him a shot of antibiotics and some type of med by syringe, now all that is left to do is pray....
  8. I just got a phone call from my cousin who has the baby and he said we are having some issues, the baby is squawking himself to the point of exhaustion, he is eating normally and pooping on a regular and the poops look normal, when I was there Monday he was eating a full 15cc syringe 3x day we were trying/hoping for 4 but wont take it..the baby will be 4 weeks this Sunday. My cousin has called a few friends who are breeders and put a call into the vet and hopefully he will call in the morning, The people that my cousin talked to suggested to turn down the heat in the incubator and turn up humidity so thats what he did. I'm not sure what the weight is I never thought to ask! sooo has anyone heard or have experienced something similar?? I'm just nervous and really can't stand to loose another baby
  9. Happy Hatchday Beau!!! And Judy tell Julie I said Hi and I miss seeing her posts
  10. Every bird will be different, I have a CAG and also have a quaker, whenever the birds are out together they ignore each other completely and I have never had a problem. Many people here have a few birds and will be able to give more advice than I can I have only had Rene since April and have had 0 issues. I am also getting ready to bring home a baby eclectus so in a couple months I will be having the same worries especially with 2 big parrots! Oh and congrats on the baby Buddha!!
  11. JJsHoney

    Baby Ekkie

    Do you keep Kura off of nuts just because of the fat content? I have been doing so much reading I'm starting to get myself confused! I have to start trying to modify my shopping weekly because Rene doesn't eat any of the fresh food I offer, so I have stopped trying.. well all but his oatmeal once a week with cinnamon sticks lol.. I also was told that his favorite food was sweet potato and he would eat it in any form but thats a no go with me... So while i am on the topic, does Kura or Sully eat sweet potatoes?? That seems to be a content in all of the reading that Ekkies LOVE sweet potatoes... I also have to start at some point renovating my bird room I have to move my birds upstairs into their own room now that I have another big cage on the way! Any Ekkie fav toy??
  12. JJsHoney

    Baby Ekkie

    Alright guys.. Its Name time!! This is the part I hate lol... please please please help!?!?!?
  13. Rene does a lot of falling, enough so I was worried about some type of health issue with him, but the vets and I have decided that he just plays really rough and gets distracted lol... I had towels down but he starting shredding those, so I now put a bunch of flattened cardboard boxes on the bottom above the towel and then newspaper and he has left it all alone since.. Oh and I don't have Rene's grate in the bottom I bought his cage second hand and they didn't have it and cannot find one to fit properly.. but at least he only poops in a few spots and those areas he doesn't walk in.
  14. JJsHoney

    Baby Ekkie

    Janet, the more I read on the ekkies the more I see most are just "chill" birds they enjoy their time alone and in the comfort of home, My cousins Ekkies who are this babies parents were very relaxed and preferred the comforts of their cages, the male especially was very quiet and docile. What are you feeding Sully? I have been reading a lot about their digestive tracks and how long they are and to watch vitamin A so they don't end up sick, but I haven't been able to reach a definitive answer on the amount of pellets..
  15. One day Isaac will be laughing.. Rene is a comedian and I dont know many greys that aren't.. Right now Rene is laughing his little red butt off tossing pellets all over the floor yelling at the dogs
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