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  1. A friend sliced a pool noodle to fit the top of her doors to prevent them closing on little fingers, I wonder if this is something you could put on the top of open cupboard doors for a landing place and your grey could chew on that perhaps. Also, Home Depot carries a vinyl flooring called Allure which could be fitted over the plywood to make cleanup a little easier and it has a really hard backing on it which might withstand attempts to chew it. It comes in 6 inch strips and is easy to handle.
  2. katana600

    Prayers Please...

    I've missed a lot online in the past year. I'm so sorry you have to bear witness to seeing the man you love decline. He is in good hands as you take care of him and his flock Maggie. Love and prayers to your family.
  3. katana600

    Gilbert is home

    Thank you Karen. It takes me a lot longer to do regular things and I tire easily but just as Gilbert's progress has been slow and is a game of two steps forward, one backward, onward and upward we trend! I love that you are a grandma of a 2 month old. This week I have been getting antsy waiting for our little one. We are living with our daughter in the Dallas area awaiting the new arrival. I've been here 7 weeks and expect to stay through August. I have to say... since my husband can work from the Dallas office and he is "home" two hours earlier than usual because of the time zone and the easier commute, this wouldn't be a bad place to hang out for a while. Miss Gilbert adapted well and is generally tolerated but has a love/hate relationship with my son-in-law. She has not brought out the heavy artillery yet, she will just make shrieking siren sounds and if he answers back, it is game on! Hahahaha.... He is a pretty smart fella and I have warned him not to start a game he can't win against a parrot because it will end with humiliation and being beat by a parrot.
  4. katana600

    The way that my parrot responses to me

    I've missed some of your earlier videos. He looks relaxed even though his vocalizations seem a little loud. Your low soothing voice and consistent behavior will be the key to helping him adapt to your affection. My companion Miss Gilbert came from a sketchy background with many new homes and I made a decision to meet her on her own terms. It is amazing how intelligent they are and it does take time. It has been seven years for us and while I long to have her think of me as her friend, I accept that she is not going to be a hand's on "buddy". I accept her terms and accept her "grey time" and it is worth the patience and time we have invested in each other.
  5. katana600

    Gilbert is home

    Little Miss Gilbert has been with us for seven years now. Things are going right along as usual with her. Once again we are traveling. We are in Texas patiently awaiting the birth of our second grandchild. She should make her grand entrance within the week. For a little bird who can not fly, she sure has a lot of miles under her feathered little tail. Today she totally shocked me, and here I thought I was a jaded cynic. LOL. I asked her to "come see me" and she held up her little foot and let me reach right into her cage to pick her up. The wonders continued when I had her on my hand at eye level and she leaned right over and gently touched my lip with her the upper curve of her beak. I did not expect this and since she has been gracious enough to let me kiss the top of her head after a scritch session, head massage, through the bars only, I was breathlessly still to allow her to reach out to me. I was fully aware she might choose to remove a chunk from my lip but was pleasantly surprised at her gentle touch. She has come a long way, yet still has far to go. Actually, she is right where she needs to be, I have learned great patience from Gil girl. Her timing is impeccable. She knows there is a baby coming, she whistles a tune that sounds like "rock a bye baby" or "lullaby and goodnight" and she makes the sound of an infant crying. Even though a great amount of time passes with no change, she will still come up with new and amazing things for me. My shoulder is doing well, I can "high-five" with the best of them and have 100% range of motion. My brain is about the same and I am still having occasional seizures and have been bruised but haven't had any injuries. It has been more than 8 1/2 months since I have driven. A small sense of defiance inside me is delighted that the last vehicle I operated was a little red motorcycle. Ha! And I will ride it again when the time is right. Gil and I are doing quite well in the scheme of things. She is a delightful little friend.
  6. katana600

    Gilbert is home

    Our 20 month old grandson is apparently Gilbert's number one nemesis. He was getting out of the bath and getting dressed on my bed when he pointed at the bird cage and said "The bird". Gil responded with "Shut up you idiot!"(That little piece of baggage has been long kept in storage... LOL) The baby gave her a little finger wagging hand gesture admonishment and said "No BIRD No!" I thought it was delightful. Miss Gilbert found no humor in it whatsoever. She grumbled for a half hour. My son-in-law has a great relationship with Gil. He can reach his hand into he cage and she will step up and let him carry her around the house. I have a fantasy of handing over the parrot along with the Ducati when the time comes for me to part with them. LOL Seriously though, my goal is for my grandson to become friends with Gilbert. The good news is I have had no seizures in weeks but I still fall. I have been relegated to staying inside and will get a treadmill with a tether so I can exercise a little at a time every day. My surgical repair of my AC joint went well, but now my ball and socket joint have an issue the doctor called a "frozen shoulder". I am in the "hot" phase of pain which will decrease ROM until the frozen stage and then a thaw. Each part of the process will take months. I am doing all my stretches every day and hope the duration is limited. The surgeon says six months minimum to two years is expected but with the shoulder trauma, I can expect to have surgery to unlock scar tissue and then start all over again with physical therapy. It just doesn't seem real and I am fighting it every inch of the way. I just seem to have hit a snowball rolling downhill for a short time and then I will be back on my feet. Gil is the recipient of my extra time being "fragile". She is much happier in my room where I am spending most of the day. She has had some feather barbering with changes and extra people in the house... I kind of feel the same. I am going to move her cage right up close to where I spend the most time and maybe she will start coming out of her cage for me again. She gets really interested in Java being out and she is very interested in my touch on her head, but still through the bars.
  7. katana600

    His New Obssession

    Wouldn't you just know he would be a stinker when you have someone else in the house? Actually it sounds like he has released some old baggage and is settling in just fine with you after all these years together. I love that he is becoming more confident although it is more challenging for you. On Murphchick's post I saw that you struggle with bipolar and I for one am so grateful for that 5 percent that keeps you going when things are dark. I will never forget the comfort of hearing your voice as you sang the words "just breathe" after I lost Juno. It may seem sometimes that you are alone, but the fact is you send ripples of encouragement and gentle spirit of goodness out and it makes a difference in the lives of others. I do understand about being alone, being in pain and its a hard road, with no easy answers. I would love for a new development to allow you to be carefree, full of the best life has to offer and with no pain. I have no doubt Dorian loves you just the way you are. I feel that way about my friends too.
  8. katana600

    Gilbert is home

    We have a master on the main, so we moved Gil's cage in there. She is quite annoyed by us watching television after her 8:30 bedtime. At least when the little one arrives in four days, she, Java and the dogs will have a safe haven with a door that locks. She only has a week to deal with different time schedules. Thanks for the tips and hints. I will try them. I really think the Keppra is giving me brain freeze. At least I am chill about anything that comes my way. Last week, I was having so much trouble at PT, my doctor ordered an MRI for a potential tear in the rotator cuff or the muscles she reattached to my collarbone. She also ordered a neck x-ray and wondered why one hasn't been done sooner. A little chunk of bone was pulled off a vertebra by a ligament. She said there is nothing they can do about it and it will eventually tether with scar tissue and may take months and months and will hurt until that time. So. I feel a little validated about complaining about my neck. She pointed out that my first cervical vertebra failed to do something prior to birth. I think she said failure to segment. She said that is associated with neurological defects so once I am back on my feet, I will check into it. Again I feel validated because I have mentioned to 7 different neurologists since 2002 that when I lift my arms and turn my head, or turn my head to the right for an extended period of time that is when I have seizures. They have each given me a wave of dismissal. It is just the position I was in for about six minutes waiting for a traffic light and for David to take a right turn when the first injury happened in July. In all this recovery and discovery, I have come to appreciate Miss Gilbert even more than ever. She has the funniest, crankiest disposition of anyone since the cartoon Maxine. When David works from home he has to go outside because she hears his voice and screams for help and says "Nooooo" and they are becoming more certain that it's me shouting rather than the parrot.
  9. katana600

    Gilbert is home

    Oh gosh, so much has happened and really... nothing at all. Since I couldn't be alone with our grandson for a trip we had promised so our kids could go on their first vacation, David flew to Houston, fetched the little beast and brought him to our house for ten days. I kid about him being a beast, he is adorable, but on his feet, into mischief and all boy. David O was just over eighteen months when he got here. He was a wild little beast. I moved Gil and Java to the stacked "breeder" style cage so Gilbert was out of reach of little fingers. David O ran from the kitchen up to the cage and smacked it so hard Gil fell off her perch. Then I heard a word our three year old neighbor called my husband when he was home last year and bothered our daily fun. I was in the dining room when I heard the commotion and then I heard Gilbert say "Butt HOLE!" We said nothing. The baby was surprised enough he didn't fuss with the cage again and hopefully he did not pick up Gilbert's language. I'm half way through recovery and in theory I should expect to be able to use my arm again next month. I have had a few setbacks, a couple of seizures and falls so I am proceeding slowly. I do all my physical therapy stretches and weight training and sometimes it takes me all day. I don't have the same brain power, I feel like I used to have 24 cylinders and now I have only one. Hubby says this is the optimal time for him to challenge me to a game of Scrabble but he is afraid I might win and he would be humiliated. I miss my mind a little. Hopefully we can reduce the seizure meds at the next visit. But all in all, things are looking up from last month. My family is gathering here at our house for Thanksgiving and my son in law has offered to do all the cooking. I trust him and it will be fun.
  10. katana600

    Rhea ..RIP

    I am so sorry to have missed getting to know Rhea while I was having my own wing clipped. I will catch up on my reading. It is a sad day to lose any of our friends, formerly feathered or otherwise.
  11. katana600

    His New Obssession

    Miss Gilbert is a tough study and has taken as long as Dorian to get settled, let go of some baggage and start making mischief with just a little more confidence. For Dorian on this issue I would go get elbow pads like the kids use for rollerblading. Or maybe even use an elastic bandage for sprained joints. Put that under your shirt and see if it protects your elbow and discourages his interest. I have more luck making Gil's objectives less fruitful rather than trying to redirect, distract or move her. She is a tough case. Dorian has really come around in his due time.
  12. katana600

    Gilbert is home

    All is well here. Gilbert and Java are relaxed again now that I am the one feeding them every morning again. Still seizure free for two weeks now. I'm getting upwards of 1500 steps a day now and stopped taking pain meds which keeps me behaving much better to avoid unnecessary discomfort. Oh yes... it is imperative to make sure David doesn't get away unscathed. LOL... I'm kidding. I do have a lot more hours in the day to do nothing but think.... kind of like Miss Gilbert. We did have a very funny moment with her over the weekend. Slowly I plotted to get showered and lovely even putting on lipstick and earrings. I assured my attentive husband it was for a photo shoot to reassure family. But....As long as I am looking presentable.. lets go out for an early dinner? Technically... the doctor did not say I had to stay in bed... immobilized leaves a little room for debate. So.... after I got a little overextended and David was helping me get back innthe house. As we entered the living room he suggested a restroom stop and I said, "No thanks, I just really need ýou to get me into bed." To which Miss Gilbert piped up "Ya ho!" in her inimitable and unprintable Cussin' Cajun style. Then she laughed uproariously. She hasn't used foul language in so long and was so spot on.... I indeed needed to stop in the restroom to avoid calamity. What an amazing mind she has, ýou just couldn't make this up. What a character. Her of course... not me.
  13. katana600

    Gilbert is home

    All is well here. Seizure free for six days. I can sit up for short periods of time. David heard me laughing about sitting on that bike in the garage and he moved it so I can't get to it! He has to go out of town next week so I may enlist help from a neighbor to stage photos to set his hair on edge the way he did mine when I went out there to discover his treachery. Bwahahaha! Okay.. I do have to admit I planned carefully for ten days to procure staple removers... a bright light... an ice pack and kind of trick him into removing the staples from the back of my head... maybe he isn't actually ahead of me so far that I need to get even. I was able to get up and feed Gilbert and Java and they calmed right down. It was no comfort at all to them to bring them in my room to visit. I imagine them thinking "Oh gawd, she is sleeping on the bottom of her cage... this is no good" But once they saw me come wash their dishes and feed them they are reassured. I got a weekly FitBit report saying "Friday was your best day, you got 35 steps!" Ha ha, very funny FitBit computers. It takes me two hours to shower and get dressed, but of course I have to leave off my FitBit for that. its really handy for sleep tracking and heart rate. It would be great if it could be programmed to detect seizure activity. Its a little disconcerting to become aware that the falls I have thought were balance or vision issues in the past three years were more likely seizure related. I had gotten so used to dismissing every odd thing as atypical migraine that it didn't even register as a reason to panic when the sky turned green and the grass looked black. Things like that are part of my seizure aura. I still get that but the medication stops the electrical "storm" from spreading and involving the rest of my brain. The medication makes my brain calm and my thoughts slower and more sequential and "normal". Its very relaxing actually.
  14. katana600

    Just checking in

    Your dedication to bring Sukei home and keep him in your family has been heartwarming. No matter how many difficulties he endures his attitude remains upbeat because he has you and knows he is in good company. Thanks for the update, it really lifts my spirits.
  15. katana600

    Gilbert is home

    All is well. My new red motorcycle barely has a few scuffs. I was so considerate as to be wearing protective gear and hang on tight to take a few scuffs myself. I actually do enjoy solitude when I don't feel frisky so I have a plan with my family to text before I get up. The local fire department is only a half mile away and they have a direct number to call if I am not back in my bed confirming with a text in fifteen minutes. Once a day I will go to the garage and fire up my machine when I have a "live spotter". So far I am tapering off seizures, they are 48 hours apart. I have a second post op appointment Monday morning when my guardian angel surgeon can get a look to see if the lasso technique with the hole she drilled in my collarbone is holding. She is a golden find and so articulate and fun. She said I am more complex than her usual patients, but we work well together. I have no doubt that I will be as good as new by February. Its just a different path than I expected to travel. I like challenges so while this is a bit off my makeover Weight Watcher/yoga and a personal trainer style, I have already lost 60 pounds and am near my personal best physical condition. That's a good starting point for this detour! We are moving parrot perches next to my bed so they can be reassured all is well. I'll tell them I got my wings clipped for an attitude adjustment.