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  1. katana600

    Gilbert is home

    I'm not sure if we are having an uptick or that so many of us are in the baby boomer group that is accounting for more cases, but not an overall percentage increase in our age group. Also, our testing is become more and more precise and catching this much sooner, so there are a lot of check marks in the plus column. New test results have been released to the medical community in June 2018. The horizon looks a little brighter. Its really a very individual diagnosis and has so many factors to consider. Making informed decisions is better now to avoid over-treating. I'm going to finish radiation therapy by Christmas, stay home for a quiet holiday with just my husband. We did get a treadmill and a safety harness to connect myself to a guide wire in the basement ceiling joists so I can exercise when I am home alone. That's a huge improvement. We are still awaiting the set up of the treadmill. Moderate activity and healthy nutrition will go a long way toward rising to the better end of the statistics. Funny how getting Gil was the beginning of developing better eating habits. I eat like a bird. 😉
  2. katana600

    Gilbert is home

    Thanks Karen. I have navigated through surgery, was recommended for chemotherapy but opted for an oncotype genomic test of the tumor cells which indicated it would not be a significant benefit and I am in a very low risk group for distant recurrence or metastasis. I started radiation therapy and opted for the double dose for half the time and will only have three weeks of it. Gil has been a real sweetheart. She knows I am quieter and slower but apparently absence makes the heart grow fonder... well, that and some turkey soup I cooked up and put in the freezer. She hears me get some and gets all excited. I didn't put any spices in it and its mainly veggies, beans, turkey broth and pasta. When I heat mine up, I get a little martini glass and a tiny spoon and feed her a little bowl of soup while mine is heating. It is the most excited I have ever seen her to eat, ever. I pretend its because she is happy to see me out of my room. I love her little self just as much as the day she came home. She still finds a way to surprise me daily and I still have great hopes that she will relax and get out of her cage to follow me around the house.
  3. katana600

    Gilbert is home

    Thanks for the welcome back. I think we just get into a rut where nothing seems to be changing in "grey time". It is in fact changing and Gil is thriving. She is trying new things albeit very very cautiously. She is starting to make yummy noises and acknowledging special treats. She kept her poker face for a LOT of years but is starting to show me some acceptance. As far as the breast cancer, my sister had it and other close family members. I was tuned in but annual tests were just "watching". I have been really tired and trying to sort that out for about three years. I went on Weight Watchers two years ago and was successful in losing about 70 pounds. I really thought that was going to increase my energy levels. I was walking upwards of five miles every day. I was stronger but not more energetic. When I felt a change in the monthly self exam, I made an appointment and they had me in for mammogram, sonogram, and core biopsy by the next day. I think the main thing I learned from my sister was to stick with annual exams because waiting is lethal. She found hers and talked herself out of exams for three years and was in stage IV at age 47 when she passed away. I had genetic testing and don't have any hereditary genetic mutations which would cause me to be predisposed to breast cancer even though we have a strong history in my family. It's just so important to have annual testing and to be vigilant. Yes... nag her, it helps. Catching it early changes everything.
  4. katana600

    Grey in the hospital

    This is heart wrenching. Ollie is strong and resilient. He is very intelligent and will adapt to his recovery. I am so sorry for all of you going through this with him. You have done a great job adapting his environment for his best recovery. He is a handsome boy and in good hands.
  5. katana600

    How to put grey in to box

    Just to add a thought here, we have a rehomed and reluctant Timneh African Grey and it seriously stresses her out to have nail trims. We have had great luck with a concrete perch from a breeder made with ground up seashells. It feels smooth to the touch and can be placed in her cage where it is not her night time top roost perch but she accesses it several times a day. We also have a newer type for travel that is smooth where it touches the pads of her talons and rough where her nails get the sharp tips worn down. The thing to remember here is to check her foot pads regularly to be sure she doesn't get pressure spots from these perches. We have had nail trims at the vet and it has been so much easier on her to keep the nails worn down naturally with a perch designed for the purpose. I definitely wouldn't agree to anesthesia for anything except an emergency.
  6. Since this is a first, it is tough to tell what the trigger may have been. A consult with your vet is the best recourse because they have dealt with it so much. We have a rehomed parrot. She came into our home with plucking issues and at the vet's suggestion we had good luck with the Bach Rescue Remedy, two drops in her fresh water daily. For a long time, any changes in her routine, any new objects in our home, any reminders of her idea of "abandonment", loud noises etc., she would go into a frenzy of feather plucking or barbering. It could be something as simple as your parrot being startled off his perch, playing rough or something and breaking a tail feather. Once it started he may not have been able to understand "what hurts" and he may have been trying to relieve his discomfort... which made it worse for him. So, yes a vet visit is your best bet to be sure there isn't a blood feather or underlying health issue involved.
  7. katana600

    Is this the best option for the bird?

    Continuity of care is important for Tico's well being. I remember feeling so inadequate for Miss Gilbert when she came to me nearly ten years ago. She had been passed from home to home and couldn't get relaxed and comfortable. She still prefers the security of her cage, but shows that she wants head scratches and she has warmed up particularly to my son-in-law and other friends and family members. What I had to do was to adjust my own expectations. She is never going to be the cuddly, affection sort in the way my red bellied parrot is with me. Java has bonded with me as a very young parrot and she loves to be cuddled and will share food with me and just be happy to be on my chest, kissing my face. It is endearing. However, she is not like that with anyone else. Grey time is a hard concept for us humans. It takes a lot of wondering if we are "enough" I have accepted that I will never be her "Jim". She still pines for him. The fact is, nobody will replace Tico's beloved, but you will be trusted, loved and rewarded in many unexpected ways. You are familiar with Tico and know what care he needs. You are privy to most of his memories and will be able to understand what he is telling you. For his well being, you can't measure it based on what you see as happiness from a human perspective. He is wise beyond belief and will know you love and care for him just the way he is.
  8. katana600

    Rescue Room has a New Moderator!

    It has been a long time since I have been able to focus on this forum. What hasn't changed is my devotion to Miss Gilbert. She is with me always, she travels more miles than my entire hometown of people have accumulated in their lifetime. There have been days that I wondered if I am "enough" for her. I know for sure that bringing her into my life was the right thing to do and I haven't regretted it even when it turned out to be a longer adjustment than I expected.
  9. katana600

    Need advice

    It is so hard to know how to help in these situations. When we brought Miss Gilbert into our home, she completely changed the dynamics. I love her dearly and she still finds a way to make me laugh with her brilliant sarcasm every day, but Java's life has never been the same. I would love to add to my own flock but am too well aware of my limitations. Still it is absolutely heartbreaking to know there are these precious souls out there in need of just the right home.
  10. katana600


    Thank goodness that was spam I was reading. I haven't been online in a while and thought my brain was scrambled because I could not make heads nor tails of that rambling. 😋 Thank you to everyone working on keeping this forum going. There is a lot of work behind the scenes and you all have busy lives too.
  11. katana600


    I'm just getting back online and trying to catch up. It's a terrible choice to have to make, having you by his side has to be of great comfort. Hoping they can help relieve his suffering and he will know we are all thinking and caring for you both.
  12. katana600

    Gilbert is home

    We are back on home turf. One of the things that reminded me to get back online and check in was to hear Miss Gilbert call out last night "Night night Gil girl." Life has changed and gotten real quiet here after a flurry of non stop activity. Still having seizures and unrelated but relevant, was diagnosed with early stage I breast cancer. I did have surgery about three weeks ago and still in testing I will definitely have radiation and likely have chemo first depending on a few more tests. No worries, it is not life threatening, a blip on the radar to make sure I remember what is important in life. David has been taking care of the parrots and his work has been exceptionally gracious to allow him time off as necessary. This weekend, I did all the prep work for grocery shopping, meal prepping, getting supplies for birds and dogs. It is the longest I have been away from the house since September. Gil kind of likes me home all the time. She expressed her great displeasure of change by biting David when he cleaned her cage. Then Java bit him too. He is a good sport about it, as my standard response is... if you can't read their clear parrot posture language you have to keep out of reach of the beak. Parrots have rules. If you just follow the rules, life is good for all of us. I'm still on probation as far as Gil is concerned. I have learned everything I need to know about endurance and grey time from her. I will try to catch up on my reading and time with everyone here as I get reacquainted with the forum.
  13. A friend sliced a pool noodle to fit the top of her doors to prevent them closing on little fingers, I wonder if this is something you could put on the top of open cupboard doors for a landing place and your grey could chew on that perhaps. Also, Home Depot carries a vinyl flooring called Allure which could be fitted over the plywood to make cleanup a little easier and it has a really hard backing on it which might withstand attempts to chew it. It comes in 6 inch strips and is easy to handle.
  14. katana600

    Prayers Please...

    I've missed a lot online in the past year. I'm so sorry you have to bear witness to seeing the man you love decline. He is in good hands as you take care of him and his flock Maggie. Love and prayers to your family.
  15. katana600

    Gilbert is home

    Thank you Karen. It takes me a lot longer to do regular things and I tire easily but just as Gilbert's progress has been slow and is a game of two steps forward, one backward, onward and upward we trend! I love that you are a grandma of a 2 month old. This week I have been getting antsy waiting for our little one. We are living with our daughter in the Dallas area awaiting the new arrival. I've been here 7 weeks and expect to stay through August. I have to say... since my husband can work from the Dallas office and he is "home" two hours earlier than usual because of the time zone and the easier commute, this wouldn't be a bad place to hang out for a while. Miss Gilbert adapted well and is generally tolerated but has a love/hate relationship with my son-in-law. She has not brought out the heavy artillery yet, she will just make shrieking siren sounds and if he answers back, it is game on! Hahahaha.... He is a pretty smart fella and I have warned him not to start a game he can't win against a parrot because it will end with humiliation and being beat by a parrot.