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  1. His New Obssession

    Wouldn't you just know he would be a stinker when you have someone else in the house? Actually it sounds like he has released some old baggage and is settling in just fine with you after all these years together. I love that he is becoming more confident although it is more challenging for you. On Murphchick's post I saw that you struggle with bipolar and I for one am so grateful for that 5 percent that keeps you going when things are dark. I will never forget the comfort of hearing your voice as you sang the words "just breathe" after I lost Juno. It may seem sometimes that you are alone, but the fact is you send ripples of encouragement and gentle spirit of goodness out and it makes a difference in the lives of others. I do understand about being alone, being in pain and its a hard road, with no easy answers. I would love for a new development to allow you to be carefree, full of the best life has to offer and with no pain. I have no doubt Dorian loves you just the way you are. I feel that way about my friends too.
  2. Gilbert is home

    We have a master on the main, so we moved Gil's cage in there. She is quite annoyed by us watching television after her 8:30 bedtime. At least when the little one arrives in four days, she, Java and the dogs will have a safe haven with a door that locks. She only has a week to deal with different time schedules. Thanks for the tips and hints. I will try them. I really think the Keppra is giving me brain freeze. At least I am chill about anything that comes my way. Last week, I was having so much trouble at PT, my doctor ordered an MRI for a potential tear in the rotator cuff or the muscles she reattached to my collarbone. She also ordered a neck x-ray and wondered why one hasn't been done sooner. A little chunk of bone was pulled off a vertebra by a ligament. She said there is nothing they can do about it and it will eventually tether with scar tissue and may take months and months and will hurt until that time. So. I feel a little validated about complaining about my neck. She pointed out that my first cervical vertebra failed to do something prior to birth. I think she said failure to segment. She said that is associated with neurological defects so once I am back on my feet, I will check into it. Again I feel validated because I have mentioned to 7 different neurologists since 2002 that when I lift my arms and turn my head, or turn my head to the right for an extended period of time that is when I have seizures. They have each given me a wave of dismissal. It is just the position I was in for about six minutes waiting for a traffic light and for David to take a right turn when the first injury happened in July. In all this recovery and discovery, I have come to appreciate Miss Gilbert even more than ever. She has the funniest, crankiest disposition of anyone since the cartoon Maxine. When David works from home he has to go outside because she hears his voice and screams for help and says "Nooooo" and they are becoming more certain that it's me shouting rather than the parrot.
  3. Gilbert is home

    Oh gosh, so much has happened and really... nothing at all. Since I couldn't be alone with our grandson for a trip we had promised so our kids could go on their first vacation, David flew to Houston, fetched the little beast and brought him to our house for ten days. I kid about him being a beast, he is adorable, but on his feet, into mischief and all boy. David O was just over eighteen months when he got here. He was a wild little beast. I moved Gil and Java to the stacked "breeder" style cage so Gilbert was out of reach of little fingers. David O ran from the kitchen up to the cage and smacked it so hard Gil fell off her perch. Then I heard a word our three year old neighbor called my husband when he was home last year and bothered our daily fun. I was in the dining room when I heard the commotion and then I heard Gilbert say "Butt HOLE!" We said nothing. The baby was surprised enough he didn't fuss with the cage again and hopefully he did not pick up Gilbert's language. I'm half way through recovery and in theory I should expect to be able to use my arm again next month. I have had a few setbacks, a couple of seizures and falls so I am proceeding slowly. I do all my physical therapy stretches and weight training and sometimes it takes me all day. I don't have the same brain power, I feel like I used to have 24 cylinders and now I have only one. Hubby says this is the optimal time for him to challenge me to a game of Scrabble but he is afraid I might win and he would be humiliated. I miss my mind a little. Hopefully we can reduce the seizure meds at the next visit. But all in all, things are looking up from last month. My family is gathering here at our house for Thanksgiving and my son in law has offered to do all the cooking. I trust him and it will be fun.
  4. Rhea ..RIP

    I am so sorry to have missed getting to know Rhea while I was having my own wing clipped. I will catch up on my reading. It is a sad day to lose any of our friends, formerly feathered or otherwise.
  5. His New Obssession

    Miss Gilbert is a tough study and has taken as long as Dorian to get settled, let go of some baggage and start making mischief with just a little more confidence. For Dorian on this issue I would go get elbow pads like the kids use for rollerblading. Or maybe even use an elastic bandage for sprained joints. Put that under your shirt and see if it protects your elbow and discourages his interest. I have more luck making Gil's objectives less fruitful rather than trying to redirect, distract or move her. She is a tough case. Dorian has really come around in his due time.
  6. Thanks for bringing Sako and letting us get to know you. Great introduction.

  7. Welcome home! Your reunion with Maggie is going to be a delicate balance and a joy to discover all over again.

  8. Thank you so much. Right now it seems to ease less than a very little at a time, but it has only been a few months.They say time heals all wounds. I appreciate your kind words of encouragement!

  9. Your posts are positive and have great advice. Brutus is a lucky guy and a great helper in the kitchen too. Thanks for being part of our forum.

  10. Your kindness and intuitive posts are a pleasure to read. You are an asset to the forum community. So sorry for you to lose Marden, nothing will be the same but you will find a loving tribute to him to honor the joy he brought to your life and it will ease your grief a little at a time.

  11. Awe....thank you for this wonderful comment. He has brought so much to my life and he is quite equal to any other family member. Inside each one of these guys (all life for that mater) is a whole life with emotions and all the stimulation of life. I always think, it could be me inside that bird....how would I want it? I love Isaac a ton and hope that among the human species more people realize the miracle of all life and respect it. Thanks for your love of these wonderful grey feathered friends.

  12. Your life with Isaac embodies all the best qualities of a life shared with a treasured companion.

  13. You are a great addition to our forum. Inara is leading a charmed life and you make a good family. Thanks for joining us and contributing to making our forum a friendly place to learn more about our exquisite companions.

  14. Just wanted to drop in to say how much I appreciate your kind and thoughtful posts. Miss Gilda definitely found her fairy godmother in you.

  15. You and Cosmos are a welcome addition to the grey forum, I love reading about your experiences.