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  1. Oh Reggie, how I feel for you. Your post keeps bringing fresh tears to my eyes, it has all morning. I logged in today hoping for news of Murphy's return but instead see this and its just brought a giant ache to my heart. You move on, but that hole is still there. I didn't actually lose Yoshi, just had to find her a better home, but at least I know she is loved. I really can't imagine how hard it must be for you and I know you love Murphy. I still really hope you find him somehow... You definitely miss them. There are so many times when I miss having my feathered friend on my shoulder or knee and scratching her head, getting rid of any itchy new pinfeathers. I miss having her fly to my hand, I miss her mischievousness and even cleaning up poop from random spots in the house. It's a difficult thing though when you are married and your spouse doesn't want to be inconvenienced by a noisy bird and just doesn't have the love for birds that you do
  2. AWW Reggie I wish you the best of luck finding your baby
  3. Just a note to say hello from Afghanistan, currently deployed and browsing the Grey Forums and realising just how much I've missed the world of Greys. I hope you and your babies are all doing well. I think my hubby is gonna have to let me get another bird someday when I'm older and more settled, as I don't think I can stand to live forever without one!
  4. Wow I LOVE all the toys and fun things in there! I'm so glad you gave Yoshi such a loving home and that she can continue her spoilt, happy life Looks like she has a lot to do and plenty of other goofy birds to watch Thanks for the video, it really is nice to see her doing well. I miss her so much but I know that you have totally given her a better home.
  5. Thanks for the update I'm so glad things are working out. Yoshi sure does love her ability to fly around. One thing though, if you read through some of my older posts, Yoshi WAS clipped as a baby and after her first few flights. Very clumsy her first year. It took a long time for those flights to start growing back and if you check her wings she should have two or three clipped feathers still? Unless those have now fallen out? She was a crazy flier at first but quickly learn't control and now flies pretty great. That was a long process though I would really like to see some pictures!
  6. Thanks for the update It's great she seems to be having a fun time there and eating well and everything I hope the appointment went well and Yoshi is in good health so she can become a proper member of the flock Very interested in hearing how the introduction and stuff goes!
  7. I do miss Yoshi very much, but I know it has already improved my husband and my relationship so far. He is happy for the quieter household. I don't miss the yelling, of course, but I do miss the scratches and 'Peek-A-Boos' and showers together and just her presence in my life. It makes me cry thinking of how much I miss her. Maybe someday I'll volunteer at a rescue place taking care of birds or something. Even if having them in my home isn't going to work out in the relationship I'm in, I still love birds and want to do something with them. I don't know, I'm pretty much reassessing what is important to me and what I want from life. I love reading Robin's updates, I read them over and over. I'm glad the trip home was safe and that Yoshi did well. I'm excited to hear how the introduction Thursday goes too! I'm glad she is being friendly with everyone, I hope it isn't just because of the honeymoon stage and she does grow attached to your family, or at least some of your family. It's good she is willing to get head scratches from even new people to her, she sure does like a good scratch. I'm happy so is being well taken care of, I'm grateful she is in Robin's hands even though I really miss her a lot. Looking forward to more updates! Sorry guys we didn't take any pictures together when she was down, it all went by so fast. But I'm sure Robin will post some pictures of Yoshi soon in her new home
  8. Sounds like you are all set and ready! I've still got to give Yoshi's cage a good clean and make sure all her stuff is together. I sure will miss her. Mike is very excited about Friday of course. I'm excited but also a little sad. I'll miss her a lot. It does make me happy to hear of all the preparations Robin is making though. It'll be nice eating dinner together Friday night. Probably going to pick Pizza Gallery for dinner. It's a nice local restaurante here, very friendly service and lots of crazy pizzas, as well as an amazing Antipasto Salad. I hope Yoshi is relaxed, she always seems to sense when something is up and gets a bit wary. I know she will be okay in the car and everything though. Yoshi needs to be vet checked, hasn't been in a year. Luckily she has never had any issues that required going to the vet during the past year, and seems to be in good health. She only has two clipped feathers left, her flight feathers are so lovely She has plenty of food for the transition until she gets used to whatever Robin feeds her. She loves food and has always been pretty good about switching. She was raised on Zupreme and seed, and I switched her to Roudybush and seed last year. Then she eats pretty much whatever we eat. I bet Yoshi is going to love mingling with the flock Hopefully she doesn't feel intimidated by all those other birds! She has been around another grey in a pet shop and seemed quite interested in being friends and she has been in her cage around other birds and squawks and chatters away to them. I'm guessing she will be nervous at first and keep to herself a bit but you never know, after the quarantine and hearing the other birds she might be excited to join the fun!
  9. It's really cool that even Paul is excited and doing all that to accommodate Yoshi LOL about the bannister. Yeah Yoshi is a goofball. I'm sure she will find something to dance on Bet she would love that rope door thing you have after she got over being scared of it lol. I also have a Yoshi shirt I believe its the right decision too, I couldn't be happier about this, having someone from the Grey Forums take Yoshi that I know has some of the same values and love for birds is great, and I look forward to updates on how she is doing with you guys Yoshi actually learnt a new word as of yesterday She says 'No' in my husband's voice, drawn out, like 'Nnnnnnno!' which is what my husband says to her when she is getting into trouble slowly inching toward something she isn't supposed to. She used to go for the blinds in our old house all the time and Mike would say 'Nnnnnno!' and she would turn around and go back to her cage until he wasn't looking again
  10. Yoshi is usually pretty interested in my computer screen and the noises coming from it. She likes to edge down my arm and beak the screen or the mouse, probably wondering what I'm doing with it. After a minute she realizes it's not a fun bird toy and climbs back on my shoulder
  11. Congrats with the good progress It shows they just need time and love and a chance to work at their own paces
  12. So it looks like it's final, Robin (rbpittman) will be comming down to take Yoshi to her loving forever home soon. I'm SO so happy someone I trust from the GreyForums will have Yoshi, and that I can still get updates and stuff on her. I know Robin is very excited and I really like her views on birds and it's obvious she is a good parront and will take good care of Yoshi. It's almost too good to be true I was worried that the new owner wouldn't want her out of the cage as much, would want her wings clipped, that she wouldn't get all the yummy foods she loves. Looks like I don't need to worry as all of Robin's birds are flighted, have lots of out-of-cage time, and get lots of good food. I'm really excited for Yoshi. This is what I wanted for her. I will definatly miss her. I've got a week and a half to get everything together for her and to fill Robin with a ton of information about her likes and dislikes. It is going to be a bit of a drive for Yoshi but she has always been totally good in the car, used to riding since she was little, so I'm not worried about that. I really do feel good about this and comforted in the fact that I know Robin loves her 'babies'
  13. Thanks guys so much for the support. I live in Central Florida, near Patrick AFB.
  14. So this is going to be a difficult post to do. I've honestly not had the heart to be on the GreyForums much in the last two months. Things just haven't been good here. For those that know me, they know that I love my African Grey Timneh very much. Yoshi means the world to me and I want the best for her always. I'm also married, and I want the best for my husband too. Most know of the issues I've had with Yoshi yelling and constant attention seeking. She doesn't like my husband, just me. She can be the cutest, most fun, exciting, friendly, and lovable bird around if she is in the middle of the action, getting attention from me and from guests, etc etc. Yet a few minutes alone, and she feels abandoned and yells and screams and has picked up a lot of weird noises. She hates being alone. She wants to be out all day with the family. Mike is tired of trying, completly fed up with Yoshi's noise. He honestly feels like its him or the bird that needs to leave. It's a tense, frustrating, torturing situation. I have come to terms with the fact that she needs a new home with a caring family that have bird experience and that can pay a lot of attention to her. She really demands it. The problem is finding someone. I just want her to be happy. I'm going to feel horrible forever if I can't find someone who will care for her properly. It's so hard... I've had her on Craigslist pretty cheap, I've listened to tons of people's stories and ideas of what they want to do with Yoshi and Yoshi has even met about 5 people. But most people on Craigslist just want a cheap deal, or don't know a thing about birds, or aren't willing to meet up a few times and get to know each other before discussing rehoming Yoshi. I've actually also had several people reply to me saying this is so sad, they can see how much I love the bird and wish I could keep her. They can see how much it hurts to get rid of her and how important it is to me that she is taken care of and has lots of out of cage time and showers and that her wings aren't clipped again and that she eats well... but you know life sucks sometimes and with the problems going on in our house if I really just think about Yoshi, its in her best interest to be with someone else. I'll miss the hell out of her, and want pictures and updates, but I'll be satisfied if I know she is in good hands. I was asking $800 for her, the huge cage, the stands, toys, harness, and everything else that is hers in our house. Pretty good considering we have spent about $2000 on her. But she needs to be worked with. Basically she just needs an overload of attention, a lively (but not hectic) household, and a lot of love. She talks a lot, nothing bad thank goodness. She has been picking up a lot of squeaks and whistles lately, and has started saying things in both my voice and my husband's deeper voice. In November Yoshi went to this one really nice lady for 2 weeks who wanted to pay me monthly because she said she didn't have much money at the time. I said that was fine. The money isn't the important part. We had been calling each other and texting each over and she sounded like such a nice, genuine lady, I really hoped she would be the one. She worked from home and had a little girl who was also super excited about Yoshi. It broke my heart to see Yoshi go, I was sure this was the end. I was a bit of a mess for a couple days, and my husband got frustrated because he couldn't make me feel better. He even said for me to get her back then if it was going to be that bad for me. But I held out, just said it was going to take a while to get over that loss. I was in constant contact with the lady. At first apparently Yoshi was quiet and spooked easily but by the end of the two weeks she was fitting in, talking, barking like their dog, having a good time. She was sharing apples with the lady's daughter and the lady was impressed at how socialized Yoshi seemed after getting over the initial fear of the house. She said Yoshi was noisy but that the noise fit in over there and was fine. Yet then she calls me to say Yoshi's food ran out (the food I brought over) and she couldn't afford more. Couldn't afford $25 for some food? Long story short she was a nice lady but was in financial problems and should never have tried to adopt another pet. I brought food over and she said she would pay me the next week. But the end of the week came and she didn't have the money. She actually told me she was worried that she would lose the apartment because she was behind on payments. This all scared me very much, so 3 weeks there and we went to collect Yoshi and bring her home. Not at all how I wanted that to go. She was fitting in there and then I had to take her back because the lady had no money for her and wouldn't have money for a long time. Having her home again was bittersweet. I honestly was so happy to see her again and that she still let me love on her. She gained some weight because they fed her a lot of junk food over there but a month later she is back to normal. Of course things at our house are problematic again. Mike wants her gone ASAP. I'm trying to find someone... It's stressful. We moved off base to an apartment in Dec and still have some unpacking to do. We leave late Feb for two weeks to spend with family as in June I deploy. I soooo wanted to find Yoshi a good home by now. I really need to find someone. I'm not sure about payments now after what happened with the lady. Also, I'm sure now to ask about financial situation and whether adopting an animal is a good idea for the individual at the time. I guess I'll just be highly stressed out until I can find a happy resolution for this. If any of you live anywhere near Florida and feel like you could help please let me know. Yoshi is such a sweet bird and really deserves a stable, happy household. I apologize for abandoning the GreyForums for the last while, I've just had a heavy heart and haven't wanted to participate really. I need help though. I don't know whether to repost Yoshi on Craigslist again or not.
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