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  1. love what they are doing. thanks for posting! On a side note... the grey growl sounds the same over here as it did over there! Who would have thought. (lol)
  2. is the tree right next to her? I do know if I put the tree right next to Jasper he would flip out.
  3. Jingles


    So. Dog went outside, we smelled skunk. Thought oh wow, that's pretty strong, we should let the dog in. Let the dog in. We both are thinking, wow, that is really strong. Rocky (dog) starts rubbing his nose on the carpet. We both jump up because we realize we think he got sprayed. Got up, smelled him and oh yes, the skunk got his chest and nose. So we shoved him into the garage while we tried to figure out what to do. Cleaned the carpet (same room jasper is in) with vinegar. I think the carpet is clean. I am also going to pour maybe the whole box of baking soda on the area he rubbed his nose on too. (our house just plain reeks of skunk...so hopefully the carpet is clean now). The dog needs a few more baths. yup, maybe 10 more.... Is this skunk smell being so powerful ok for Jasper? I'm just a bit worried about him... It's so strong. Smells like a pound of burned garlic, tire burn, and hot eraser shoved up your nose and into your throat. Where of course, even not at home, i can still smell it! I could only imagine poor Jasper! He seems ok. Was telling Rocky to 'get in your box' and 'Rocky box!' a lot though...
  4. Jingles

    I Remember Game

    Spring chicken... I remember when there were no CD's, but only tapes!
  5. the look on cocoa and the little boys face when she first landed on him are priceless!!!
  6. awesome pics. i love the first one of the grey... he just looks what, 'did i say you could take a picture of me?"
  7. he is adorable. thanks for sharing! I put jasper in the cage at night... He he got spooked and flew off, he might fly into something.... and it's for my piece of mind about poo too! The living room is dark, but the outside light is on and it provides a little light. I would leave a night light on (in the wild, they do have the moon) just so he can see to get around if he needs too.
  8. Jingles

    Out of Electricity

    thanks for the update. Hopefully they will get the power on before that!
  9. Jingles

    Out of Electricity

    my goodness. i hope you get power back soon. Thinking of you!
  10. Has anyone seen this? I watched the previews and I am horrified. I really do NOT think i could watch the whole movie. MUST we treat the animals this way? What was your take on it and if you've seen it, was the whole movie just like the previews?
  11. is it all the time? like he just wakes up to eat and drink and then goes right back to sleep. Or is it plays for a while, sleeps a bit, eats, drinks, plays, sleeps? Give us his pattern...
  12. Jasper constantly says my daughter Summer's name... And he is constantly telling our dog, to 'get in your box'. So one day he goes, Summer, get in your box!' Stopped talking and then goes, 'WHAT?' It was hilarious... like he was asking himself what he had just said!!!
  13. sounds so sweet!!!! I don't have a zon...
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