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  1. Soon to be new owner

    Lovely bird, do look into bird proofing your home. No nonstick cookware, not pots of hot liquid without lids, no candle burning and don't spray household products in her area. Move slowly talk to her often, sing and enjoy the new world she will slowly open the door to for you.
  2. Brutus is acting weird

    We all need a little show of empathy from time to time (:> better than the alternative bite on the cheek to wake us up.
  3. This is pica

    Yes please-pics!!
  4. Grey - Falling Issue

    Scary and they can hurt themselves falling so do get her to the Vet for some simple bloodwork, you are right to ask questions. Good job!
  5. Fingers!!!!!

    Harry my Umbie Too who now lives elsewhere enjoyed a spoon as well. After eating it could be used on the cage bars to make "music".
  6. Prayers Please...

    Hang in there will be thinking of you both all weekend. Sending love and support.
  7. Dorian's New Toy

    Pookie demolishes cardboard boxes in a day. Love what you built for him!
  8. Urgent notice regarding food poisoning

    Turns out the three implicated foods were all tested to be safe and untainted so I suspect maybe something in the home was at fault. Ingesting bad foods does not kill so quickly it takes hours or weeks in some cases not minutes it is still a very tragic loss remaining unexplained. Hope they did a necropsy.
  9. GreycieMae's calming yoga

    Fun pic you had greyt timing.
  10. Dehydrated Food

    You can do the same thing in an oven on very low temp overnight, it works well.
  11. I want to apologize

    sorry you lost him but rejoice in the memories.
  12. Prayers Please...

    Sending prayer and positive thoughts, hugs for you both.
  13. Just want to say, 'hi'!

    How wonderful you have returned, Dexter will keep you on your toes exciting times ahead. Lovely flock!!
  14. Dehydrated Food

    Make our own here, just wash and dry veggies or fruit, slice thin and lay on dehydrator sheets close dehydrator and turn on set timer if yours has one. Juicy items will take longer than the not juicy types. Experiment, once dry and in an airtight container or bag they keep well on the shelf or refrigerated. You can serve as is or mix with nuts, cook with grains or pasta adding near the end of cook time put on lid and allow to rest and cool some what before you serve. Can also be crumbled into scrambled eggs or birdy bread.
  15. Home plans

    Oh dear just realized you may have overlooked the need for toy /perch storage and food storage which may involve a walk in cooler.