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  1. Greywings

    How is Jayd???

    Good to see you post again, sending love and e hugs.
  2. Greywings

    Here's to the Greenies...

    We inherited Savanna a Yellow Cheek Amazon and she is a very kind and sweet bird. When she steps up she runs up your arm to shoulder level and is content to sit there shewing on your shirt. Loves skritches and ruffles . She has angel wings from a nutritional issue as a baby. The easiest going bird in the house.
  3. Greywings

    How is Jayd???

    Absolutely will do.
  4. Greywings

    How is Jayd???

    Hope for the best.
  5. Greywings

    Black Balls Attached to Down Feathers

    It may be dried blood from old damage to the growing tip of the feather before it is quite ready to have the sheath removed.
  6. Greywings

    So many feathers!

    All mine are in a vase as well. I have seen them mounted and framed to make wall art.
  7. Greywings

    Today we welcomed home Fynn!

    Your Grey flock and the chickens are in good hands. Hopefully you can deter that Bobcat around here the Coyotes are more of an issue.
  8. Greywings

    Safe varnish for a playstand

    I would not take a chance on any chemical finish on the stand it would be awful to find out too late that is was not safe when your bird becomes ill or worse. So what if the woods are not uniform it is a study in color and surface designs. if you cannot live with that then how will you feel about your bird taking chips and chunks out of the various woods? You can wrap areas with vet wrap. jute rope. cotton rope or hemp. Hang toys and treats as well. It is meant to be an entertainment center for birds right? When you live with parrots it can be difficult to have anything stay "nice".
  9. Greywings

    Today we welcomed home Fynn!

    Those big feet give him a greyt understanding. Sorry had to do that, he is beautiful. Good job getting him used to the veggies.
  10. Greywings

    Bringing 5yr old CAG home

    Welcome and congrats on finding out about life in the Grey world.
  11. Greywings


  12. Greywings

    Aloe Vera (Plant)

    Many of us buy the Aloe juice it is inexpensive and I fill our spray bottle with it for soothing birdy showers. I also have the plants outside and cut some off to treat kitchen burns as needed.
  13. Greywings

    We could be rescuing a grey today

    Getting better every day.
  14. Greywings

    Need a new cage

    Keep in mind they really need more horizontal space than vertical to be able to fully open those wings. Mouse over to Zoom - Click to enlarge
  15. Greywings

    new owner with lots of questions

    First week jitters she can and will learn you are not a monster just go slowly and low key with your interactions. Other animals would hunt and eat Greys so they have learned to move away fast and remain in a hyper vigilant state. Time and using a relaxed approach to all your interactions will help more than anything else.