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  1. Greywings

    Joey Tries to Pull a "Houdini"....

    That can become an escalating challenge. Hubby and our U2 had a back and forth for about a year before hubby mostly won.
  2. Thank you so much 💖
  3. Greywings

    Prayers Please...

    Miserable bureaucracy for certain, so sorry you are having to fight so hard just trying to get the help required. Golad you are both so tough and mostly positive thinking people it does help. Hugs to you both and positive thoughts headed your way.
  4. Greywings

    Extreme Violent Senegal Parrot

    Senegals seem to be such great birds and flock well usually except at the hormonal times of year when they have been known to kill each other. We have some at the Sanctuary and we have to monitor them as all can be well for months then they single out a bird in the flock to gang up on I don't understand what triggers this behavior but your bird sounds like she has taken this to an extreme level. I wonder if she may have a hormonal malfunction? or if indeed she is one of those odd inexplicable killers? Total separation sounds like the best choice for the rest of your flock. Chamomile tea helps soothe an overactive or stresse3d bird but I have no idea how would affect her vicious cycle. Perhaps the Vet can recommend something like the Haloperidol.
  5. Greywings

    Simple smiles...

    All true and wonderful! I saw No shame on those birds faces🙉
  6. Beautiful Jay and Maggie Thank you! Can i share this please?
  7. Greywings

    Outdoor aviary is in progress!

    Dexter is lovely so sorry your neighbor has such a difficult time with his sounds and giving you her negativity. Your new Bird palace is grand and my flock now want to move to your house. Sigh🙄
  8. Greywings

    Need tips and tricks!

    A loss a sad one, she was lovely.
  9. Greywings

    The way that my parrot responses to me

    In our home all the birds come from other backgrounds, some very good and some traumatic. They each adapt to their new situations in their own way taking what ever time is needed to learn a new households rythms, sounds and sounds. He looks more settled now and is observing quietly I think he will be more comfortable as more time passes. With a Grey never say never.
  10. Tough times certainly however we are so fortunate you are still helping people understand their feathered firends.

  11. Greywings

    GIT "R" DONE

    Ehugs for the sad days and cheers for the good ones, hope to see more of you soon it will gladden my heart as well.
  12. Greywings

    Weird situation

    About the time you think they will never budge they surprise you again.
  13. Greywings

    New CAG owner in Minneapolis

    Beautiful bird!! Welcome hope you feel at home here with us.
  14. Greywings

    Recipe Assessment

    Garlic is not a safe food but the ginger is fine raw or cooked. Have you considered sprouting ? Good for you both.
  15. Greywings

    Re-homed female CAG.

    She will teach you Grey time (patience). You can sing, read books or poetry to her just stop and have a little talk whenever you pass her cage.