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  1. Greywings


    Pain relief and comfort. you are both loved with respect and admired. Holding your hands through this electric media and sending gentle hugs.
  2. Greywings

    Gilbert is home

    Just keep on keeping on and follow Gil girls lead on patience. Always good to read one of your updates. Cancer is no fun neither is treatment but we are winning that battle more often now and your attitude is a winning one!🦋
  3. Greywings

    Hi new member

    Beautiful!! Happy you found us.🦋
  4. Greywings

    Grey ingested dime size amount of marijuana

    Hoping he is back to normal and you have a more secure storage place now.
  5. Will do! Always tough to break a bone.
  6. Greywings

    Strange Posture...And Very Concened.

    Not being a Vet it does sound like a vitamin D deficiency. We have a Congo Grey that arrived having balance and seizure issues, she was low on both Calcium and Vitamin D. No seizures any more and now she only falls occasionally when playing too hard with her toys.
  7. Greywings

    Advice Needed

    First welcome aboard. Now tell us how this bird came to your house hold and how long he has been with you. Do you know the birds age? It sounds a bit like this bird needs a slower approach and more time to relax and observe the household. That bite may be due to over-stimulation or it may be a way of letting you know he or she is not ready to be touched right then they don't have many ways to let us know. Is this bird in a room where it is included in any activities? They are social and would be a flock member in the wild, now you are his flock so needs to join in even if is just watching the goings on. Talk to him often, sing to him if you like he won't be a critic. Tell him what you intend to do -change the water, vacuum the floor chop veggies for him it helps develop a relationship. These birds are a prey animal rather than a predator so they can be defensive especially when we move rapidly or from above them. Hop0e this gives you a begining to work from. Some of our other members will add to this advice.
  8. Greywings

    How is Jayd???

    Good to see you post again, sending love and e hugs.
  9. Greywings

    Here's to the Greenies...

    We inherited Savanna a Yellow Cheek Amazon and she is a very kind and sweet bird. When she steps up she runs up your arm to shoulder level and is content to sit there shewing on your shirt. Loves skritches and ruffles . She has angel wings from a nutritional issue as a baby. The easiest going bird in the house.
  10. Greywings

    How is Jayd???

    Absolutely will do.
  11. Greywings

    How is Jayd???

    Hope for the best.
  12. Greywings

    Black Balls Attached to Down Feathers

    It may be dried blood from old damage to the growing tip of the feather before it is quite ready to have the sheath removed.
  13. Greywings

    So many feathers!

    All mine are in a vase as well. I have seen them mounted and framed to make wall art.
  14. Greywings

    Today we welcomed home Fynn!

    Your Grey flock and the chickens are in good hands. Hopefully you can deter that Bobcat around here the Coyotes are more of an issue.
  15. Greywings

    Safe varnish for a playstand

    I would not take a chance on any chemical finish on the stand it would be awful to find out too late that is was not safe when your bird becomes ill or worse. So what if the woods are not uniform it is a study in color and surface designs. if you cannot live with that then how will you feel about your bird taking chips and chunks out of the various woods? You can wrap areas with vet wrap. jute rope. cotton rope or hemp. Hang toys and treats as well. It is meant to be an entertainment center for birds right? When you live with parrots it can be difficult to have anything stay "nice".