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  1. Any 'Outlander' fans here?

    I found it on amazon starz,, bingeing ahead.
  2. HeHeHeHe!

  3. Gilbert is home

    Turmeric root is an excellent pain killer for a painful tooth, just apply a little bit to the tooth. May help if this ever happens again.
  4. 2nd From the past

    Tough times with a brighter path ahead of him then,
  5. Murphy Flock, 9 and counting.

    Frito is so overcome with love, your niece and Tamale are beautiful!!
  6. Funny & True!

    I am certain that was a set up and Korra is innocent, look at that face. "Who me? not!"
  7. GreycieMae's Sunroom-Aviary

    If the one near the wall is a Rose that is a safe plant not certain if the other is Pride of Barbados the seeds are toxic a form of hydrocyanic acid and the pods containing the seeds are heavy in tannins.
  8. This will warm you....

    It seems he is still watching over you all, glad you have a go between.
  9. No WAY!!!

    A true food critic, don't allow him to watch Gordon Ramsey he may pick up some very critical commentary.
  10. I know you e a wonderful mod.
  11. Murphy Flock, 9 and counting.

    Crushing loss it is a shame she isn't able to see how valued she was to her friends as well as family. Hugs all around.
  12. GreycieMae's Sunroom-Aviary

    Wonder if the plants will need to be a low light variety? Looking very nice so far!!
  13. Vada

    Pretty girl, looks playful.
  14. Gilbert is home

    Ginger should also be helpful.
  15. So good to see you back Jilly! From the other Jill.