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  1. Greywings

    Unusual behaviour

  2. Greywings

    We could be rescuing a grey today

    Please keep his progress updated for us all, it is a beautiful thing.
  3. Greywings

    Bird Mites From Doves and Outdoor Aviary

    Common sense answer, smart person. Roof works as well if you use plastic make certain your greys cannot chew on it.
  4. Greywings

    I Am...

    So very true ❤️
  5. Greywings

    Stinky poop and Diarrhea

    Birds have very little reserve strength so if you see any health issues best to at least call a Veterinarian to avoid serious developments..
  6. Greywings

    New grey

    Happy to meet you looking forward to pictures and stories.
  7. Greywings

    Teaching an old bird new tricks. (flying)

    We had a grey arrive some years back and she was not able to fly due to wing trims. I started just moving my arm up and down while she was perched on my arm slowly to start with to encourage flapping and build some strength. The next step was to gently toss her off my arm and onto the bed from about a foot away. We then gradually increased the distance over a number of weeks to about 4-5 feet. It gave her some experience and confidence as she slowly realized she could take off and learn to land herself. Now years later she is a capable flier when she wishes to do so. That is our experience. Glad you found us Nickraph.
  8. Greywings

    Did I go too big?!

    lovely Grey! nice cage and as long as the birds like it then all is welll. Old paperback books stuffed between the bars make good shredding toys. Pookie enjoys deconstructing cardboard boxes more than anything else. You can also cut fresh leafy branches of bird safe trees and shrubs to stuff in the cage I use Crepe Myrtle, Magnolia and Hackberry branches. Those clear plastic balls with moving items inside are fun for them to roll around, I get them in the toy section of resale or thrift shops.
  9. Greywings

    We could be rescuing a grey today

    I think after all this bird has been through he must be pretty resilient and have a strong immune system. I don't think it will hurt to wait on the nail trim he needs to get his body weight back up but he may noit even be phased by the trim it is truly up to you as you should know him best. Love the phone story Greytness sounds so very Grey.
  10. It sounds like you are in a hurry and she is on grey time, sit back and let her lead the way. I know you want the best for her but she is not quite ready for all you want to do. Just Relax.
  11. Greywings

    We could be rescuing a grey today

    Yes he will need to have a fecal run at the Vets it is possible he may have been exposed to e coli, salmonella, giardia and other less common health concerns. I have seen birds who lived in rodent infested areas get very ill form both e coli and salmonella, even die if not treated. Poor Grey bird he will need to learn what healthy food is again. Do offer some fresh veggies maybe a little soft scrambled egg and you can offer coconut water or diluted Gatorade or pedialyte to help him recover from the heat and dehydration. Congratulations on the save that is one fortunate landing for him. Blessings on your son and family for your persistence. A few weeks of good food and some baths he will be a new bird, looks better than he could look considering his recent lifestyle.
  12. Greywings

    Last Drama.

    You are loved and valued more than you know. Sending love and strength and serenity.
  13. Greywings

    Pink Feathers??

    We have 2 red factor Greys here one who is pushing 30 yrs old and then our other was a normal Grey but went through a brief feather picking behavior perhaps due to leaving her 2nd home and joining us. Pookie has red upper leg feather back of neck and a few on her chest. Smokey Joe grew the red feathers around his neck just a few scattered to upper back not certain if those will remain, time will tell.
  14. Greywings

    My new grey ruby

    Wonderful beginning for you and Ruby! Give her time and space to fit into her new surroundings. She will learn your household routine and blossom.
  15. Glad you are back!