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  1. Greywings

    Jayd's Passing

    Maggie I send love and hugs, I will always think of Jay and you sharing your knowledge and experience in an effort to help both our birds and their humans. What a big hole in your heart.
  2. Love her spa set up! Well traveled and well photographed. Thank you for sharing her with us!
  3. I guess they think we are hard to train properly. Sorry you got the bite.
  4. Welcome to our branch of the e-world. We would enjoy hearing /reading more about your Grey birds and any pictures to share.
  5. Gorgeous angel, you were a fortunate man to have shared her days.
  6. Soak the dried food and add to birdy bread or scrambled eggs, that should work especially if fed warm. I use coconut water to soak adding more flavor and nutrients.
  7. Fortunate here hubby is essential but over 65 and on chemo, I am also over 65 but have so far had a great immune system. 'Some of our adult kids live with us and the married one has a wife who is immune compromised.. I do most of the shopping still but here we still have food items pretty well stocked, paper products making a little comeback. Lots of hand washing and I use hand sanitizer when shopping and wash my hands and forearms when getting home.
  8. we live in crazy times. Happy to hear you are on the mend and no doubt due to the acupuncture provided by those tiny toes. Greycie is so very sweet there.
  9. Pookie could work in document destruction for the government no way you can rebuild what she can do to cardboard or paper. she requires a new box every time her cage is cleaned or paper changed. No problem with nesting behavior here even with other Greys in residence. g
  10. We live with a flock of Greys decorated by one Pionus, one Eleanora Cockatoo and one kind of crusty old Amazon, recently joined by two little budgies. Sweeping the floor is a full time job all on it's own. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes, strong personalities and shy ones. Pookie is a demanding Diva she was our first Grey bird and expects to be treated as the empress. Seems like feeding time is is interrupted by veggie and fruit breaks. Somewhere in all that I managed to make dinner for the family and of course change out water bowls as they get converted to yukky soupy stuff. Congrats on the new guy he shares a name with our second born child who is now married and a great person. Hope for more tales of your Grey household interactions.
  11. You are giving them a lovely new life with love and a Parrot how wonderful.
  12. think you mean a joist. It is all a Parrots' playground.
  13. I see no guilt in that Tiel, none must be a set up.
  14. That is a Caique and they are clowns. It is a fun video!
  15. Love his non violent protest of bed time. Whisper is a confirmed bat bird can often be found hanging from the roof of her cage to sleep at night.
  16. Went from one to 9 it does sneak up on you. Now for the cage wipe down simplified mist all surfaces with water prior to wipe down. It settles the dust so you are not wafting through the house when cleaning the cage or changing the paper.
  17. Suggest a BIG funnel, at least we have each other to rely upon.
  18. Pookie is demanding and ready to deconstruct any toy or cardboard she can reach. Smokey Joe lives to taste blood preferably mine, excellent talker of our language and often ready to give verbal corrections to the furred members of the household.
  19. Our Amazon is not a singer but Pookie a Congo Grey loves to sing however off key and uncertain of the words.
  20. Here in Texas we have populations of Quakers, Cherry Head Conures and in South Texas we have nesting groups of Red Crowned Amazons, Canary Wing Conures and a few other species. New study explains why parrots ended up flocking to Texas ... dallas.culturemap.com › Travel May 29, 2019 - From 2002 to 2016, bird watchers recorded 23,992 sightings of parrots in the outdoors in Texas, according to the study, recently published in ...
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