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  1. Thanks Judy and Dave, I appreciate it. I guess this is a continuation of the molt, because yesterday there were three flight feathers and a tail feather. What was amazing was that one of the flights was still from his clipping from the breeder! I thought they were all gone! So it's almost as though there was a little rest during the molt, where he didn't lose any (bigger) feathers and now its starting again. He's been crabby, nippy and quite quiet tonight, so he must be uncomforatable. I keep the house really humid, running a humidifier 24/7, with just a break to refill the water tank, on top of his 3-4 showers each week, and the aloe juice on top of that.
  2. The others are right, just carry on, parrot time is slow and painful. Keep up with the patience... It'll happen.
  3. Hmmmm, well... I dunno. I just don't like, I don't like it one little bit!
  4. This is the one I got, I'm very happy with it. I added a rope perch in a top, back corner where he loves to sleep, and also attached a ladder with zap straps on a nice slope down towards the food dishes, he's very happy with it. http://www.bird-supplies.net/mediana-playtop.htm
  5. Ok, so I was just thinking that Paco's first mold was nearly over. I started noticing pin feathers and small grey feathers last January, this continued on until nearly every feather was replaced. I can still tell the difference by colour, the new feathers are a more vibrant grey. Anyway, I thought things had finally stopped. No more feathers and no more pin feathers, and I noticed that I didn't have to pull the vacume out nearly as often to chase the fluffy white feathers. Then this weekend happened. All of a sudden, there are white fluffies everywhere and Saturday saw a brand new (this spring) flight feather get launched through the air. Upon examining this feather, there is no damage, nor any reason that it should have come out in mid-flight without it being molted. Could he be starting his 2nd mold already, or could he have just had a rest period in the first molt? He is 20 months old now.
  6. The palm oil wasn't a big hit around my place at first either... However, by heating it up and pouring it over the Pretty Bird, Birdy Banquet I had success. Now I can just pour it over his veggies and he loses his mind for it. It's too bad it costs more than gold in Canada.
  7. Hahahaha! Damnit Dave! You made me spit my drink out on your response! I told Paco about your suspicions about him, he looked at me and say, "It's OK!". So, if he's all good with it, I'm all good with it. After all, I'm not planning on offering him to any breeding program, so even the Catholic Church will accept him!
  8. Thanks for the update Maggie! You, Jay, and your flock are in my thoughts, here's good energy coming your collective way. Get well Jay!
  9. I can't believe it! My 14 month relationship with Paco was kicked to the curb this weekend! Last night my friend Jason came over for dinner and I noticed right away that Paco was acting differently towards him. Paco kept heading over to the side of his perch that was closest to Jason and stretching up offering kisses! These two have never gotten along, and instead have only just tolerated one another. Jason is scared of Paco's feet, and Paco was just scared of Jason in general. Now this weekend, Paco was choosing to fly to Jason while only indignantly grazing my well groomed hair as he passed overhead! When I approached Paco his eyes pinwheeled and he flew away, choosing to land near Jason. If he didn't snap at me first. He'll be in for a rude awakening this week when he has no choice but to be with me. Has he chosen a new favourite? Nothing out of the ordinary in our relationship other than a stern talking to about pulling the decorative buttons out of my couch and throwing them onto the floor for my bare feet to find them! I even bought him a next sexy, Vegas toy this week. Little shit!
  10. Twizzle, I'm joining you. I had a friend over that Paco has known since he was 4 months old. The two haven't really hit it off, and have spent the last year and a half avoiding one another. Wasn't I heartbroken this weekend to see Paco being all friendly and offering kisses to Jason when all I got were nips and bites!
  11. I'll say! I waited a year for the flight feathers to grow in, now my house has become an giant flightpath in which I must stay out of the way or risk getting nailed! Why is it they always go for the most dangerous stuff! Paco's favourite place to go when I'm doing dishes by hand is on the divider on the double sink. As long as I keep the water running a bit, he'll play there for hours... I feel bad for wasting the water, but not bad enough to enjoy getting things done in the kitchen! I keep a very scary looking cutting board on top of my fridge, so luckily he flies away from the fridge top rather than to it!
  12. Jilly, Jilly, Jilly... Our poor friends (new and old) on here, your back from vacation and I'm slowly starting to return to the land of the living after a few peeks here and there due to an unbelievable schedule. Now I just need to find some time between running around the house trying to catch Paco as he flies from trouble spot to trouble spot, or running, ducking and hiding to avoid him as he flies toward me screaming like a pterydactyl going to fast for his own good. Thank God he hasn't discovered door jams yet, instead just the decorative buttons on my new sofa, which he likes to pull out and through on the floor for my bare feet to find.
  13. I wouldn't recommend staying with such a limited option for the bird as far as veggies go. I make sure I try to rotate through, some things are a hit sometimes, and not others. However, I figure a varied diet will be better in case there is ever any kind of shortage. I've realized that Paco would love if I'd just give him green beans and asparagus, but I make sure I switch it up for him a lot. Even if he's only throwing it, he may get a taste of something new he likes. For a cooked mix that I offer in the morning, Pretty Bird, Birdy Banquet. It's all beans, seeds, pasta, and dry veggies. It looks a little pricey, but a can lasts me over a month (I cook it and freeze it in ice cube trays) and he LOVES it! I heat a cube for 30 seconds in the microwave, put it in with his fresh veggies and then I'm off to work. I come home to the bean mix gone, and a good portion of the veg are as well. He switches himself over to pellets at some time during the day.
  14. Don't be to hard on yourself, we all make mistakes. The important thing is that you discovered it fairly early and recognized it as a potential problem. I had a similar iron incident early on, I didn't even think about spinach being high in iron, and was only thinking that spinach was leafy and green, therefore it must be good! Can you find an alternative to the iron fortified cereal to use as a base? It's so hard when you find something they really like (mine loves spinach) but isn't great for them. I still offer spinach as a treat once in a while, but remain concious that it leaches calcium from the bird's system. Good luck, and if you look back on older posts, I think there are a lot of birdie-bread recipes on here... Mine is scared of it, so I gave up.
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    Dave's bang-on! Parrot-time, be patient.
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