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  1. I use a few different ones... My Grey eats Harrisons, My green cheek eats zuprem and hagans I am still working on my senegal but at the moment the only pellet she will eat is harrissons threats.... I buy mine from scarlettsparrotessentials.co.uk she has some great stuff... Has anyone tried any of the new animal zone range?? I just got the cereal yesterday and its going down a treat
  2. Oh god i wouldn't have a clue but I will ask himself to measure it when he gets home for you
  3. beautiful photo... not easy get a nice flight shot like that
  4. well i just kinda let him know who is boss and ive he didnt step up for me when letting him out of cage then i would close the door and turn again later until he did step up inside of just letting him climb out... i stop letting him play on the top of his cage much too because he is terratorial of it and he thinks he is boss up there so more time of the playstand and other places instead and generally been just a bit more firm with him
  5. Update: I have done alot of work with George these passed couple of months and it has payed off as George is back to his lovely self again
  6. To think two and a half years ago I joined the forum to find out every bit of info I could and ask every stupid question there was to prepare myself for the arrival of my new baby grey and now look at my babies. I dunno what I ever done without them And a hugh thank you to everyone here who gave my the advice and answers I needed to make my birdies life fuller
  7. Just curious to why people are removing thier greys bands?
  8. Hmmm i think it looks bigger than it is cos it has all added bits like playtop etc but the cage space itself isn't really that big.
  9. Glad to hear he is back
  10. I would be interested to know this too...
  11. Wow Looks very nice... Bit expensive tho... I think if you could manage to build one it would be alot cheaper and you caould have a sheltered area too??
  12. Lol i dunno what made me think he was a quaker. Sasha is 6 so she is now a really relaxed natured bird.. I am head over heels about her!!! I just cant believe how lucky i am that i was offered her to re-home
  13. Thanks everyone... How are all yer birdies doing? Hope all is well
  14. For some reason i always thought your Java was a quaker? Lovely story
  15. I just love Senegals I was going to pick out a baby chick when i was aske dto re-home Sasha!! She is a fabulous bird Its the best decision I made to take her in!
  16. Hi Guys It's been a while so I thought I would introduce the new members of my flock Well Some of you will remember Georgie My first African grey Georgie is just gone 2 Then there is Mika My green cheek who Is only about 8 months old Sasha My Senegal whom I re-homed a few months back! And lastly My cockateil Tulip whom I was asked to re-home about 1 month ago Her diet is very poor And then there was Milly my baby african grey whom died 3 weeks after i brought her home RIP Please feel free to have a browse through my other pics on http://s1197.photobucket.com/albums/aa436/missgeorgiesmum/
  17. Oh i really hope you get him back
  18. Well maybe in time we will both have a better bond with them
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