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  1. Well…this is not an Amazon parrot, but it’s AMAZING!
  2. The breeder knows a lot about parrots, and He tries his best to care for them….but we are not talking about a ‘parrot Home’, we are talking about a “parrot aviary” with commercial purposes. That is his job and where he gets his income. He does his ‘Job’ the best way he knows, but I belive that, in this conditions, it’s impossible to give to hundreds of baby birds the care we give to our loved pets in our family. That has consequences, and I think I have to be extra carefull about everything that requires handling them.
  3. I also bought an harness, when i had ' Lolita', but i never used it on her or on the Zon girls. I feel it will be to much stressfull to them to subject them to the handling an harness requires...at least at this stage of their life. I am affraid the way the breeder treated them in order to feed them with the probe, left some traumas. When I bought The Zon Girls, He was hand feeding 102 baby birds, so you can imagine he couldn't give each bird the care and attention it needed....and the way He handled them was not a very loving one! I prefer to let them fly inside the house, and at this stage
  4. I guess that’s a ‘price to pay’ for living in close contact with nature Personally, I would not practice free flight with my Amazon. Even if the chance of things going wrong could be of 0,1 %, that minimum chance is enough to desencourage me
  5. Hi, This Video is from Isabel Sampaio, and the birds are from Portugal. They are members of “Clube dos Papagaios” (“Parrot Club”) and occasionally they have classes about Parrot Behaviour and they practice Free Flight . I think that one occasion I also put a video of them here (http://www.greyforums.net/forums/showthread.php?179090-Free-Flight) You can see more here: http://clubedospapagaios.wordpress.com/voo-livre/
  6. We are in vaccations now, at the beach. What have we done with the parrots? Well, the two of them, along with 3 dogs and two more birds ( a canary and a Saffron Finch), have come with us. At this moment I am sitting in bed with my wife at one side, my daughter in the other, two dogs at my feet, another one in the floor, and in the kitchen I can hear the birds calling! Is this vaccations or what? I have more around 80 birds at home (small birds), and I hired someone (I trust) to take care of them while we are gone. They go there daylly, especially to change the water.
  7. They are 3 and a half months old. They are beggining to say their fisrt words now . "Olá" (Hello), "Aurora" (the name of one of them) and other words not quite 'understandable'...LOL!! 'Juju' is the one that shows more ability to speak, but 'Aurora' is much more friendly.
  8. Hello, I saw the cages the breeder of our Amazon had, and they sure were BIG!!! However I would like to ask you what do you think about this cages I saw in the internet. Do you think the large one is enough for Amazon breeding purposes? Dimensions: 183 cm x 122 cm x 122 cm http://www.lorotienda.com/b2c/pop_mas_imagenes.php?img=z_26.jpg (The picture is of the smaller version) There are 3 sizes: Small: 76 x 61 x 61 cm ( weight: 14kg) Medium: 91 x 91 x 91 cm (weight: 28kg) Large: 183 x 122 x 122 cm (weight: 65,9 kg) )
  9. Since our girls are still 'learning' we leave them everyday in the morning: - Fresh fruits - Apple and Banana - (*)Vegetables - A Veggie frozen mix (it has corn, green beans, Carrots, turnip, bruxells sprouts,etc.) we cook for them every day. - (*)Soaked seeds - We leave a mix of seeds for 12 hours in the water, so that they hydrate, and them we give it to them. This mix we buy in the pet store especcialy for this effect. I think it is a mix also used to feed pigeon (but dry) :confused: - Pellets - Water (*) I alternate this in the morning and in the afternoon. When I give them vegetable
  10. I understand your point of view. However, the reason we got two parrots was so that they could ‘socialize’ with each other, as we are most of the day away from home at work. If they were in separate cages, in spite of seeing each other, they couldn’t touch, groom or interact so easily. I think I prefer them to have a loyal friend on their side for interacting for most part of the day, and in the few hours I am at home just be the one that looks….and touches them when they allow me to But this is a personal view and option, of course I respect other views. MY only concern in this matter is
  11. This is the right thing to do. In doubt, don’t give anything to your parrots. There maybe several kinds of cinnamon or severel refined types (I don´t know!) I am sure your parrots will survive without cinnamon, even if cinnamon is safe food.
  12. Hi, You can buy the fresh vegetables and fruits and dehydrate them yourself using one of those devices such as the one I have mentioned in the opening topic A friend of mine bought one and i am just wating to know about the experience, to decide if I buy one for myself.
  13. Do you give the dried fruits and veggies dried, or do you moisten them?
  14. Do you know this? Would this be a good thing to use to make food availabe for our parrots. Since we are not home during most of the day, fresh fruit tends to be to many hours in the plates. One of the food mixes we use has already some dehydrated fruits, and I think fresh fruit is better for them. What do you think? http://www.ofertahogar.com/product/66105/deshidratador-de-frutas-y-verduras-dr2751-
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