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  1. Elvenking

    Bird Mites From Doves and Outdoor Aviary

    I talked to a pro bird-keeper and he suggests limiting the time out there or just waiting until the Doves fledge to really go for it, then take measures to make sure no nesting can continue there. They fledge in a couple weeks or so I'll play things real safe and take care. Thanks for all the responses. Cheers guys!
  2. Elvenking

    Bird Mites From Doves and Outdoor Aviary

    Yeah, I am not planning full time outdoors either so I think it is a reasonable risk to take to give them outside time. I'll take some precautions though.
  3. Elvenking

    Bird Mites From Doves and Outdoor Aviary

    Yeah, I am hoping this is a bit more rare than it seems. However, soooooo protective of my babies. Any possibilities get me worrying like crazy. I am not taking any chances though....going to lay down some plastic over the top of the cage where the dove nest is. When they fledge and vacate, I'll take measures to see they nest somewhere other than above the aviary just to be sure. From what I read, mites do not really want to leave the host bird, so it takes direct contact and some luck anyway. There are some scary links though.
  4. Hello all. So I went ahead and got an Aviary for my patio. Very cool...built it over the weekend and it is on its way to being a cool little haven for my...soon to be two....African Greys. I was doing my laundry this evening when a guy was telling me about a case of bird mites he got as place.....could feel them on him and see them walking on his phone screen. He had them sprayed for and such...but it raised a major concern for me. I currently have nesting doves directly over the top of my new aviary. Should I run those Doves out of there and clean like a mother? Now that I am going to try to have my birds outside to get sun....now I am worried about them getting mites. Anyone have any experience with this and can help understand what precautions I should take. I am about to make some Doves very unhappy.
  5. Elvenking

    Should I Get A Buddy for Issac?

    Mmmmm...aaaround...July 20th. Let the Lord be with me around then...hehehehehe. ☺️
  6. Elvenking

    Should I Get A Buddy for Issac?

    Thank you man...it's gonna happen....great big cage....tons of toys....i'll give them both all my space....I'll love em. I truly believe I can create the relationship where they can be happy together when I am away. I give full attention when I am home..but I don't want want a few extra hours due to some plan changes to mean disaster for Isaac. he is sensitive. and I think another grey will distract him. I need him to not need me so much. HA! Quite honestly though..and on a much more serious note,,,I think if I were to die today...Isaac would follow quite quickly. I know cause he so needs me.....so please have hope for me to relate him to another grey. ::))
  7. Elvenking

    Should I Get A Buddy for Issac?

    To be really honest....I wish I would have thought about the apartment life and my work life before getting Isaac. I had Pedro my green cheek and figured it's all good. I mean, for how much I love birds, I figured there was no doubt I would give Isaac a great life. I LOVE him so immensely. Once you live a grey thought, you feel their empathy, and you really feel it away from them. I have a camera so i can look in on Isaac and talk to him any time. If another bird would even pique his interest, my heart would be warm. If he actually appears to enjoy the presence of another grey, I will cry so profusely. I will be so happy. One bit of interest, I'll be a mess...truly. Hehhee...and if there is work to do to make it work..then I am prepared. I love my birds. they are my heart.
  8. Elvenking

    Should I Get A Buddy for Issac?

    Oh yes, I was in touch with the rescue already. Totally willing to help, but i would really have to check everything out first. I am trying to create a more harmonious situation at the moment. In the future, I would love to harbor and rescue lots of greys ...even this one....but a long term buddy for Isaac...we'd have to see. Hopefully you understand.
  9. Elvenking

    Should I Get A Buddy for Issac?

    Yeah, it really makes sense. I feel like I know Isaac and think he would just be so amazed at that moment when we would take another Congo Grey out before his eyes. I see the way he approaches my Green Cheek with such gentle curiosity...but my green cheek is simply just a bit too aggro. Not having it. So...as much as I would love ti find a rescue...I am looking for a tame friend for my boy. So I am going to be biased toward that (hopefully not to the scorn of my flock mates). I will over the weeks be seeking high and low but am in touch with a possible solution which would land me such a fine friend for my boy. He is likely to be a big brother. I truly believe he is the kind of grey....would absolutely love a buddy. I am hopeful...it'll be many weeks before we close on all this. As little as 3 and as many as 12. But be sure, my boy is going to see life with a friend. A grey one. :)
  10. Elvenking

    Should I Get A Buddy for Issac?

    Thank you for the replies. Hhehehehehhe....I got some votes for birds. LOL Yeah, I feel like Isaac is a real good flock-mate and that he seems open to new members. As for the birds buddying up and maybe not giving me as much audience, I think i would be fine with that. I would love to know that I am not the only thing Isaac really desires. I have to really sit and think on it some, look around for possible candidates. It's a big decision, but I really love my little guy and if it would make him happier to have another of his kind around, well I would just be ecstatic. Thanks for the welcomes. I will have to keep you posted on what I do. I had a busy day today so sorry for not answering back earlier.
  11. Well....long time no speak all. Me and Isaac are now going on 8.5 years together and still a good pair. :) I still have issues with him grazing on his tummy feathers, but he is pretty consistent now and I know what to expect. What I continue to wonder about is how I can make life better for him. I feel like would benefit from another of his kind around him. The curiosity he expresses when he sees other birds is super gentle and I think he would not be hostile toward new members, but more curious. I work during the day and I feel like added company would help along with all his toys and stuff he plays and forages with. This would be another corner cage next to his so they would have separate space, but be able to see and observe each other. I am overcome by this idea that they need another of their kind. I also would not mind having some of the spotlight taken off me as the required playmate. It is not that I want to play with him less, it's that I never think I can give him enough. Recently, I went to a thing for my job where I ahd to be gone for two ays. I paid someone 200 dollars to come over and handle my baby, feed him...etc. He still did some major damage to a wing and i am still waiting for the flights to come back. Only one wing, but it grounded him and I have been struggling to keep him safe as he lets them grow back. (Hopefully) Other than work, I give my baby a great life with tons of attention, toys, showers, everything I can think of. He appears to be a very happy bird.....I just think the time alone sometimes wears on him. I have been battling the feather barbing for years now and have hit the limit of things I can try. I want to try to put an aviary out on my patio so he could be outside during the day.....well....then I fear of someone being malicious somehow. Someone help me if you can. I can dedicate the time to another Grey for sure just like I do Isaac, it's a bit additional, but hell, I never leave home these days anyway. I have the greatest heart for these birds and want to keep my baby happy. Let me know thoughts. Thanks! Is this a bad idea?
  12. Elvenking

    Isaac Tried To Mate With My Head

    Yep...and now for the video...
  13. Elvenking

    Isaac Tried To Mate With My Head

    Yep....he will get into the panting and then hop from the back of the couch to the top of my head, which was okay until he started arching his tail and trying to get it on. He's really horny. LOL. I have to take him somewhere to cool down.
  14. Hi guys. So Isaac has recently taken his desire to another level and will not only get pouty and begin to pany when he gets excited. He will jump back and forth from the back of the couch and try to "get busy" with the back of my head. I guess it looks good. I have to carry him away before he gets too carried away. Anyone seen this? LOL Stephen
  15. Elvenking

    I met Isaac and his Dad!

    We will definitely meet up again. This week has been really busy for me, but I will get in touch with you soon by phone to come see him again. I'll try to have some snacks or something to be more welcoming too. I am sure he will grow on you guys pretty quick. I will call. Thank you again so much!!!