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  1. rawleyd

    My confusion

    My 7 month old grey does the same thing. she will make noises for my attention and hang on the cage door. when I go over to her, she'll start scooting away on her perch and I just tickle her and rough up her head and neck. she gives me play bites and leans down for scratchies. makes the funniest little noises when I wrestle with her on the perch she likes. she really enjoys it. Maybe you should try some tickling and touching more often
  2. Completely not true. I've met people that have greys over 30 years old. Many people here have greys that age also. I guess it depends on healthy you can keep them. You were right in your first assumption.
  3. Ohh his little chest just looks awful. =( I hope that he may pick up non plucking habits from the new greys. good luck
  4. Also don't think that looking under the tail is 'stupidity'. It is good for them to get used to you handling them all over their body. What you did was fine, and their will be accidents with dropping and him falling to the floor, all will be ok. =)
  5. I saw your pictures and noticed the wooden perches in the cage. My little girl couldn't stand on those very well at all , they were too slick. She would always lose grip and fall off. After covering them in vet-wrap she can climb on them very quickly and much more safely and doesn't fall off them.
  6. give it some time. you are still new to him. just keep offering treats every once in a while and talking to him. I'm sure everything will be fine
  7. Crusher is awesome, I love those dogs. can't remember the breed though. I agree that your schedule and love for animals would have no trouble with a Grey in the house. and welcome
  8. Keep at it, I think you will find her. good luck
  9. rawleyd

    Help please

    How long have you had him? Mine did this for about the first week I had her (trying to get out, digging) but soon she stopped both behaviors altogether. She was 3 months old at the time, and that was 2 months ago. I suppose you just have to put him back and teach him that when you put him away, he needs to occupy himself with his toys/food/etc. good luck with your Grey.. sounds like a lot of fun with your flighted CAG. Mine was clipped when I bought her unfortunately.
  10. sounds like she got them from Exotic Wood Dreams. I assume it is a toy site
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