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  1. Babalu hates and freaks out at the sound(s) of the fire/carbon dioxide alarm, even though he loves to make the sound himself!
  2. Wow, I can't even imagine what your house sounds like!
  3. KimKim

    Any Ideas?

    My boy didn't like to chew wood either until I tried colored waffle wafers from this site http://www.motherpluckinbirdtoys.com it's really easy to chip small pieces off.
  4. Mine loves waffle wafers hung on the corkscrew skewer from here http://www.motherpluckinbirdtoys.com and of course the SS bell http://m.mysafebirdstore.com/product.cgi?group=2300&product=13676
  5. Love the stand! We have the heart forager and unfortunalty, my boy is able to pull the cups off
  6. Poor baby, hope it heals fast. Does he have cage mates that might have bit him? Anything sharp in his cage? Maybe he was chewing on the bars and got stuck?
  7. There's a really cool Facebook group called The Parrots Workshop, and it's all pictures and instructions on homemade toys.
  8. My grey never really liked to chew wood, but then I discovered This store http://www.motherpluckinbirdtoys.com ! His fav is the small corkscrew filled with avian waffle wafers. He also likes the button crazy toy, almond stuffer and cork stuffer corkscrew refills.
  9. Poor guy, sorry I'm no help. Hope he gets better soon.
  10. Candy corn pants, gold stars, LOL, love it! And of course, Gracie's buttons! So cute
  11. Were you able to get it? I can list it for you now, if not. I will make you an account and make up a password with your email and message it to you, then make your listing, if you want:)
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