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  1. Ray P


    Jay your post came from the heart and was in the best inters to all no mater what their belief. To care for all is a gift.
  2. Ray P

    Does your grey curse?

    My Corky is a little lady, Kind of straight laced. She wouldn`t say sh*t, even if she had mouth full.
  3. Ray P

    Springtime Amazon

    For a person who knows nothing how is it that you can handle Nilah and no one else can !!??, MOM
  4. Ray P

    Springtime Amazon

    Ok Penny I will try this again. Forgot to submit the first one. When they first come into season for the first time and their pubic feathers pop out they can be very difficult for a number of years, When they get too about 12 years old they start to mellow a little and get better with years. Amazons can be and very often are one person parrots. One thing I believe that when it comes to resocialization of a amazon it should be done with a group of people who will take an active part with their socializing. Also a group that can display self confidence. Amazons seam to respect self confidence in a human. If you are afraid a amazon will bite, They will bite !! If you try to bully a Amazon. They will retaliate !! Meet your Amazon on equal ground and display lots self confidence. Also talk in a soft sweet voice, Cricket loved that Just remember Amazons will from time to time display some aggression most of the time when they are in season. If you show fear than you lost the race. If you try to bully you will lose the race. These are lessons from Cricket. I miss her so much.
  5. Ray P

    A Chance

    This morning I called back the person with the Blue & Gold Macaw. I talked to the wife and she said her hubby was busy and would call back in about 20 min. or soo. That was at noon and its now 6:45. Not sure what`s going on. All I want is a yes or no so I can go on about my business. I gave him background information along with references and phone numbers. Still up in the air
  6. Ray P

    Time for scritches!

    They never get past the terrible twos. They just know how to play you better.!!!
  7. Ray P


    At one time I had a chance to rehome a Too , but changed my mind because of the noise level. I now wish I had taken her in, but that is part of the past.
  8. Ray P

    Performing Amazons

    In that picture list of zons there is a zon that can fit into any home
  9. Ray P

    Simple smiles...

    No shame and lots of gain.
  10. Ray P


    You looking at me ??
  11. Ray P


    Where did I leave that dust pan ??
  12. Ray P


    A picture of one or more of your fids with a caption that will tell a story. Example. I just love wheat toast !!
  13. Ray P


    WHAT !!! No meat balls
  14. Ray P


    Parrots are like potato chips, you can`t have just one.
  15. Ray P

    Body language

    A Greys EVIL EYE can put fear into the hearts of FEARLESS people.