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  1. Hi Jay The one thing I noticed with my tiels is the bald spot on the top of the head of my lutinos,. this is common with that mutation. My pearls and Pieds not so much
  2. Home plans

    How did you get my floor plan. Extra storage for bird stuff is in the bedroom closet.
  3. I posted part of this some time ago. Corky has a way of getting into things as I`m sure your greys are good at. Always know where your keys are. Two things that happened in one month. I was out side in front of my garage when the panic alarm went off on my car .I checked my pockets and I did not have my keys on me so I went into the house to get them only to find Corky playing with them. One month later I was in my yard and as I was walking back to the garage my car started up, again I checked my pockets and I did not have them my keys so back to the house only to find Corky on the kitchen counter playing with my keys. Note to myself: Self; always make sure your keys are in your pocket or hanging in the key box. Or the next time you might see your car going down the driveway. I`m surer many of you have stories about your Greys antics that will bring a smile to our face.so lets share some stories of how our Greys outsmart us from time to time. P.S. There is a sequence you must follow to remote start your car. I wander who told her?
  4. GreycieMae's Sunroom-Aviary

    What we need to see next is a video of your fids enjoying their new digs
  5. Hello Bird lovers

    Hi and welcome to you and pumpkin to the forum. Some times a grey will do a switch of their favored person and that is seen as a norm with some greys.
  6. When should a baby begin training?

    IMHO I would say start with SOCIALIZING so your family and friends can enjoy your grey with you.
  7. What are your Christmas plans?

    We will spend a quiet X Mass at home with all our critters and son as my wife has been very ill for over the past year or so. I hope all of my Grey Forums friends have a safe, healthy and happy Holiday.
  8. Huey

    It`s always nice to have a friend. He is a big boy !
  9. My sweet little girl becomes a young lady today and turns seventeen. She has been the center of our life from the day we first saw her. We have spent seventeen years turning her into the most awesome brat you will ever see in your life. She is a very outgoing and is loved by all our friends. She lights up the room with her personality and always welcomes guest into our home Happy hatch day my sweet little girl.
  10. TUTORIAL (How To)

    This helps me a lot Ray
  11. Made a breakthrough!

    Greys in general are not over eaters as they will eat to fill their needs. They eat to live. Now Amazons are another story as they live to eat and if you are not carful they can end up obese.
  12. Happy 14th Hatchday Dorian!

    Happy hatch day Dorian, and may this day be the best one and that each hatch from now on be better than the last.
  13. advice on uv light.

    it is recommended that you replace that bulb once a year as they lose their UV capability as the bulb gets older.
  14. Made a breakthrough!

    It some times it takes time , but when it happens it`s like a dam breaking and the flood waters come flowing in. It has to be nice to watch a relationship develop into something good and it`s all in grey time.