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  1. Amen ! After the loss of my wife it strikes home
  2. Ray P

    Jayd's Passing

    So sorry I missed this post as I have been on and off the forum for some time now because of other issues and not always checking other rooms as I should have. Jayd made his mark wit me and I owe him a lot when it comes my part of this forum. I will always miss him as I miss all the others members that have crossed over. I know Jayd always had the best interest at heart of our flocks. We all had something to give and some gave more than others. Jayd is one of the ones that gave more. You have my heart felt condolences RIP in peace my friend
  3. Oh the things that seam to effect our Greys and the time it takes for them to get over it is something us grey owners or excuse me ( care takers ) have had to learn to live with. Boy the lessons they teach us. Love the pic.
  4. Ray P

    Bird lights

    The uvb system I use is a screw in PL type blub with a built in ballast and should be replaced at least once a year as the uv will diminish as the bulb ages
  5. Ray P

    Bird lights

    Check the first sticky post in this health room and you will see a post by Dave 007. You will see member posts about recommended times to leave the lights on posted by other members. And yes use bulbs made for birds as Dave explains in his post. We all miss Dave very much.
  6. So sorry for your loss I use a Eden Pure infrared heater. No Teflon just heat bulbs in copper tubs. Very safe. Check picture to left. My bird on their t stand on heater
  7. Ray P

    Bird lights

    I use a U V light for Corky, but its only lit for about 3 to 4 hours a day because her cage is in front of a large picture window. It is not recommended to keep it lit all day. Just a few hours a day.
  8. My girl turned 20 years old today. She is am awesome young lady and the apple of my eye and life. Did I mention she is also spoiled Happy hatch day my sweet !!
  9. Corky was 9 weeks old when we got her and she came home at 16 weeks. She never said her first word until she was 25 months old and it was her name Corky.
  10. Some red factor Greys start out with the red feathers mixed in with the grey feathers but are gone after the first molt and some keep some or all the red factor feathers that are mixed in with the grey feathers. So enjoy your Grey because its spicial !!
  11. Happy hatch day Maalik. WE LOVE OUR GREYS FOR WHO THEY ARE.!!!
  12. Hello back and welcome to the best Grey forum on the internet
  13. I want to start this thread off on the right foot. #1 I am not an advocate for shouldering a parrot. #2 I am not an advocate against shouldering a parrot. When a relationship is strong and the time is right it is a beautiful thing; But you can`t rush into this. Weather you shoulder your parrot or do not shoulder your parrot is your decision. It`s not right for everyone. My left shoulder was her shoulder of choice. If I let her I think she would have spent her whole life there. She would climb up there and preen her feathers and enjoy the world around her, The one thing she would always do is get close to my head and lean against it and coo into my ear. God I miss that !!! .
  14. OH YAH< Corky loves the feet, especially the toes.
  15. Yes Cricket also had a strong bond with the wife and son.
  16. When a Amazon bonds its forever and very strong. We had a very large house. It was a log cabin. Crickets cage was in the family room that was between our great room and the master bed room. The master was on a upper level over the garage and had steps with a balcony that over looked the family room. When ever the wife wanted something she would come to the door of the great room and yell hay Ray and I would come out on to the balcony to see wat she wanted. My computer was in the master bed room so I was up there a lot. One day I thought I heard the wife call hay Ray so I went to the balcony to see what sew wanted. The wife was not there, but Cricket yelled Hi. When ever the wife yelled hay Ray I came to the balcony. From that point on when ever I was at my computer and Cricket wanted extra attention she would yell HAY Ray and when I came out of the bed room she would yell hi. I would always come down and giver some special time. Over the years this went on hundreds times .I always tried to make sure she never felt left out. It`s not the big things you remember. It`s the little things that that you remember that are important.
  17. When it comes to living with a Amazon there are many stories out there and a lot of them not so good. In many ways Zons and Greys are a lot alike in that relationships are built and not a given. You can pat a dog on his head and he will be as happy as a sissy in boys camp. Not so with a parrot. It`s work to develop a relationship and more work to keep it strong. Zons have a reputation of not being the easiest to live with. You need some big parrot experience to develop a respect and loving relationship with a Zon. They want to always be in control of their surroundings and seam to respect people with self confidence. It has taken me years to get over the loss of Cricket and to talk about her. So I would like share some of my memories of my special Amazon Cricket in my upcoming post. We will call it my home run relationship with my Zon. Greys and Amazons are awesome companions each in their own special way.
  18. What would you get if you crossed a Congo African Grey parrot and a Blue Fronted Amazon parrot ? ANSWER ; A Geek with an ATTITUDE !!
  19. Ray P

    Zombie! Aargh!

    I would use my computer and push cancel. That should take care of it.
  20. Ray P


    I would like to be strong. Not so strong that I smell bad. Just strong. Than I could take care of eliminating all the parrot poachers on the face of the Earth.
  21. From the looks of things it looks like you already have the best of everything and that`s the way it should . Sorry I missed your day. I hope it was the best ever. From Ray and Corky
  22. she is sweet thing, she is awesome !! I don`t see anything on her to be concerned about. Her feathers look great and OH those dark eyes !!
  23. Greys and Cockatoos are both hi dander parrots. You will end up doing a lot of dusting in your home, but they are worth it. People with allergies may have a difficult time around a Grey or a Too and need to get a air purifier to help clean the air and filter out the dust and dander. Enjoy your Grey. They are awesome !!
  24. It`s the dark eyes of a baby grey that sends me over the top. Look deep into those eyes and you can see their soul. Awesome looking baby Grey.
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