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  1. OMG! Kudo's to you for all you have done and continue to do for your sweet baby. I wish I could help but I have had no experience with a self mutilating bird, I do agree with Barbara about moving her in with the rest of the flock and family. You are a very special person and Sydney is so fortunate to have you. Karen
  2. All of your effort has to pay off in the end, Praying that all is well with Mino. Karen
  3. hope the poor guy didn't suffer too much That too was my main concern, Thanks guys
  4. Well I had posted in an earlier thread about taking on a greenwing that had a broken pelvis and the breeder had stated i was the only person he would trust with the birds care, I don't know if anyone remembers but I guess it was not to be I received a call from my breeder to let let me know that his dog had gotten in the pen the bird was recuperating in and accidentally killed him. I was to say at the least very broken hearted even though I hadn't actually received the bird into my home as of yet I was so excited and had started buying food, toys, and a new BIG cage for the baby. I am a firm b
  5. I think all of mine are pear shaped!! Wow thanks for the info, I will be doing some work on my toys today.
  6. Just my opinion don't mean to sound rude but if I was looking for some other type of bird I would skip your site thinking it was a site only for african greys. Best of luck with it. Karen
  7. OMG! Just got my computer out of the shop it was in for a week and I had never realized before how much I was addicted to the thing, besides the fact that I bank on-line and pay all of my bills on-line, and not being able to visit my facebook and forums and groups I belong to it was terrible, LOL Just glad to be back!! Karen
  8. Like everyone has already said, ignore the screaming and praise him for being quiet.
  9. Chris get a second opinion, that's what I would do anyway. Karen
  10. A book by Melinda Johnson and others are out there I started with hers it is a very good book to start with, I have clicker trained my Amazon she does lot of things and I am working also with my Grey's the Grey's do well also but my YNA is a pro she does (to date) everything I have tried to train her and it is fun and she is a little con artist she knows how to turn things around and get me to give her a nut or sunflower seed too by doing a boat load of tricks one right after the other and what else can I do but get the nut jar out , LOL the little brat. My Grey has an attitude that this is
  11. What happened to the toe in the first place? Wishing the very best for you both.
  12. Karcar


    Well to make a very long story short, I am getting my Greenwing. It was a baby that was being fed out for sale and fell and broke his/her pelvis bone in several places. He has gone back to having to be hand fed but is doing but better the x-ray's are looking good and now we are going to find out soon if he can perch or not, I have about a month or more to wait and it is a closed aviary so I can't have any visits but I love this breeder he is where I get my birds from. If he can't perch that will be OK we will have some platforms made for him. His being handicapped will just make him more speci
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