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  1. I love your new avatar of Egan, he is so precious looking.

  2. Love the Rottie! (I had one years ago. Best dog I ever had!) Not so much the snakes. I don't even like to look at worms!

  3. I got my little Timneh boy as a baby. He was 4 months old when I got him. He has been a total sweetheart to me. He gave me two minor bites after I left him for two weeks while I went on vacation. (I just got home last Saturday.) Tonight he was his usual snuggly self with me. He still acts like a monster with my husband. I will say that they are very smart and will pick up on the fears of those approaching them. If you are afraid you are going to be bitten, it's more likely that you will. That's been my experience with all of my birds.

  4. i am going tomorrow to see a baby grey. I am trying to research some. Are they typically bad about biting? I had rehomed a Cockatoo & he bit me terribly. I finally had to let a man take him (he preferred men). I don't want to get in the same situation. I have an eclectus but she don't bite. She will peck at me but never has bitten. I have always wanted a grey. Thanks.

  5. You are so nice! Thank you!

  6. Glad you joined the forum; enjoy your posts. kittykittykitty (Howardine)