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  1. I've been experiencing the same thing with Egan. He cracks us up with his words and the tone he uses, especially when he uses the dogs names. One interesting note is he often refers to himself as "Ego" instead of Egan. I don't know if it's because our little macaw is named Paco or if he just likes that name better.
  2. I ditto this on the aluminum cage. I have a king's dome top as well. It's a nice size and easy for me to clean. I have a powder coated cage that is a "duplex" for my other two parrots. The tray is so heavy that I almost can't manage it by myself. Even the grate is cumbersome. The aluminum is much more managable and doesn't rust.
  3. I am so sorry for you and have complete sympathy for you. I lost my first grey, Neo, to a disease that he carried with him from the breeder. He lived just a little past his first hatch day. He also went very quick. I wasn't even here for him when he died. He was discovered in the bottom of his cage by our pet sitter while we were out of town. The necropsy performed identified the cause which is always fatal. We were just very lucky that our other two parrots did not contract the disease. Just know that you did nothing wrong and everything that you could to save your baby.
  4. That is fantastic! I am sure that Rosie will just keep improving and amazing you from now on!!
  5. It's a little tough due to the time difference. Not being able to see things live is a bit of a disadvantage. I try to enjoy the evening showing of the events as if they are live but a few times I've made the mistake of looking at the msnbc web page for news and they give away results before I've had a chance to see the event. For example, I already know what is going to happen in gymnastics which we will be watching here right now. Frustrating!
  6. I have a mini (Hahn's) macaw. Even though she is smaller than the grey, she is VERY loud! She can say words but prefers to scream repeatedly when excited. That would be anytime she sees something unfamiliar or when someone is in the kitchen doing anything. The grey will "call" but is more likely to use words. Also the macaw yells repeatedly whenever we have guests over. We have to cover her cage in order to be able to have a conversation.
  7. I remember that excited feeling well once I decided I was going to get a Grey. Taking the time to find a good and trusted breeder is a perfect second step (the first step being here and absorbing as much information as you can!) I did not find a trusted breeder with my first grey. He died shortly after his first hatch day from a disease that he had carried with him from the breeder. His death was very sudden and very traumatic for the family. I found a very trusted breeder who is 20 minutes away from me. I told her that I didn't care how long it took, I was getting a grey from her. As it turned out I didn't have to wait very long! I have had Egan now for almost one year and it has been an outstanding experience! It is worth it to wait if necessary and get your forever feathered friend from a good breeder!!
  8. I just had a check up for Egan recently and I think he was around 280g. The vet said he was fine. I think that Egan is on the small side for TAGs so 260 might be low for your Skippy. (I feed Egan Harrison's for African Greys plus veggies and avian vitamins plus other foods that we eat.)
  9. I don't know if I have any special, memorable days but I have enjoyed MANY days reading, asking questions, getting support and making friends. I have to ditto that I tried other boards when I first decided I wanted a grey. The other boards were good but just not as good as this one, for my purposes anyway. I like the people here, the stories and mostly the compassion. It might seem like I've been gone for awhile but I read EVERY day (almost.....I didn't read the last week in June when I was in Destin, FL with the family.) Thanks to all the moderators and members who make this a great place to live, love and learn!
  10. I still give Egan a feeding of "baby" food with a syringe from time to time. He still chirps like a baby when I do that. I figure it's good to keep him taking things from a syringe plus it's a nice little bonding experience for us.
  11. Phew! I came on here and saw two more pages of posts and got scared that there had been a set back. I'm SOOOOO happy to see that it is all good! Way to go Java!!!
  12. I've come into this late but you and Java are definitely in my thoughts! I will be looking Monday to see what the results show.
  13. Egan is an Irish name that means little fire or fiery one. The name was chosen because the breeder pair that produced him are named Emily and Logan. So I combined the two names to come up with Egan. He definitely is a little ball of fire!
  14. Ditto this. I order from the same place. They do seem to go above and beyond. They are out of New Jersey, I think, but I get my orders in about 3 days to Ohio.
  15. How could he not be? He's a grey! LOL! I will get pictures soon.
  16. I got a bit of bad news from a routine colonoscopy. A spot was found that turned out to have squamous cell carcinoma. It's not bad. It's one of those things that they call a "good" cancer. Very curable. I have to do the chemo/radiation thing but once it's done, the invasion is gone. I just wanted to explain why I've been "distracted" and not a good member lately. It's also my public service announcement to get a colonoscopy if you are over 50. Catching it early is SOOOOOO much better than waiting until a problem develops. Egan is still a wonderful bird and a total blessing. He is such a character! He is using a water bottle but my other two birds have water bowls and so when I go to change them I say, "Do you want some clean water?" That has become Egan's favorite phrase. He isn't a year old yet and his vocabulary is AMAZING! I still can't make out all of his words but he has at least 5 phrases that I recognize. I just love this guy and he was a God send at a perfect time.
  17. They are very much like children and each one is different. Opening the cage door and letting her decide if she wants to come out is a good idea. It's good to be around her. I think she will let you know if you are invading her space. Bathing is a tough one. My little boy let me know that he wanted to bathe when he tried to climb into his little water bowl on his playstand. I got the spray bottle and sprayed him while he got his belly wet. He LOVED it! But he isn't the norm. Many seem to hate being sprayed. I think that is all I have for now.
  18. I can only address the step-up. I found that once I got Egan to put one foot on my hand, if I slightly raised my hand up he would put the other foot up there too. He doesn't like to step up if he is inside his cage. I have to allow him to come out on his own first.
  19. I know everyone wants to support Gracie at work but schools have to operate in a sort of "zero tolerance" zone. If one child might be allergic to feathers, it's a no. If a child might be frightened by a bird, it's a no. I'm sad because I've been there, done that. I took my Hahn's Macaw to school and it wasn't a problem but I didn't do it again because the students didn't understand and frightened my bird. From a school standpoint if they had come in and seen the cage in my room, it might have been an issue.
  20. It is very nice to meet you! Looking forward to getting to know you better and also getting to know your pets!
  21. I am so, so sorry. I know how bad it feels. I wish I had words but I'm at a loss.
  22. I have a boy (Egan) and he definitely prefers me. If he is in his cage he will try to bite my husband unless he is offering Egan a treat. If Egan flies to the floor, I encourage my husband to go get him. He doesn't bite him when he's being "rescued". (Egan was clipped by his breeder so he is not fully flighted.) I don't know if that helps or not but if you can set up situations away from the cage and "familiar" area, you might be able to start working with Toby.
  23. Hi InVet! I'm also in Ohio. (Sorry about you being a Browns fan. ) Welcome to the greatest grey forum on the net! I've learned a great deal from these great folks. I have just a little experience myself but love to share! I look forward to following along in your adventure.
  24. Barbara2


    When she stops showing interest or just takes a couple of nips and backs away. That's my experience but my experience is limited. I'm sure someone with more knowledge will come along and explain it better.
  25. I am so happy that Grimm is home! Sorry I missed the homecoming. (I'm not REALLY sorry. I was in Disney World. :cool: ) Don't stop posting those pictures! Keep us updated on his progress at home. (I know you will.) Happy Days!!!
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