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    My names Coral im from UK - got one African Grey,Budgie,Cockatiel & Cats (:


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    Looking after pets (: shopping,cinema.
  1. Cody is beautiful and i love his cage its great and really big also love his toys !
  2. has anyone ordered any DVDS on grey training?
  3. Sorry for your loss, your all in our hearts! RIP x
  4. awww congratulations thats great news, yep you worried for nothing lol, but you cant help it Glad shes healthy, its great! you couldnt wish for better news then that
  5. shes simply beautiful, and i love your cage, and the toys the set up is great no wonder shes so happy
  6. thats a hard situation for you to be in, but is there anyway when your husbands on the fone, cant your grey go into another room or not, its a really hard situation can you give us some more information, and i may come up with a better answer haha, could your husband have his office anywhere else, or any where else in the house i agree with what JudyGram said, he wants to be apart of your flock and always be round your family and wants to know whats going on lol i hope your problem gets resolved though i feel for you, and make sure you dont re-home him because of it, im sure theres another alt
  7. im glad the cage got to you well. i think she will be okay where is she, its good shes got a radiator near her, is she going to get quite alot of attention during the day? cant wait to see pictures of your grey.
  8. What irks me in the most is when people surpose to loveyou and they treat you like muck if they dont mean it, then why say it
  9. Awww thankyou, we hope so too Heres another.
  10. it does look a lil like snoopy lol nice photos., thanks for sharing!
  11. Im sorry for your loss, my thoughts and prayers are with you, RIP xx
  12. we spray Georgia, with a spray bottle but she seems a lil afraid of it at the moment, im guessing because her last owner didnt do it, im guessing she just needs to get used to it maybe Great photos
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