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  1. love the warm bottle idea. i have a quilted cover (interior made out of a waterproof boat cover) but wasn't sure what to do for continuous heat. I'm also looking at iGo or ZipCar anyway for groceries, trips to the hardwar/camera store etc.
  2. My grey Gandalf is just over a year old. He's very cuddly, steps up well, etc. the problem is he's never been too confident on flat surfaces, the floor, or any perch that isn't at least chest high. What steps can I take to make him more confident not being on m 24/7 out of the cage and being comfortable on flat surfaces. I'm also interested in teaching him to come/fly to me as much as before his flight feathers come back in. If there are any threads already started on the topics that I've missed feel free to point me in that direction instead. I'm sure ther is one for the "come" comm
  3. Hey all I just wanted to update you. I've since moved to the city. I live in northern Chicago, work in Skokie, and go to school down in the loop (downtown). I found a good clear, vertical carrier and had a friend make a cover for it. Like the last commenter sai people mostly keep to themselves on the CTA. I've seena few small carriers for small dogs and cats etc. I do still have my carand so far Ive just used that when I have to take Gandalf places. Now that he's used to and fine with that I may try the CTA this summer. The biggest thing over this winter was the weather. Chicago can get prett
  4. thanks for the tip. Though that's not really the problem I'm having. I can't really change his whole diet on him right now, or that quickly. I'm just trying to figure out how to get him to eat all of the food I have for him (what he's been on). Eventually I'll probably transition him over to something like Harrison's or Lafeber's for his pellet, and veggies and fruit etc with a few seeds mixed in.
  5. Hey all, I know this subject has to have come up many times before but I'm not seeing it directly addressed, and sunflower is too common a word to search for effectively. My 4 mo old CAG weaned himself at the breeders. I brought him home and though he will eat most "treats" I give him (applesauce, juice, bread, squash,etc) it seems that when it comes to eating on his own in the cage he will only pick out the sunflower seeds. The food I have him on, which is the same that the breeder had him on, is a bag of Exact Rainbow and a seed mix. The problem is the seed mix has a decent percenta
  6. thanks all! Irie: i was surprised too, but the vet said its not so uncommon to start so early. I've been playing Sesame Street off of their YouTube channel this week. I've got a thread i'm updating on my experience with this tech experiment over in Grey Lounge if you're interested in more or how to do it.
  7. Update: This has actually been working pretty great! I was originally using my iPhone, but now have an iPad and its even better. I'll use LogMeIn to wake up the computer so Gandalf can see me on his display (sometimes make his view of me fullscreen). I've also been using LogMeIn to play videos periodically off of YouTube. This weeks selection is classic videos off of Sesame Street's channel. It's great because with the combination allows me to observe how he's reacting to the videos i play in my "absence." It's been an invaluable tool since he's not even been home a week in combination wi
  8. Goin to wait on the wash. Got him in at the vet for this afternoon before work! *Whew*
  9. perfect. thanks for the info. Good thing i brought my car
  10. any suggestions for what kinds to use? anything at walgreens/cvs? would the aloe juice bath be derived from the gel? or something different?
  11. Other reason I'm nervous is I'm not sure how soon I'll be able to get a vet appointment.
  12. So I finally got to bring my baby grey home. Unfortunatley just before I came to pick him up he had managed to get Ito some laundry detergent. The breeder washed him off with some bird spray (on a towl and wiped). Though it seems she missed a spot in his armpit and he's plucked a few feathers. I've since washed him best I can. I'm just nervous because the spot is red and irritated. He doesn't seem to be messing with it anymore (that Ive noticed) and is as relaxed and comfortable as can be. Any suggestions? Should I be as worried as I am? I still need to take him in for his new-bird-I-just
  13. No need to sell me on flighted, I can't wait till the clipped feathers are replaced. The concern at the store is it's a busy place and the playgym being by the oft open door, we didn't want him to go make friends with all the Midwest raptors outside. I guess I just want to make the transition back to flighted as smooth and quality as possible.
  14. Hey all, Bring my grey home sunday. He(she)'s about 4 months old. I asked the breeder to leave him flighted with the caveat of safety. After the third time he tried to fly into the closed glass door, she clipped him. Now I'd rather have him safe than flighted, and being in a pet store can cause some issues with flight. At least he got a week or two of being fully flighted before he was clipped the first time. Now that I'll have him at home it'll be a more easily controlled environment to accommodate a flighted bird. In the mean time I'm looking for advice from those of you with fligh
  15. Hey all, Just thought I'd share a couple cool little things I recently set up in preparation of bringing home my CAG. 1) LogMeIn LogMeIn is a service that lets you log into your computer remotely from another computer or many mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, and many Android devices). I'm planning on utilizing this to play media content for my guys when I'm gone at school or work. The advantage here is I can maintain a wide variety of selection, and I don't have to have it just playing all day or not at all. LogMeIn is a paid service for many features, but they do have a free versi
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