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  1. She really loves edamame and corn. We're trying to cut back on that. We also used whole peanuts as rewards. We've been cutting back on that too, cutting a peanut into smaller pieces. Everything seems to be working. They also sell super grain packs that you are supposed to mix into rice when you make it for people. It has things like hemp, quinoa, beans, etc. We've boiled some of it by itself and mixing it into the chop. So far so good. Yesterday I also found hemp seed. It feels like she's taking to the new diet ok. We've tried giving her nutriberries like snacks to her in the past with no luck.
  2. Not sure about food allergies. I'll admit she doesn't have the best diet. We do give her fresh fruits and veggies everyday, but she only picks out what she likes, so we've trying to do chop the last few days, She still picking out what she likes though. At least she has to dig around it so it keeps her busy. We do also give her harrisons. She eats eat it if she doesn't like in her fresh foods bowl. Harrisons is really expensive here and I have no idea when they'll stop carrying it.
  3. Thanks for the links. I feel her sleep cage maybe too small so she thinks that it's a nesting box. Funny thing is that this is a standard sized cage for Japanese and was almost $400 We had to import our main one from the states. I actually take her into the shower with me everyday. She only likes misting bottles and she'll fly down from her perch to the window sill when she wants a spray down, which is not often. But I read some where that spraying them everyday helps with plucking. Maybe one of the reasons pluck no more works for some? I'm trying to spray her a couple times a day. I don't get her totally wet, but enough to get some moisture in. Again thanks for replying and I'll do my best!
  4. Thanks for the well wishes! I'm a part time teacher at universities here. We've been teaching online for the last year and a half, so I'm with her for most of the day, but her plucking has not gotten any better. In fact I feel it's getting worse. She plucks mostly at night in her sleep cage especially after I've cleaned it. Should I just leave all her feathers in there? I'm not hopeful for any medication for her from the vet. Medication for people here isn't great. My friend broke his leg and needed major surgery on it. They were giving him aspirin for pain at the hospital.
  5. They don't sell Avian lights here and I'm kinda worried of importing because voltage is different here. I do have a light on her. The best thing I can do, which I have to find a new solution for very soon, is a cfl that has a good kelvin rating for plants? Other wise the only other bulbs I can find are for reptiles and they just didn't seem right. Edit: Ohisashiburi(long time no see)!! You helped a long time ago when I was trying to figure out a way to keep her warm in the winter.
  6. Hey everyone, So the thread title says it all. I know it's a common problem. I I have not taken her to the vet yet. I live in Japan and there are no local vets and the nearest one was 3 hours away, but we did find one an hour and half a way and we have set an appointment for this coming Monday. So I think she is plucking because of nesting behavior. It started a few years ago when she started laying eggs. We try our hardest to discourage this. She has a separate sleeping cage and that could be the issue, as she usually only does it when she goes to bed. I've noticed that when I clean her cage out she starts plucking pretty bad again. how can I keep her cage clean? I know I should try keeping her in her main cage for bed time, but my house is really small and her cage is in the main living room where we can spend most of our time with her. It would be too loud for her if we kept her in there at night. Plus winter time is pretty harsh and old Japanese houses aren't insolated so warming up a smaller area (her sleep cage) is easier than keeping her in the main cage which uses a oil radiator. It's pretty expensive keeping it running through out winter as it is now. We still aren't sure if that's the main cause, so we're going to see what the vet says. Hopefully he can be helpful as local vets in general, even the ones that were trained in avian medicine, have been horrifying. He has a youtube channel and does talk a lot about bird issues. I'm hoping it's not stress. We have her out a few hours a day including walks outside when the weather is warm enough, try and feed her a good diet, and try and interact with her as much as possible. I hate showing this video, but you can see the size of my house and a little bit of where her cage is located. Any help will be appreciated! Edit: I would also love to try products that would help, but they do not exist in Japan. Maybe home remedies??
  7. Nice. How do the food bowls come out? Do you have stick your hand in the cage?
  8. That's exactly what I'm looking for, but a little small if I'm gonna be out of town for a few days to a week, and she's at my Mother in Laws. I use her sleep cage, a dog kennel, for when I have to take her to the vets or things like that. She is also harness trained for small outings. Thanks for the link though.
  9. I think the one I linked is of the same quality and $200 cheaper. Thanks for all the help.
  10. I know I know rakuten quite well. did you see those prices though. Also one of the worst pages to try and navigate. I got my cage from the states for about $600 shipped here. It is about 4 foot by 3 foot cage made of powder coated iron. $400 for a 19" by 27" cage that my cag can bend the bars is a joke. Plus those are mostly the same brands as the links I provided. Japanese don\t label anything. And even calling will provide no answers. The link you provided on Rakuten shows all acrylic cages for winter that are meant to be heated. According to others on here, heat and acrylic are a big no no. Do you have a link to the cage you have? It would probably be cheaper after shipping than the ones we have here. Plus foldable.
  11. I'm trying to find something locally. I found this one so far which is the largest cage I have found period. http://www.shopcompamal.com/shop/item_detail?category_id=351230&item_id=2073378 Kind of pricey at 200 bucks. It's also made of chrome covered iron. Don't know if that would be an issue? I don't think it's collapsible either. I also think it's made for cockatiels, so I don't know if the door is big enough. Funny how the largest cage you can find here are for smaller birds. These are the ones meant for Medium sized to large birds here. http://www.shopcompamal.com/shop/item_detail?category_id=351230&item_id=1281084 I'm going to make the 3 hour trip next week to give it a look. If it's not that great, I can at least buy toys, so the trip wont be a complete waste.
  12. I already have a medium sized dog crate that she uses as her sleeping cage. It's not the collapsable kind, but one of those plastic ones, so not much light comes in. It's fine for sleep and trips, but I don't think she would be happy in it if she had to stay at the in laws for a good amount of time. The collapsible cage style ones I feel have the bar spacing too far. I know bar spacing should be 3/4" to 1", but has anyone used anything wider? I was also looking into ferret cages since they are usually a lot wider than bird cages.
  13. I'm looking for a light weight cage for my cag for when I go on vacation. Bringing her with us isn't always an option. I live in Japan and most hotels wont allow pets. The closest boarding place is a 3 hour trip away and their boarding cages are really small, so our only option is to take her to my mother in laws place. Here's is the thing. MIL and family are the only ones willing to watch her and are also scared of her, so she probably wont come out. Most cages they sell here are only about 20" wide, but most travel cages I have seen online in the US are about the same. They aren't really willing to stay at our house were she has 3' by 4' cage. My only options are ordering a larger cage from the US, but I'm looking for something lighter and a little wider than 20", so shipping wont be crazy and so it would be easier to transport from my house to MIL's place. We ordered our cage from the states. It was only $200, but after shipping, it came to $600. Still cheaper than anything here and a lot larger.
  14. Our Bird speaks English and Japanese. When ever she hears the phone ring she'll say "Moshi Moshi", hello in Japanese, and make up her own conversation and we have no idea what she is saying. Also my wife taught her a Japanese song. She can't do the end part, so makes up her own words and rhythm.
  15. Like I said I have a planted tank and know not to use incandescent bulbs. I live in Japan and do not have options for anything specific for birds. Your first link is for the Aviansun, which the is the same as the reptisun according to the manufacturer. Confused >< Edit: So I did more research on the aviansun. This is what one article mentioned about the color temp. "As stated earlier, ZooMed does not provide information online, but other internet sources say that the Avian Sun light is 88 CRI, 7500K, no word on UVA, and 5% UVB" And here is a quote from one of the links greywings posted. ".....while higher color temperatures (more blue) have been shown to produce more stress and feather destruction. For tropical birds, look for a light that has a temperature of at least 5000º K and not more than 5700º K" Maybe the aviansuns should be avoided as well since the color temperature is higher than recommended.
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