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    I have 2 geckos, a German Shepherd dog, and a cute little Timneh named Jimbob!


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    cello, bass, piano, chess, math/science, art, animals, books, and mind games (rubik's cube!)

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  1. We took him to the vet the day before yesterday and had him checked out. She first took a poop swab and immediately she saw that there was some infection, so she gave us antibiotics to put in his water. So far Jimbob's actual poop still seems about the same, but he's been acting a bit more like he normally does (he was acting a bit lethargic). So hopefully he's on the path to recovery! We also had a blood test done to scan for several things (just to be on the safe side). Should get the results today, I think.
  2. Can we just take a poo sample? There are no changes in behavior, and it seems it would just cause more problems and stress to actually take him down there. Here is a picture (gorgeous, I know)
  3. He only eats his Zupreem fruit blend pellets (all he has ever eaten) as well as an occasional treat (all natural corn chip/peanut). He eats regularly and talks, so other than the runny poop he seems fine. He still asks for a treat every now and then "Chip! Chip!" It's gotten colder here at night. Could that have something to do with it?
  4. Hello, Our Timneh Jimbob has had super runny poop for a few days now..the newspapers are soaked when we go to change them. We haven't been feeding him much junk food like chips and such, so what could it be? Thanks
  5. "Higher higher higher!!!" LOL I love it The room you have set up for your birds is AWESOME!
  6. Hi everyone! I have a body language question about Jimbob. What does it mean when he holds his wings away from his body (but doesn't, like, lift them or anything) and starts making excited little baby noises, as well as running to and fro on his perches? I was talking to him the other day while he was in his cage, and he started doing this. I thought it was SUPER CUTE, but I don't want to encourage bad behavior or anything, you know. Thanks in advance for your answers!!!
  7. Very cute pic! Jimbob will sometimes stretch as far as he can to reach my shoulder, so I know what you mean We also had a praying mantis named Oscar who loved to fly to my head, lol.
  8. I vote yes for us personally, because I think our house is pretty much impossible to bird-proof, lol. There are the lamps, wires, TV that Jimbob could get behind, and...yeeeah. I think y'all would understand if you just saw it If we lived in a bigger, more spacious home, with just a couple hazards that we could watch, I would definitely let him fly!!! Also, I agree with luvparrots about how it's a personal choice
  9. we feed Jimbob the zupreem fruit blend stuff (in the large parrot size)...it's what the breeder gave us to feed him, and Jimbob seems to like it pretty well, so that's what we give him good luck with your new birdy! have you named her yet?
  10. um. I think that this is the same person as ponting....i mean compare what kind of threads they started, as well as the signatures... "clarkston bodybuilding" and "clarkston health center"...yup i'm pretty sure this is ponting
  11. Thanks for the replies so far! I'll be sure to check that movie out That is funny about Bunsen, lol.
  12. Hello! Today we were watching "The Real Macaw", and I ended up turning it off due to it being wayyyyyy too cheesy We've seen Rio, which was better (though I was disappointed when the owner gave Blu chocolate chip cookies and hot cocoa...*sigh* ) So I'm wanting to see a good movie featuring a parrot/AG that plays a significant role in the movie. Thanks!!!!
  13. @MarcusCAG No, sorry, I don't have a picture of him doing that...I wish I did because it is SO cute!!!!! lol, that's funny about Jynx....but I haven't had Jimbob very long so if I tried to touch his tongue he'd completely freak out. So Jimbob just sticks it out, then sticks it back in after a couple of secs. Also, what kind of parrot is BHC? I don't understand the acronyms yet...
  14. Hello! Every now and and then Jimbob will stick his tongue out of the side of his mouth (beak? ). I think he looks extra cute when he does it..but what do you think it means? As in, do you think he's saying he's excited or happy or something when he does it, or is he just doing it because he likes to(parrot habits )? Thanks!!!
  15. That's so funny..my German shepherd Augustine isn't nearly as nice to my Jimbob--he just runs up and starts barking like crazy. Sometimes Jimbob even tries to fight back! It's so funny to see him nipping at Auggie through the cage bars. No one gets hurt of course. What kind of dog do you have?
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