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    The Parrot "Bite Me!!!" Club

    88888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 8888888888888888888 [AGPC] Re:Understanding the mind of your grey Greys are intelligent and I really cannot see their biting in terms of mindless viciousness from them at all. Only humans are capable and demonstrate unprovoked viciousness and cruelty. Are we right in extending that uniquely human trait to the animals in general and greys in particular? Greys resort to biting when they are frightened and afraid or if they felt they cannot communicate anymore of their wishes and preferences. I remembered the days when I was a tiny boy and a lot more cute than what you have seen of me in my photos. My sisters, and their friends, love to pet my cheek when I did not like it. At that time, if I had known of greys and parrots, I would have turned around and chomp them on the fingers. To me, it was so easy to see if birdie is receptive to me or not. And very often, if birdie is not receptive then (to head rubs or to train together), just a few minutes later, the birdie will be ready and receptive. Perhaps its because I do my best to see their moods AT ALL TIMES. And because I want to see, I do see it. Smart and intelligent as greys may be, shouldn't the onus be on us the humans who are supposed to be even smarter? Are we to blame the parrot because they 'cannot read us' (I think they read us a lot better!) or should we blame ourselves for not reading them, and in many cases, deliberately not reading them in the first place. I think 'Alphas' pay a heavier price for assuming the role of alphas than those who decide greys are equal and should be treated with the courtesy and dignity due to fellow sentients. And if 'Alphas' insist on what they think is God given role as 'Alphas', they continue to pay the price until they learn. To each the role they want to play, and the rewards and price they get for playing those roles. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Far too often, because people do not see or do not wish to see the reason for the biting, they rather conveniently say the parrot bite them without reasons at all. Or they say its the Terrible 2 or 3. That hormonal changes came. That might be the case. But even at that, the nuances of the emotions can be so easily seen in them. Blaming hormonal changes is another cop-out. Even without hormonal changes, a parrot might get out of the wrong side of the bed on that day. I do not do to them what I done the day before because I can do that the day before or even on the hour just before. That the birdie liked it then do not mean the birdie like the same thing now. The birdie showed so much of what they liked that it is so much easier to make yourself more receptive to their moods there and then and act to them according to their moods there and then. That is just simple courtesy and respect to fellow intelligent sentient. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aa Quote from: danmcq 'I agree 100 percent with you, that they do not bite out of just meaness or viciousness. They did it because we did not respect thier space or body language at the time.' In this thread at another forum somewhere, there is this lady who love to say she graduated from a bird psychology course in almost everyone of her mail. Whatever that meant. Maybe that she became an expert because she got a printed certificate. Her grey bite her about once a month, and that it was the fault of the grey. That greys are so individual. But of course! Greys are individuals. I do not treat Riam the way I treat Tinkerbell. But at the very bottom, they all are the same, including getting out of wrong side of bed. It was so obvious she relished her role as the Alpha and with her psychology course, that she could psycho the birdie to her will. (guess who I wrote indirectly to in letter of 9 Aug). That she carried the birdie everywhere (guess that she clipped the wings so birdie be less uppity) Also obviously, I am a nobody to her. With none of those fancy certs to hang in my house and none of those fancy affiliations. So again And if 'Alphas' insist on what they think is God given role as 'Alphas', they continue to pay the price until they learn. To each the role they want to play, and the rewards and price they get for playing those roles. I also cannot understand whats all those emphasis on birdie pinning their eyes to be watched out for as the magical precursor to biting. Tinkerbell, and now Riamfada, they kept pinning their eyes (narrowing and then dilating their pupils) almost all the time when I play with them. I like to think they pin their eyes even when I am not playing and watching them at all. I never will know. After all, if I am not watching them, can one know if they pin their eyes then? One might as well say parrot open their jaws before they chomp on you and watch out that opening of the jaws. One other very special point I like to make. I always asked them (by voice or by the very actions) and I watched them, as to everything I like them to do, or allow me to do. My wishes were almost never rejected by them. I do believe, the very act of asking them, was perceived by them. And because I did the courtesy of asking them, they allowed me , and played along with me, because I asked them. Simple opening of the heart, and courtesy and respect to them, gained me a lot more than a dozen beautiful certificates and affiliations. Your graduation from my course is your better enjoyment with your birdie and having more magic in your relationship. And a lot less chomping from them. Isn't that better than a beautiful cert and diploma hanging on your wall? 888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 Such as this guy in a South East Asian forum who took me to task for asking people to think of allowing their birds to even fly at home or even to fly at all. He wrote of parrot taken out to fly in a room with a ceiling fan on and got decapitated. He then wrote of a bird taken out of cage in room with opened windows and flew out of the house. He said that would never have happened if the wings were clipped. I cringed at the stupidity of not shutting down the ceiling fan or not closing the windows prior to letting your bird fly. That same guy advised on how to stop biting from hookbills saying he is an expert as he was bitten many times by his own parrots. I got bitten badly once and once only as reported 'Riamfada gave me her first painful bite ' http://shanlung.livejournal.com/96157.html That despite my handling of other birds like M2s and BP2s that I was warned would bite. With ‘experts’ like that claiming that being bitten many times making them expert, I am happy to remain an idiot or a student. But do not get me wrong. I got bitten very painfully and deliberately by Riamfada with intention to deliver real hurting. I forgave her. She was so apologetic. Here the sordid details of that bite. From Riam want the neighbourhood walk // Maya's CAG bullies her //Riamfada gave me her first painful bite We had been taking Riamfada and the kitties out on neighbourhood walks for a long time now as can be see in this journal. There are times when I felt lazy. The other day was one of those days. When I got back from work, I took Riam from her room into living room. I thought I skip that walk and did some exercises and recalls with her. Riam was used to early night sleep. When it got dark, and even with lights on in living room, she would fly back to her room and hang on the beaded curtains and waited for me to step her up on stick and brought into her room for her to sleep. But that day was early, at about 515pm and still bright outside. After a few recalls, she turned away from me and flew back to her room to hang on the beaded curtains. I thought that to be strange and I walked over to her to take her back to the living room to let her be and went back to watch the TV. A couple minutes later, she flew back to her room and hang on the curtains. Taken her back to living room and for the 3rd time, she flew back to her room. My wife at her computer corner next to her room remarked that perhaps Riamfada was unhappy she was not taken for neighbourhood walk. Riam was used to be harnessed in her room and taken directly for walks before coming back to have her harness removed in living room and then exercises there. So I got that harness in my hand, picked up Riam on stick and walked back to living room. Riam would normally fly from stick to perch the moment I enter living room. But on this time, Riam flew directly to the bar. Her harness would normally be put on when she was on the bar in her room. I opened the head loop and she bowed her head into that head loop for me to complete that harness on her. And we went out for the neighbourhood walk. The kitties were already waiting at the garden gate for this ritual walk. They would rush from the gate and clawed their way up the nearby palm tree. Then they would kind of follow us. I had a call from Maya yesterday. I gave her 3 packs of Tinkerbell Mash when she came over to our place last weekend. I wondered since then if her CAG liked that mash. Maya had this complain. Her CAG liked the mash so much that he refused all his earlier food. He would overturn the sunflower seeds and stuff. And she was down to her last pack of the three packs I gave her. I assured her it was not a problem. So that evening walk was to her villa and she came back with me to my place. To see the various dry beans and stuff so she knew what to buy. She had no Internet and my wife gave her a printout of Tink mash. I explained how I use the blender to mash the big beans prior to final cooking with sweet potatoes and carrots and red/green beans and the rice & cereals. I gave her another 3 packs as well to last her till her own cooking of the mash. After the walk, Riam would do exercises with me. Then she would hang from my shirt for headrubs while I watched TV. I was playing chess on Internet and she would fly to me, hang on me, perch on basket nearby, or on chair next to me. I was vaguely conscious that my wife was next to me feeding seeds to Riam. Riam then went on seat of chair and moved under the table away from my wife. I reached under the table to give Riam a headrub. To my shock, Riam grab my finger between her beak and gave a crunching bite that reached to my soul. "OOWWW", I shouted in pain. Riam released me immediately and softly cooed to me in baby talk and came out under the table on that chair seat. I never imagined Riam could ever hurt me. My wife was laughing nearby and said that bite was meant for her. She was giving seeds to Riam and tried to give Riam beak rub that Riam refused. Thats why Riam went under the table on that chair. When my finger reached in, Riam must have thought it was my wife. I think Riam was shocked and dismayed she bite me instead of my wife and gave me all the apologetic noises as well as very very gentle nibbles after that. I thought Riam was nice to my wife in that the bite , painful as it was, did not break the skin. That must have been a 'warning' nip, but accidently to the wrong party. Of course, I forgave Riamfada. It was quite understandable. I live with my wife. I know.
  2. Don't force her. Riamfada also did not like to step up on my hand at the very beginning when she was given to my charge. Extracted from Quora How do I train a vicious older grey http://qr.ae/TUpfbv 7777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777 Riamfada was a wild caught. Evidenced by the open ring around her leg. Estimated to be about 6–7 years when she was given into my care when she flew and landed into a lady’s garden in Oman who decided I would be a far better person to hand over to then the former owner who clipped assymetrically on just one wing. Riamfada came to me very bitey and fearful. In a couple of days, photos of her and me A hostess trolley was bought and assembled. Riamfada’s cage was heavy and we thought placing that cage on trolley, we could more easily take her out to the living room where I spend lot of time watching the financial meltdown on the TV or next to me on laptop to Internet. This trolley not tested yet as I wanted to let the silicon sealant I added to set in addition to the screws. But it was wobbly enough for us to go buy another table this Friday morning for the living room to place Riamfada’s cage on. Just in case we cannot use that trolley and must carry the cage. I wonder if Riamfada might force me away from chess like bitchy Tinkerbell did to me, http://shanlung.livejournal.com/... Inshallah! On Thursday night I induced Riamfada to do a step up. It was a pseudo step up but I am not complaining. She had refused to step up on hand or stick. So I removed a branch from her cage and placed it on top of cage. She later got out of cage and was standing on that branch. I removed it and placed on my hand, talking gently and nicely to her while giving her headrubs that she liked from me. I took it as an ‘icebreaker’. What I did was to respect my charges with the dignity due to sentient beings and offer love and friendship as equals. You do that, and you will get the same result as I do. I was told that your charge be hungry. So presumably if you do not get results you wanted, they should be made hungrier? I felt that is not position of equality that made them come to you and like you but hunger for food. You note that Riamfada food bowl is always filled with mash. Yingshiong food bowl always had food in it. Needless to say with Tinkerbell, that was the same. What I hold back and used as treats to them were food that they liked, but they were never that hungry to begin with. And as I had written earlier, they would fly to me regardless of how my wife tried to shamelessly bribe waving favourite treats at them to fly to her. On Sunday 26 Oct, I was back home for lunch break. She did not step up on my hand yet. Sometimes, she would put one foot on my hand, but hold back from stepping up. In the step-up exercises, at times one of her feet was on my hand holding the stick. I earlier said that I would give her time to get used to me and accept of her own accord my hand to step up on. I thought perhaps she was hesitant, but should I meet her halfway and try to persuade her all the way? Was I too much in forcing that issue with her to step on my hand? There was always this uncertainty as I tried my best never to force her. I took a deep breath. I hold the stick such that my finger laid on top with a bit of stick space too small for her. At my step up cue, she placed on foot on my finger and took a step to stand with other foot on the stick to my praises and treats. I then slowly pull the balance of the stick into my hand, and she was on my hand with both feet. She trembled a bit. I kept whispering sweet nothings to her while feeding her sunflower seeds and walking about in her flight room. To reassure her that all is well. That she would not dissappear into a black hole when she stood on my hand. I then got her to step on the bar stand. I hold my hand, and at my cue, she got up on my hand. I repeated those exercises. I stood back and asked her to come. She flew off the bar and landed on my hand to lots of treats. That was done again a few times. I called my wife into the flight room. Riam would not step on her hand. But would step on the branch hold by her. I felt we gotten over that hand barrier. When I got back after work, she would not step on hand again. But I knew that the ice was broken. I used that stick as warm-up to step up and recall. Then when I gave my hand to step up, she did so. And in the recall flights to my arm as well. In one of the photo of flight, you can see clearly the clipped part of one wing. In this photo, she came up to the shoulder herselfr Riamfada on hand She came to me as a frightened ball of grey and with wings asymmetrically clipped. Her story started here October, 2008 - shanlung Then we became good friends. and she got to understand her wings better. Riamfada flying up to me on sand dune in Seifa beach in stiff cross winds. Story in shanlung: Oman won 19th Gulf Cup//Riamfada outing to Yiti/Seifa beaches // Katie's first 'present' to us Riamfada flying to me above rampart of Nakhal castle story in shanlung: 12 March Nakhal Fort/hotsprings And in a year, she was doing free flights with me in the open. Idiot kitties // Riamfada free flights at home and outside villa
  3. shanlung

    Shouldering you Parrot

    Written long long time ago. But perhaps might still be useful for you to decide if your birdie can be on your shoulder As sure as the sun rises in the East, you will be pooped on. Accept that as the truth enshrine in stone. A more fundamental question will be should you let the parrot be on your shoulder. Nothing to do with that silly notion of height placement . Perhaps this might be a guide to your eventual decision. Parrot on shoulder - being gentle Tinkerbell Legacy - - Rant 03 (a flighted parrot mentality) & Understanding the mind of your grey Tinkerbell homepage
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    Tinkerbell Mash - Best food by far for your Grey

    Still yet to write my last visit to Tink in 2016. But here are some photos of her in 2016
  5. shanlung

    Tinkerbell Mash - Best food by far for your Grey

    Bon appetite! To your birdie, and to you in case you overcomed with greed and decide to pinch and glut yourself on some of the wonderful mash you cooking up for for your birdie.
  6. shanlung

    Understanding the mentality of your grey

    Something that will help you to decide To Shanlung - How to do Free Flight Outside That being said, look at this video my friends in Taiwan send to me a few days ago. I was last with Tinkerbell in 2016 for a few weeks in June. . The path I started with Tinkerbell in Taiwan in early 2000s continued on. To greater heights than what I thought will every happened. See the video and ENJOY. They been doing this almost every weekends (stopped during heavy rains and typhoons)
  7. shanlung

    The Parrot "Bite Me!!!" Club

    No bleeding not counted as bite. Double brownie points if marrow oozes out or body parts seen.
  8. http://biareview.com/ trung tâm đào tạo kế toán http://anztheme.com/ dịch vụ thành lập công ty trọn gói tư vấn luật dịch vụ kế toán giá rẻ đột nhiên nói ác ngôn cũng hoàn toàn được phiên dịch hết, điều này làm cho tất cả mọi người sửng sốt một chút, bọn họ đều cũng là người có thân phận, tuy rằng thường xuyên dùng ngôn ngữ ác độc dơ bẩn nhất nguyền rủa địch nhân của mình ở trong lòng, nhưng tuyệt đối sẽ không chửi ra miệng .

    - Người Ấn Độ thật không ra gì, một chút huyết khí đều không có!

    - Rốt cuộc là tu hành nhân sĩ mà, tính tình thật tốt, bị mắng cũng không phát hỏa!

    - Đúng vậy, nếu đổi thành tôi, cho dù không phải đối thủ của người trẻ tuổi kia, cũng phải cùng hắn đánh một chút .

    Sau khi câu chửi này của Diệp Thiên ra kh

  9. It is indeed :) It's a marker drawing I did of my friend's horse, Zip.

    Thank you so much for sharing this, it was a wonderful read!

  10. If that is a horse I am seeing in your avatar, you might like to see this



    Remember whatever I write in a thread, any thread, is perhaps just one percent and the 99% within the URLs, in any forums.

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    Tinkerbell Mash - Best food by far for your Grey

    Look into for explicit details as to how long that batch of mash will last. SA 2010 & things //other Batchs of mash? //Katleen//neighbour walks & exuberant flights Hijacked and plagiariesd from above. Batch 6 Mash Batch 6 // Flying in Shangrila Muscat // Seifa Al Sheikh Revisited http://shanlung.livejournal.com/103613.html Batch 7 The most explicit in details and photos of mash making Morning with Harry & the decision// Sultan of Oman Palace// Tinkerbell Mash Batch 7 http://shanlung.livejournal.com/109957.html Batch 8 Iceland and Goldman // Jebel Akhdar // Tinkerbell mash batch 8 http://shanlung.livejournal.com/114545.html What I posted in earlier report http://shanlung.livejournal.com/115814.html on my rant on "Ethoxyquin , originally used to preserve rubber , BHT/BHA , petroleum products , Propylene Glycol, de-icing fluid for airplanes," was not complete. I continue on what I read on those commercial bird pellet additives. "Go to your cupboard and get your pellets out and find out how many of these additives are in the brand you buy. If there is something else on the ingredients list and you don't know what it is, FIND OUT. Do your research or ask questions of someone who can find out for you. Did you see the natural ingredients on your pellet ingredients list? Why not feed those items in their fresh, natural state instead? How do YOUR pellets stack up? (This list may need updating...check labels!) Abba = ethoxyquin, artificial color, artificial flavor Avian Special Needs = fish solubles, mineral oil Avi-Sci =ethoxyquin Breeders Blend=artificial flavors, salt Hagen =salt Harrison's = salt Kaytee =ethoxyquin, artificial color, salt, BHT or BHA Kellogg =ethoxyquin, artificial flavor, salt Lafeber Pellets=ethoxyquin Lefeber Nutriberries=ethoxyquin, propylene glycol L&M Pellets=ethoxyquin, artificial color, artificial flavor Pretty Bird Pellets=ethoxyquin, artificial flavor, salt, added sugar, BHT or BHA Roudybush Pellets=ethoxyquin Scenic=salt ZuPreem=artificial flavor, BHT or BHA " BHA = Butylated hydroxyanisole BHT = Butylated hydroxytoluene Just so you know those multisyllibic additives should you continue to feed pellets to your birdies. I read that a long time ago. I believe that report came out in 2005. I did not bother to check if those companies modified, or reduced, or changed or even not report on the additives that they put in. Even if they declared they are sorry and promised to change their ways. By adding those additives in the first place, they no longer deserve any further trust from me. Your choice if you still want to continue to have faith in them. I certainly do not have any more faith in them. I trust the mash that I made, even those that expired the 3 hour limit or over the day more than the additives those companies placed in the pellets. If Madoff got Presidential pardon and out of jail and Madoff set up a brand new bank, will you ever want to trust Madoff and deposit your $$$ with him? All this is dedicated to Mike Burton. A friend who left us all too soon and gave the world Mike's Manna Mash and on which Tinkerbell Mash in all its forms has been based. http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/mikes_manna_mash/ Original Mikes Manna Mash recipe here http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/mikes_manna_mash/files/ The memory of Mike will live on in every bit of Mike's Manna Mash or Tinkerbell Mash regardless of the batch or who made it or feed on it. Batch 6 whipped up and written on 7 Sep 2009 Batch 7 written on 24th Jan 2010 Batch 8 written on 20th April 2010 Batch 9 written 20 Aug 2010 Much of what's written done in real time, + a period of obeisance to Goddess Procrastinatia. Durations fluctuated as I gave away baggies left and right to people rescuing birdies or wanted some TM Baggies also got hijacked and transmogrified into kittie mash.
  12. shanlung

    Tinkerbell Mash - Best food by far for your Grey

    Part 3b of 3 I cannot imagine if the mash had turned bad that Riamfada would continue to eat the mash. I extended that mash over into the next day for just 2 days. The way it was written in that forum, I was thought to be so cruel in poisoning Riamfada by forcing her to eat the mash left overnight. Do not forget that Riam had plenty of sunflower seeds/almonds/brazil nuts and fruits in foraging jars all over in her room . So if Riam ate the mash, the mash had to be good enough. Riam was not kept starved to force her to eat the mash. Those who known me from the early days of Tinkerbell would recall the tar and feathers given to me when I allowed her to be flighted. I had so many letters declaring that I would clip her wings if I truly love her with that innuendoes that I did not love Tinkerbell by allowing her to be flighted. Nowadays, it is acceptable and even encouraged in many forums to allow your bird to be flighted and the benefits to the bird of being flighted. Perhaps if me and others like me had not started the ball rolling and gained acceptance of keeping parrots flighted , many more parrots would have their wings clipped. I am used to the bashing of me when I first proposed using harness and leash to take your bird out safely. Almost all of that by people who never used harness and leash but knew so much about harness and leash. I know now that many folks are using harness and leash to take their birdies out safely, and no more bashing of them either. Let us consider what are the additives that allow traditional birdie food to stay ‘fresh’ in the box without refrigeration whereas the mash must stay frozen or refrigerated. Here is the list of the common additives found in pellets. Ethoxyquin: Is listed and identified as a harsh hazardous chemical by OSHA. It was originally used to preserve rubber. This is not allowed in human food and some feel it is not a chemical that they want in their bird food. The FDA has asked manufacturers for voluntary reduction in its use in pet foods and is in the process of deciding whether or not to ban the use of it altogether. Bird’s bodies can not get rid of it like a dog or cat and it then builds up and causes problems. Ethoxyquin promotes kidney carcinogenesis, significantly increases the incidence of stomach tumors, enhanced bladder carcinogenesis and urinary bladder carcinogenesis. Cancers of this type are the most lethal and fastest acting, the swiftest effects being seen among animals. Artificial Colors: Most people are aware of toxic side effects of artificial colors and flavors from coal tar derivatives such as Red #40, a possible carcinogen, and Yellow #6, which causes sensitivity to fatal viruses in animals. Artificial colors DO cause yellow feather discoloration in Eclectus. BHT/BHA: These petroleum products are used to stabilize fats in foods. In the process of metabolizing BHA and BHT, chemical changes occur in the body. These changes have caused reduced growth rates and they inhibit white blood cell stimulation. In pets, they can exhibit reactions such as skin blisters, hemorrhaging of the eye, weakness, discomfort in breathing, a reduction of the body's own antioxidant enzyme, glutathione peroxidase and may cause cancer. According to Dr. Wendell Belfield, DVM, a practicing vet for some 26 years, both BHA and BHT are known to cause liver and kidney dysfunction and are banned in some European countries. Propylene Glycol: Used as a de-icing fluid for airplanes, this chemical is added to food and skin products to maintain texture and moisture as well as inhibiting bacteria growth in products. It also inhibits the growth of friendly bacteria in the digestive system by decreasing the amount of moisture in the intestinal tract leading to constipation and cancer. It can affect the liver and kidneys and causes the destruction of red blood cells. Salt: Added as a preservative, salt can irritate the stomach lining, cause increased thirst and aggravate heart and kidney problems through fluid retention. Sodium Nitrite: Used in the curing of meats, this substance participates in a chemical reaction in the body that becomes carcinogenic. It is used also in pet foods to add color. Sugar and other Sweeteners: The most common sweeteners in pet/bird foods are beet sugar, corn sugar, molasses and sucrose. They are used as preservatives and have the side effect of creating sugar addicts in pets. They require almost no digestion and are rapidly absorbed into the blood stream. These will provide sugar highs (just as humans experience) and subsequent lows (moodiness), inhibit the proper growth of friendly intestinal bacteria and they virtually shut down the digestive system while being processed. Sugar can also contribute to diabetes and hypoglycemia, cataract development, obesity and arthritis. I almost begin to feel the declarations that mash have lifespan of 3 hours which can then become poisonous for the birdie were started by commercial bird food companies to frighten people into buying their boxes of birdie food with their additives. Then other people, which include yours truly here, accepted whats being said because ‘ that was always said’ and went on in good faith repeating that to yet other people. Ethoxyquin , originally used to preserve rubber , BHT/BHA , petroleum products , Propylene Glycol, de-icing fluid for airplanes, are better for the health of the birdie? Then you should stick to commercial birdie pellets that need not be refridgerated and can be left in the bowls for days. Or mash that you prepare yourself and left with birdie for the day? Riamfada seemed to indicate she was happy with the mash the whole day. That should not surprise me. When I was in Taiwan and with Tinkerbell, I had no time to get back for lunch and the mash was left in morning till I got back in the evening. But I had no weighing machine or inclination to get weighing machine then. And her room in Taiwan was not aircond which meant an ambient room temperature of 30++C in summer. Yingshiong was fed on Yingshiong Mash, a subset based on Tinkerbell mash. That mash was left there from morning until evening. As I said in my last report, I stopped that experiment and changed Riamfada’s mash when I got home for lunch. I have no longer that twinge of guilt at 10 am or at 330pm where the mash left with Riamfada passed that 3 hour period. I will not have that fear either should I have the leave the mash with Riamfada for the entire day. Or even into the next day. I think I fear those multi syllabic additives used to preserve rubber, or petroleum by-products or de-icing fluid for airplanes found in commercial pellets even more than the hypothetical fungus and bacteria which are at least natural. If you feel birds are delicate creatures and must be kept in isolation from all germs and bacteria, then do that by all means. How birds survived and thrived the way they did in the wild before man came along I really wonder. I am not any expert, just a common layman. I am not the expert that other experts want to claim that they are. But Tinkerbell, Yingshiong and Riamfada are still alive and not keeled over as yet. You, the readers, should take my studies and records for what it is worth. You, the readers, should decide on your own fears and your own paths. Read and see how Tinkerbell mash is made Making of Tinkerbell Mash Morning with Harry & the decision// Sultan of Oman Palace// Tinkerbell Mash Batch 7 http://shanlung.livejournal.com/109957.html 888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 I hope I answer you fully and that you will think very seriously of making a batch of Tink Mash for your birdie with the love and care that you will put into that batch and bon appetite to your birdie
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    Tinkerbell Mash - Best food by far for your Grey

    Part 3a of 3 And then an even more detailed report and rationalisation I made in Hand of Clod //3 hour and day old Mash // Outdoor hide&seek recalls http://shanlung.livejournal.com/115814.html The partial extract 888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 3 hour and day old Mash I first like to show Riam parroty joke where she took almonds and brazil nuts from foraging jars to fly back to cage to add to her mash bowl. The last three reports indicated very clearly Riam ate her mash. Her consumption was not consistent on daily basis. She ate more mash when I removed all other food. But even with lots of sunflower seeds/almonds/brazil nut , she still ate lots of mash. When I did not replace the mash in the afternoon, she ate similar amount as when I replaced the mash during my lunch return. My last report and note taking generated a fair bit of heat towards me in one particular forum. The conventional thinking was that mash would go bad and sour after 3 hours and must be removed to avoid possible poisoning of the birdie. That I am heretical and offended sensibility in suggesting otherwise. I even believed in that thinking of 3 hours limit in the past before. Not withstanding I have the luxury to drive back for lunch, and to change the mash, I wonder about the time when that might not be possible and the mash left there the whole day until I come back from work. And even so, with that 3 hours dateline that people declared will cause fungus and bacteria to multiply to poison your bird, I even had this nagging worry at 10 am if the mash I left at 7am was turning poisonous. And again at 330pm if the mash I left at 1230pm was turning poisonous before I got back at 5 pm I reminded my wife in the past before to remove the mash after three hours but stopped doing that as she often forgot, and I often forgot to remind her. Myself forgetting that 3 hours when I was home myself did not help. That being said, what about others who cannot get back for lunch and what about the mash then? Even for those who can devote 24 hours of life to birdie and need not work or have other life do they go with a stop watch to change the mash? Can they do that on a consistent basis? It was that trip to Dubai and the clear indication that Riam ate mash left over night that sparked my desire to test how long the mash can last. I relied on that gourmet of Riamfada. You with greys know how discerning they can be on food. I had taken Riam out for lunch and dinner often enough. We would be given a plate of salad at the beginning. Riam would happily take the cucumber slices earlier on. Then she would refuse to eat the rest of cucumber 20 minutes later. I thought that was because she was full. But I had not reckoned with the waiters and cooks in the restaurants who adored Riamfada. They would go into the kitchen to cut cucumber slices afresh to take a plate to Riamfada. Who then continued to eat those fresh cucumber slices refusing to eat the 20 minutes old slices. Tinkerbell was also particular on her food. If the noodles were not from the best of the noodle shop, she would not eat. If I thawed salmon sashimi kept in freezer, she would that that piece, flew that to Halftail the cat and drop that in front of her. Nothing but the freshest salmon sashimi would do for her. Tests done in sushi shop by sushi chef fan showed she could pick every time the freshest sashimi from plate in front of her to delight of everyone including me.
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    Tinkerbell Mash - Best food by far for your Grey

    part 2 of 3 I had not answer lino as my appearance in this forum is sporadic and I came back in many many months later and I thought that she been through the links and saw the answers for herself. But in case that did not happen and as Asharion asked, I extract what I wrote from the URL links embedded here. As to long cooking with beans, which is why I bought a liquidiser to liquidise the beans to shorten cooking time to a few minutes. You got to read my URL for details. Partial extract from I believe the mash can remain good for the entire day. At least in Riamfada's room kept at 24-25C. Read the report done on 11 & 14 June 2010 and you decide for yourself. Month of soccer // Cyclone Phet & Riamfada neighbourhood hide & seek // Mash eating http://shanlung.livejournal.com/115514.html That extract 88888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 Even More of how much mash Riam ate The explanation of mash measurements and preambles should be read in the last couple of reports. In that Dubai trip, Riamfada showed me clearly she would take mash despite abundance of other food stuff in her room and that she would take the mash despite left over night. The ambience tenmperature of her room was at 24-25C with her own split unit aircond. The foraging jars in her room still contained lots of sunflower seeds/almonds/brazil nuts I left then for her to eat as she wanted. I had thought she would take from all of the jars. I noticed instead that she would focused on a jar until it was empty before she took from another jar. So the foraging jar on her perch was taken from with empty shells left on the ground below. The the foraging jar on the basket perch was taken from until all empty yesterday. I guess she would be taking from the foraging jar left on the bar perch now. In the past, I thought the mash would sour in 3-4 hours and I would changed the mash when I came back for lunch. This experiment was done in case in future I am unable to be back home for lunch. Indeed, for those reading this too in case they do not get home for lunch to change the mash. In addition, abundance of sun flower seeds/almonds/brazil nuts were left with Riamfada. I continued to include fruits of cherries that she seemed to like. The mash was introduced in the morning and left through the day. I continued to record just how much mash Riam ate measuring that as before. These are the records 26 May wed Riamfada ate 12 grams in the morning. Then 112 grams (bowl is 62 grams) left and was weight at 83 on 28 May Friday afternoon when we got back. She ate 29 grams over Thursday Mash changed when I got back from lunch but with other food in abundance in her room 29 May sat M=4+6 L=0+10 total = 20 gm 30 May sun M=7+4 L=1+ 4 total = 16 gm 31 May mon M=8+15 L=6+3 total = 32 gm 1 Jun tue M=10+9 L=9+ 2 total = 30 gm 2 Jun wed M=2+3 L=3+ 2 total = 10 gm 3 Jun thu M=8+0 L=4+ 4 total = 16 gm 4 Jun fri M=8+5 L=7+ 1 total = 21 gm The mash now not replaced during lunch time. 5 Jun sat M=10 L=10 total = 20 gm 6 Jun sun M=4+13 The mash was weighed when I came back for lunch at 86 grams. After 30 minutes, I weighed it to find it as 87 grams. I then looked in the bowl and found 7-8 pieces of almonds and brazil nuts. Riam took that from foraging points and flew back to the cage to place them in the mash bowl as parroty joke. I removed those nuts to find weight to be 82 grams or that she ate 4 grams during my lunch period. Final weight at end afternoon was 80 or 2 grams in afternoon L=4+2 total =23 gm 7 Jun mon M=7+4 L=5+ 3 total = 19 gm 8 Jun tue M=0+6 L=0+15 total = 21 gm 9 Jun wed M=1+3 L=4 total = 8 gm It was clear the mash stay good for the whole day. In presence of plenty of sunflower seeds, Riam showed she would happily eat the mash through the day. I decided to extend the experiment. I left the mash over the night to see if she would take the mash early in the morning before I woke up to go to her room. 10 Jun thu Riam ate 6 grams of that mash left over the night. Day break at 510 am while I woke up at 655 am I then gave fresh mash M=8+2 L=8+0 total = 6+10+8= 24 gm 11 jun fri today Riam ate 6 grams of that mash left over the night. M=3 grams Riamfada was largely out in living room with me for the morning and afternoon. She is right now on my knee preening herself. It is clear the mash is good at least for 24 hours without refridgeration at room temp of 25C I need not change her mash during lunch. Mash from morning left overnight will still be eaten by her. That will be enough for me. I will not extend experiment further, or bother to report the weighing of the mash anymore. I will record more for my own records. 888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 This is part 2 of 3 as forum complain my mail to be too long. I got to break my answer to you into 3 parts Part 3 follow this