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  1. Thanks everyone, I am going to take a look at a cage and a Grey this weekend! I hope it will work out =)
  2. Well, I live alone so he will mostly be interacting with just me. He will be in the room while I'm at work and at night while he sleeps. The rest of the time, I plan on bringing him out and have him with me around the house.
  3. Thanks everyone for the information! I'm most concerned with the grey feeling comfortable so if the most suitable cage costs more, so be it. However, I do have space limitations and cannot afford the largest cage out there. A lot of websites recommend a cage at least 36" in length and this one is only 26" (Sucks because this is a beautiful looking cage). I will keep searching but if you have one that you would like to recommend, by all means to do by replying.
  4. Hi Guys, I am fairly close to purchasing an African Grey and need your advice. I have a 6 x 6 foot room that the cage will be kept in. Do you think this cage is sufficient for a grey? He will be by himself for 7-8 hours per day during the week and will come out for a few hours each day. See the cage with specs here Any advice or input is appreciated! Remember, space is somewhat limited as I have other objects in the room. Thank you so much!
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