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  1. Sophie just talks too much!She can be loud for a moment.Just got home from vacation.She flew in.Hi ROM mom)She acts like I never left.Nancy
  2. Sophie LOVES light. She has a favorite chair that is situated in natural light during the afternoon. I always think of it as her " tanning chair". Nancy
  3. I LOVE Graham crackers, and so does Sophie! My kids hate them but they are always a snack in the house. Sophie tells me ..." share Rom!" Nancy
  4. I wish I could help... Sophie just preens herself like she is a " beauty queen", and already won the pageant! I have no clue, why I got so lucky! Nancy
  5. I loved what everyone had to say, especially birdhouses last post... she reflected all our feelings. Take time to grieve, investigate as best you can, but remember, you did everything right. Nancy, Sophie and Ollie
  6. All had perfect advice. Ignore, put in ear plugs, and they move on to the next sound they become obsessed with! If you stress about it... they pick up on your feelings and do it more. I can't hear alot in my right ear, so I don"t go crazy. When working in MRI, everyone gives me one ear plug but recently my ear had an explosion, and I can hear. Now I am hearing better then ever but I am not sure I am better off! Lots of complaints from Sophie and Ollie. To me, it is just whining Nancy
  7. Cute as a button says Sophie and me! We are partial to girls.... sorry guys! Nancy
  8. I would suggest, parking the old cage next to the new one. That is their home and all they have ever known. Their security blanket! That is the best way of offering a new cage. They get to jump back and forth and get to explore new cage. Eventually with trust developed... they will jump into any new cage you offer. For now... your birds original home is very important. Your bird will pick Andy as his favorite, so it is important you get involved with feedings and play. Spend time reading with him in front of cage routinely. Establishing pack leader, can't be done right now until the trust is there. I NEVER put my fingers in their cage until we were comfortable with each other. Cleaning and toy adjustment was always when they were off their cage. I can put my fingers in my birds cages now because Sophie trusts me. It took awhile... but once she trusted me and kids, we can put our fingers anywhere in her cage. Now she just holds on so we pick her up! PATIENCE and DETERMINATION! Nancy
  9. Please continue to talk with us all during this difficult time. I know this gang has helped me with many of my animals and have been a great support team! Nancy
  10. I am tearing up hearing of this news. You did everything right. Nancy
  11. I am soooo sorry! You did everything possible! Nancy
  12. Charlie Parker Yes... Oliver will be alright eventually with you at the helm being ready to be the " pack leader!" The wing shaking, coming down to attack you certainly is putting you in your place. A big firm "NO", recognizing the signs of an attack before it happens, is very important. Returning to cage ( if you can!) Make it sooooo inviting in front of his cage. Playing games with you and family, any misbehavior, BACK to cage and door shut. Reading, singing, game playing in front of him routinely.... he can't resist! Wrist status only has always been a must for me, others disagree, but I have done this with my rescue and all my birds. You EARN shoulder status! I have never felt sorry for my rescue sunconure that attacked peoples jugulars and was out of forever homes. They only understand the " now", and thats what you focus on. Always be the leader and develop the relationship even if your new bird just watches if just off the door. If Oliver climbs down and is in " attack mode", intercept Nancy
  13. It is so great for Sophie too! She has her friend back, and can discipline him like she always has! LOL! What is different is... Ollie will be in my lap, now Sophie will be in my lap. Inches between them. I'm not comfortable, but they are. I just need to relax and let them tell me what works. I am use to Sophie on my shoulder and Ollie in my lap. Thats how its been for years.Now two in my lap concerns me. I am not worried about Ollie but Sophie. Sharp bites especially as she is so close to his eyes. Ollie has no concerns. I am not so sure and can't get comfortable! Nancy
  14. Hence... the appropriate name! All looks great! Nancy
  15. Ollie is doing so well! He is above and beyond being his crazy obnoxious self. Eating like crazy ( amazing as he has only six teeth), running better than he has in years.I LOVE when Sophie tries to discipline him! When he gets too feisty, runs the family room 90 miles an hour, Sophie says NO OLLIE! He stops... ignores her warning and continues to go crazy.He is finally trying a new dry dog food that is softer but has alot of good ingredients.I hope it works Nancy
  16. I agree no vet visit is needed. Most greys babble and talk between two and four. but I found Sophie's vocabulary to take off more around 3-4. Nancy
  17. I am a long timer! Tufani was just being sensitive about being judged.We DON'T judge on this site...Never have, and NEVER will! Our goal is to educate, offer methods of training, and always lean an ear for those parents that need help. Nancy
  18. LOL! Sophie has certain clucks of approval, clucks of disaproval ! I know all her clucks. When she truly approves of something, I get an awwwwww. My rescued sunconure, who has passed from old age, would break into babble, look at Sophie on one side, Kiki on the other side who both sandwiched him in the middle of his rope and his cage. It was easy to tell that he needed some "space" from the girls! LOL! I of course removed the girls, but Sunny was thrilled that they both loved him secretly, never attacked them and I always found him snuggled up to someone. He and Kiki were obviously a pair in the end. ( nothing like having a boyfriend that goes up to your knees!). Nancy
  19. A grey, always earns shoulder perch! Months and months of training. Always start on the wrist, shew them down. I cant tell you how many months of vacumning I did with Sophie on my wrist, how many times I was on the computer and shewed her down. How many bites I got...how many earring she stole from my ears! After six months, she started biting the air, telling herself, " NO BITE!" I knew she finally understood and did a happy dance! ( kids thought I was crazy, but I knew this was a turning point, and I was right.) Sophie has NEVER bitten any of us again 15 years later.Patience, routine will pay off, Just be committed Nancy
  20. I think your baby would benefit with being read a story, or something that rymes ( thomas the tank engine, or Shel Silverstein), 30 minutes before bedtime, just done in front of an open cage. Your new baby can sit on door, no pressure or expectations. I bet your new baby will climb down sooner then you think to be with you. Sophie LOVES the floor as well as she loves the air. She doesn't really have a preverance. It is so important to understand each other and develop the trust. Nancy
  21. All is good. I apologize for you all getting into my family dynamics and drama! Ollie is eating like a pig without teeth. He gets roast beef, pork roast, chicken, stew or pot roast, with potatoes, rice and peas on a weekly basis. He is gaining a ton of weight back and Sophie is back to telling him to " share". Sophie is back to grabbing his leash and trying to walk him which she always did. My sister only understood my " panic" of losing the final two of my animal kingdom that I wasn't ready to let go. Nancy
  22. Dave has always been the go to guy for feather plucking versus molt! We have been lucky that Sophie does neither. Nancy
  23. Can you catch a quick video of the behavior? we could help better if we knew if this was territorial or nervousness Nancy
  24. It looks fantastic! Keep up the good work. Can I hire you to come to our house? Nancy
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