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  1. Just wanted to say hello to everyone! I have had A LOT going on as of late, but will try to check in as often as I can until things get settled here. I keep everyone in my thoughts! Also, I did bring Grimm home last night. I posted about it in The Nusery room. Everyone take care of yourselves. Talk to you all again soon!!
  2. Well everyone, Itis official...Grimm is home! It is so surreal. I went and picked him up at the airport, which is an hour away, last night. His flight got in at 8:01pm. When I went into baggage claim, there he was in his carrier just growling away! It was hilarious! We got him home, and he has settled in a bit. He is definitely nervous right now though, which is to be expected. He has been pretty quiet, which according to my breeder, that is totally opposite of him. I do open his cage in the morning, and he comes right out though, so no issues there. He has been eating wonderfully, preening, and sleeping just fine. Hopefully his adjustment wont be too awful long. I took some great pics with my cell, but my wifi is acting funny (stupid android phones). I am trying to send them to my email as we speak, but it is not cooperating with me....hopefully they will be there tomorrow. Thank you to everyone for following along. Grimm is 16 weeks old now, so it has been a long time coming, and worth every second of the wait. Good luck to everyone out there still waiting...may the time pass quickly!!!
  3. Thank you everyone! I have a wonderful relationship with Sge (my parrotlet), and he gets along with everyone in the house....except for Kiwi, my Quaker....but that is because she is a bully!
  4. Well everyone....today I finally got a email saying that Grimm is ready to come home! I am soooo excited!!!! I am not positive on what day we will be doing the shipping, but I am hoping to have it done by Wednesday of next week. My breeder says he chatters away, and she wont be suprised if he says a word VERY son. He has also learned to whistle This is such a great day for my family, and flock!!!
  5. All of my birds are in the living room, and it is carpeted. Sometimes if they decide to be loud, and having yelling contests, I will go downstairs in the den to watch TV. I have the most issues with Barnaby's cage, and they mess he enjoys making. I took an old sheet, folded it a certain way, and put in underneath. When he is getting ready for bed, I pull it out, fold it up, take it outside to shake it out, and into the washing machine it goes! It has worked well for me so far
  6. So did Lucy find a good home? I sure hope she did, and will live out a very happy, long life.
  7. Hello everyone, I hope you are all doign well I have been very busy the last week or so, but wanted to stop by and give an update about Grimm. He is now down to 2 feedings a day, and is not taking much at those feedings. I just made my last payment on him, and was told by the breeder it wont be long before he is weaned, and we will be making the shipping arrangments! Looking forward to him coming home...it is getting so close now. She says he is definitely lively, very social, and very curious. He should be a great BFF! LOL
  8. It wont be long now, that is for sure. How many feeding is he on as of now? Looking forward to seeing pics!
  9. Just wanted to let everyone know that Barnaby is doing WONDERFULLY, and has settled in nicely. He will be going back to the vet in 4 weeks for another check up, but so far has been given a clean bill of health. Just wanted to thank everyone once again for the moral support you gave me, and for allowing me to vent about the situation. You kept my head up....so thank you.
  10. LOL! Always loved that commercial. I think it first aired during the Super Bowl
  11. Hahahaha! Just wait...in a few weeks you wont be able to get anything done!
  12. Barnaby my U2 does this A LOT! It is mostly when we are playing peek a boo, playing catch, or just spending time together. It shows me that he is having a good time, and enjoying my company.
  13. Oh I loved this video. She looks like she is having such a great time! She definitely has that swinging rhythm down pat!
  14. So what ever happened with this story? Would love an update!
  15. Welcome to you all! Loved the pics of Pepper. How is she settling in with you?
  16. Hello Jocko, and welcome. I am sure Jocko will adjust to the new home...it is still early yet. I would imagine that some of the self doubt Jocko is having may be exacerbated right now due to being in a completely new environment. Give it time, and you will get there
  17. Welcome Clarhe, and Bob! You will be picking your new baby up really soon! Congrats to you. We would love to see some pics after you get him home, and settled in....and be sure that when he gets older you get a video of him saying his name....Or maybe the Spongebob song changed to "Grey Bob Feather Pants"! LOL
  18. Oblivion- You are seeing EXACTLY what is there. Cockatoos are given up more than any other bird. People get them on a whim because they are cute, and cuddly....but when the honeymoon is over, and the Too gets bigger, louder, hormonal, and develops COMMON behavioral issues, they get rid of them. They are very prone to feather plucking, mutilation, cloacal prolapse, among many other things. I won't say that Too's are harder to rehome... but you must take into account the behavioral issues that make it difficult to place them. Plucking and mutilation will be an ongoing battle, and will require LOTS of visits to an avian vet. Also, the rescue must make sure they are rehoming the Too into the correct home, to avoid them getting rid of the bird down the road as well. It is my personal opinion that they should not be sold in the pet trade WHATSOEVER. A lot of them don't do well in captivity, and the pet trade is destroying these beautiful creatures. If you have never been to this site, have a visit...you will learn A LOT: http://www.mytoos.com I have a U2 in my home. I love him very much, and I couldn't imagine my home without his crazy antics. He is a rescue, and had SERIOUS LIFE THREATENING ISSUES when he came to live with me. We have spent a small fortune in vet bills, and we still have ongoing, and permanent health issues with him. I do want to make one thing clear though, before I end this post.... It is not only rehomed, rescued, or whatever you want to call them Too's that end up with these issues. It can happen to ANY OF THEM. You could have hand raised you Too, spoiled it, gave it unwavering attention.... and now your Too is half naked, bloody, screaming, and picking holes in his chest. It KILLS me to see it, and I hope one day we can make it right by no longer profiting off of them. So many of them need homes already, the last thing we should be doing is breeding them to make a freakin' buck.
  19. Holy crap, if that isn't the truth!! Thanks Morana for the great vid, and good laugh!
  20. LOL, yes my Grey is still with the breeder, and we are eagerly awaiting his arrival home He is 12 weeks old, so we are getting there. I paid for him when he was 2 weeks, so it has been 10 long weeks of torture so far, but I am glad he is going to be healthy, and happy when he comes home, and we can start our life out together on the right foot.
  21. Thank you everyone! I definitely couldn't imagine my life without them
  22. And last, but not least...here is Charlie, my Sun Conure (female). She didn't want to come out of her cage at the moment, but we still got some great pics:
  23. I have been promising these pics to some forum members, and finally got a new camera cord (Barnaby killed my last one LOL) I am going to include pics of Barnaby the U2, Kiwi the Quaker, Sage the Parrotlet, and Charlie the Sun Conure in this go around I hope you all enjoy them!! Here is Barnaby first:
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