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    My name is Michelle and I owe a parakeet whose name is Tweety. There is a grey in my future!


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    Cleveland, Ohio


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    Animals reading watching movies chatting


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    I work at an alcohol distillery

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  1. what a beautiful baby! LOve all that red!!
  2. awe how sweet of her awesome name too
  3. yes she did bend over to get it but whenever we bend over she makes a fart noise lol
  4. Roxie did something this morning that I have to share with you all. I was making her breakfast and she knew it because she heard the microwave and repeated the beep beep beep. My mom who Roxie just does not like at all went to get her dishes from her cage and as she walked toward her cage she pulled her bowl out and set them at the edge of her cage lol. My mom said thankyou to her and as she turned her back Roxie took her other bowl out and threw it on the floor lol
  5. wow what great training we are working on getting Roxie to do that
  6. thank you I think we spoiled her. Will share more now that I know how lol
  7. i think i fixed it i set it to public on facebook i hope it works
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